Gorgeous Modern Nurseries With Whimsical Shabby Chic Charm

There are many different directions a nursery can take when it comes to both style and theme. But sticking to a backdrop that is largely neutral or employs soothing pastel hues is a safe choice in more ways than one. A gorgeous and themed nursery where the walls are draped in bold colors and striking motifs takes plenty of work while redecorating, as your little darling starts to grow up all too quickly. A nursery with a modern-shabby chic style provides a versatile, adaptable and even whimsical setting that can be used as a gender neutral setting. Read More

Some Of The Coolest Wall Clock Design Ideas

The easiest way to keep track of the time and ensure you are never late is by putting a wall clock in your room. At the same time, if you need a piece of decor as a statement representing your style, personality and taste, then have a look and choose one of these wall clock design ideas. Imagine decorating your living room, bedroom or dining room wall with a unique clock design that becomes the most stylish asset for your room.
Art du Temps Wall Clock
Wall clocks, have been designed to fit perfectly into almost any type of decor. These types of clocks have evolved nowadays into contemporary works of art that today people can use on stylish interior concepts. If in the past century, they were mostly hand carved in wood, now, with various tastes and technological options, they are made from almost any kind of material having almost an infinity of shapes, patterns and designs.
Other then its obvious purpose, of keeping time, a large clock hanging from your wall can be a perfect and minimal wall decoration idea. Whether you are traditional, contemporary or looking for a retro or antique look, there is a wall clock that fits into your design scheme. These decorative and useful pieces are perfect replacements for pictures or paintings on the wall and have been around for decades being always used for both functional and decorative purposes.
clock with crystals
It’s always worth hunting for something special, rather then just buy a piece that’s just regular. Home rooms usually represent a direct reflection of owner’s personality and its design tastes. If your walls are empty, a both functional and at the same time interesting wall clock design its a good idea to transform them. Take a look and get inspiration from our design finds but don’t be limited only to them. There are probably thousands more out there that will captivate the eye and catch attention.
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Loring House By Richard Neutra

The Loring House by Richard Neutra is another perfect example of a modernist home. The house is currently on the market in Los Angeles California. The open floor plan with oversized pivoting doors and walls of glass accommodate the indoor outdoor living lifestyle that most of us long for. Not only do you get an amazing home but there is a two story guest house and artists loft designed by Steven Ehrlich, FAIA. The views the house offers are a nice bonus. I don’t know if the house was staged for the sale but either way, the interiors look perfect. I could’t imagine this house full of cheap contemporary furnishings. Read More

Contemporary Avatar Of Terrace Home In Melbourne Flooded With White And Light!

Finding space in a neighborhood that is packed with long and narrow terrace houses in the suburban sprawl of Melbourne can be a tricky affair. It is a task that demands balance, ingenuity and a degree of restraint. Combining all these with unique aesthetics is the fabulous Carlton Terrace that has been recently revamped by Windust Architects x Interiors. This multi-level makeover improves the interior with a new living area, dining room and kitchen on the lower level that open up towards the deck outside. A new, upper level contains the bedrooms along with two bedrooms on the existing part of the ground floor. Read More


Interiors By Studio Mellone

Studio Mellone has a great body of work that has some outstanding interiors. There is a warmth created by layers of texture and color. The residential projects are shown here but they also have am impressive grouping of retail and other planning works. I like how the iconic mid century pieces are used. They are mixed with other styles and the applications all work very well. For me its like playing “find the easter egg” when looking through these images, the easter egg being my favorite mid century pieces. If you have some time, make sure to check out the rest of their work. Read More

DIY Painted Stone Decorations You Can Do

Stones and rocks are not only used for your planters or gardens, they can be created for amazing decorations to decorate any parts of your home. Just like here’s painted stone ideas. Painted stones and rocks give an artistic touch of unique charm to your home decor. They are the very cheap home decorations just […]

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Raindrop Brings Rainwater Harvesting At Its Stylish Best To Your Garden

Minimizing ecological impact and utilizing natural resources responsibly is one among the many things that makes a home green. With the attention firmly focused on alternate energy sources and solar power, another essential aspect of home design often gets overlooked – water management and conservation. With much of the developing and the under-devolved world still struggling to find drinking water sources that are uncontaminated, managing rainwater is an essential part making sure that you do your bit for the planet. Doing so without sacrificing style and aesthetics is the gorgeous Raindrop designed by Studio Bas van der Veer. Read More

Stylish Amsterdam Home Dotted With Eccentric Decorations

Amsterdam-based studio Cocoon Living transformed a large three-story house into a contemporary home for a travel-loving family. The renovation is part of a larger project that aims to upgrade many of the old buildings surrounding the canals of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Read More