29 Cool White Gravel Decorative Ideas

If you want to look for some tips to enhance the beauty of your residence then you could consider decorating with white gravel. Inexpensive and easy to install, landscaping your space using white gravel is surely green and stylish. The same as many other types of gravel, they drain quickly, require little maintenance, and white […]

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Your Countdown To Summer Begins With These 10 Design Must-Haves

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer! Time to get ready for long, sunny days and relaxed evenings. Bring summer style home with a few crisp, beachy pieces that will refresh your interior while celebrating the arrival of the year’s warmest season. Here are 10 design ingredients to enjoy as you look forward to 3-day weekends, delicious meals on the patio, and time with friends and family… Read More

DIY: How To Make A Designer Sunburst Mirror With Your Own Hands

Probably, there was some day in your life when you were looking through a fashion magazine, and your eyes were just fascinated with an image of some designer home accessory. However, as soon as your eye caught its price typed below in the fine print, you would realize that your dreams about getting it for your home should be shelved. In such cases the most important thing is not to give up. Remember the golden rule of creative design: if you can’t buy something, make it on your own! The summer is already on your doorstep and it’s high time to let in more sun into your home. You surely know the iconic Sunburst Mirror by Layla Grace. But if the price of 350 dollars is something that discourages you from getting it, have a look at this entertaining DIY and create this modern accessory with your own hands! Read More


The Cereal ABODE In London

The Cereal ABODE in London is the work of interior designer, Tina Norden of Conran & Partners. They used a material palette of polished concrete, brass, marble and black joinery to reference the industrial history of this location in an understated and luxurious way. The interiors are warm and cosy with a minimal approach. I like the balance and verity of natural materials used. I think they certainly took advantage of that amazing view of the river. Read More

Abstract And Industrial Dutch Home Captivates With Picture-Perfect Views

An incandescent interplay between light and dark, darkness and illumination at its brilliant bets, classic Dutch paintings from masters such as Terbrugghen and Vermeer were all about the beauty of light. Drawing inspiration from 11 beautiful Dutch landscape-paintings, the House with 11 Views by Marc Koehler Architects combines art, architecture and innovation with modern minimalism and contemporary comfort. Light, panoramic views of the landscape that are framed to perfection and deep windowsills that give you the impression of sitting ‘inside the view’ add to the exceptional and unique aura of this smart residence in Almere. Read More

Stylish Image-Maker’s Apartment Furnished With Eichholtz Pieces

Creating an interior for a person who lives in the world of fashion and is well-versed in it is a complicated and challenging, yet very interesting task. Have you ever seen how fashion experts live? Let’s take a sneak peek!


The author of this project was charged with the responsibility of creating a contemporary and trendy interior that would be equally good for working from home and having a good rest. And the hostess of the apartment, a professional fashion stylist and image-maker, prepared loads of ideas in the form of numerous clippings from fashion and interior design magazines. So, from the very beginning it was clear that the final interior was supposed to be light, lively and tastefully furnished.

The total area of this 2-room flat is just 68 square meters and its shape is irregular: one of the walls is angled at 45 degrees. This little nuisance was however skillfully turned into a benefit of the space: the kitchen was arranged diagonally. By the way, the kitchen-dining room can be easily separated from the lounge with a partition anytime the hosts need one more isolated room.

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The Unusual Dressage Bathroom Collection By Graff

The Dressage bathroom collection by Graff is here to reshape conventional bathroom furniture. Studio Lombardo Nespoli and Novara are the designers that partnered Graff to create a new concept of bathroom furniture, and their most luxurious furniture collection. They managed to create an outstanding collection that combines the Italian know-how with the American history. Read More

The Wave Staircase, A Spectacular Modern Design

Wooden staircases are not exactly graceful or sleek, but the Wave staircase makes you change your idea about wooden stairs. Christian Siller, the designer and innovator behind Siller Stairs used bent shaped wooden treads to create a staircase that’s also a sculptural element and the main attraction of the place it’s placed in. The bottom side of the treads is shaped like waves and the bent hardwood used for railing and support is very suitable to create a breathtaking look. Read More

Monochrome Taupe-Color Interior With A Hint Of Art-Deco

This newly-built two-room apartment was initially quite challenging: it was extremely deep and badly lacked daylight. So, planning the layout on the total area of 95 square meters was a pretty complicated task. The samples of interior that the hostess showed to the designer were arranged in neutral pastel colors. So, in the end they both had their hearts set upon taupe color – a soft tone of grayish brown.  As for the finishing materials, the author gave preference to top-quality natural ones: expensive paint, iconic wallpaper, block parquet, and ceramic granite. And in terms of style the focus was put on unostentatious accents of art-deco. What do we have in the end? Let’s go on a virtual tour around this flat! Read More


Chamber Devoted To Limited Editions

Chamber is a gallery devoted to limited editions & one-of-a-kind works of art and design. I wanted to switch gears a little as we have been looking at a lot of mid century furniture and houses. I do like some contemporary art and design and I find some of these exhibitions quite nice. Chamber has a nice diversity of artists and works. I think it would fun to work with a group of artists with a common theme to see what would be imagined. The Wych Elm Burl Tsuitate Mira Nakashima, second picture is a stunning work of art offered by mother nature herself. Read More