Cozy Retreat For Summer And Beyond: Sunroom Seating Ideas

With summer here most of our days are spent on the pool deck, patio, or any other outdoor space that we can find. It is the time to shed layers of extra clothing and to embrace the warmth out there; a luxury for people in some parts of the world that is fleeting. Yet, there are ways in which you can still enjoy that fuzzy, warm feeling each morning (or even afternoon) all year long by turning towards the sunroom. Often, homeowners feel that a dedicated sunroom needs lot of space and that is definitely not always true. Everything from a long corridor with glass walls to a corner in the living room can be easily turned into your very own ‘sunroom’. Read More

Finn Juhl’s 1961 Glove Cabinet Comes Back To Life

One of the most eye catching products has been recently relaunched on the market in a very limited edition, the Finn Juhl’s  outstanding Glove Cabinet from 1961.
The new Glove Cabinet is produced like the original in every detail, making it a genuinely exclusive product without the price tag. If a 1961 piece currently sells for over 35.000 dollars, the new version of this glove cabinet, now re-interpreted as a jewelry storage solution can be purchased for under \$10.000 and it will only be manufactured upon request.
Finn Juhl furniture designs Read More

Tree House In Cape Town Makes For Peaceful Hideaway

The creative team at Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design was challenged to design a nature hideaway in Cape Town, South Africa. This modern tree house with glass and western red cedar finishes has an iconic shape that maximizes views of the site. Read More

Dark Magic: 20 Dashing Coffee Tables In Black

Bold, striking and sophisticated black makes a big impact in a room even when used sparingly. Often relegated to window and door frames, black can be used in more ways than one in the modern living room as well. Making an instant impact even while blending in with the rest of the room, a black coffee table is one such stylish and dare we say, trendy option. Moving away from the transparent beauty of glass and acrylic coffee tables and the warmth of those in wood, a black coffee table seems inherently more contemporary and far more polished in appeal. Read More

Bright And Trendy: 15 Fabulous Gray And Blue Bedroom Ideas

It is easy to fall in love with a color scheme compromised of the world’s favorite color and the trendiest new neutral that has been topping charts for several years now. Blue has always headed the list of the most popular colors for decorating an interior. Be it a smart nursery, the kids’ room, bedroom, living room or kitchen – blue works with a variety of styles and themes. Combining it with the trendy panache of gray only takes its cool factor a notch higher! Smart, chic and soothing, gray and blue is the perfect color combination for the elegant modern bedroom. Read More

Bathrooms Of The Future: The Role Of Design And Innovation

As opposed to some far-fetched, futuristic fantasy, the bathroom of the future will be made up of several essential, realistic components: sustainability, technology and good design will be key to bathroom innovation. One company in the vanguard of this is Noken, a manufacturer of bathroom equipment and part of the Porcelanosa Group. Read More

Elegant Small Apartment In Beige & Brown With A Windowless Room-1

In one of our previous posts we gave you a few useful tips on distinguishing a good interior designer from an amateur. One of the most important advices was to make your choice based on the references of your neighbors or friends, who had their interiors created by some specific author. This project was born right this way. The hostess of our today’s apartment visited her school friend and really appreciated the interior of her apartment. Her impressions were so strong that she decided to contact the author of that interior and ask her to decorate her living space. Read More

The Modern Ela Leather Chaise Longue From Giorgetti

The Ela leather chaise longue designed by Chi Wing Lo for Giorgetti is a luxurious lounger with base in polished solid maple.
The carefully chosen combination of materials are one of the distinctive and harmonious features of the Ela chaise longue. The seat and pillow is covered in leather or in saddle leather and is sitting on a metal frame that connects it to the wooden structure below. Its fluid shape and material combinations contrast enhance the sophistication of the design and make it look like a sculptural object at a first glance, but its comfort becomes immediately apparent upon use.
georgetti leather chaise longue Read More

30 Back-to-School Homework Spaces And Study Room Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re having trouble getting your kids to do homework, check out these cool study room ideas. Maybe all you need to kick-start your kid’s study habits is a change of scenery! A back-to-school homework space that’s quiet for focus, colorful for inspiration and organized to reduce distractions would make homework time a pleasure for most kids. Read More