Project Fi Cell Phone Plans

In this post I’m going to be doing a review of Google Project Fi phone service that uses a combination of the Sprint and T-Mobile networks to provide coverage at an affordable price. Google’s Project Fi mobile service can save you big bucks, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Project Fi is cheap. Twenty dollars a month buys unlimited talk and text, plus Wi-Fi tethering.
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A TV-Set In The Bathroom: Is It A Good Idea?

Would you like to watch your favorite TV shows lying in a relaxing hot bath? Why not? Today we’ll give you a few tips on how to install a TV-set in a bathroom safely and what drawbacks this undertaking might have. Read More

Historic Bay-Windows Become A Part Of This Polished Vancouver Loft

Built over a century ago and used initially as a luxury hotel, Terminus in Gastown, Vancouver is definitely one of the most popular buildings for those who love classic-modern loft homes. It is in this iconic structure that a new two-level loft sits elegantly, combing heritage bay-windows with modern aesthetics and urban lifestyle to offer the best of both worlds! The beautiful and space-savvy loft is definitely one of a kind and what it lacks in grandeur, it more than makes up for in efficiency, practicality and prime location. Spread across 1607 square feet, the two levels of the loft work in unison, creating visual spaciousness and sophistication. Read More


Valerie Traan Gallery Freunde Von Freunde

The Valerie Traan Gallery featured on one of my favorite sites is another example of a living/gallery space. Freunde von Freunde did an outstanding job at capturing the essence of both the living space and the gallery space. The building is obviously been updated from older architecture. The space is located at the heart of Antwerp’s historical center. Valerie grew up in a family that collected art so it was natural for her to collect and open a gallery. Read More

Verizon Cell Phone Plans

Verizon Wireless is the biggest cell phone carrier in the United States, with more than 100 million members. In late 2010 they become the second U.S company to release a LTE network, and currently operate the nation’s largest LTE network. They also launched VoLTE service in mid 2014, which allows for HD video calling and video calling in network. Verizon Wireless recently updated
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The Adler II Extensible Dining Table From Draenert

The Adler II from Draenert is a non-extensible or extensible dining table offered in more sizes. The table is constructed in either natural stone, solid or veneered wood and its shape is either boat-shaped, rectangular, tapering organic or oval.  The most eye-catching is obviously the stone top one, and the one we’ll insist on in this article. Read More

Naturalistic Scandinavian-Style Apartment Reminding Of Forest

This apartment seems to be breathing nature – naturalistic hues of wood and sand, finishing materials, a deer painting on the wall… But this is not all. The designer managed to create the atmosphere of ultimate peace of a deep forest without a hint of green color in the interiors. With the exception of indoor plants, probably. Read More


Mid Century By Richard Wheeler

Richard Wheeler AIA designed this house in San Diego in 1959. The structure of this home is not grand but that is why I like it. Sometimes I get caught up it the amazing, landmark, ultimate MCM home, but humble homes like this deserve a little recognition as well. I actually applaud the home owner or the person who staged the home because its period correct. This is the first time that the house has been on the market sense it was commissioned by the original owner. I like the stone fire place, it acts like an architectural anchor for the entire house. Read More

Latest Spring Collections Of Marvelous English Porcelain

Giving kitchenware to women, especially when it comes to pots and pans, has long been deemed bad manners. But when tableware is more about a piece of art and to crown it all has a rich history, it’s a completely different story. Did you ever think why an English china set is an ideal gift to a woman? The thing is that it implements all the notions that are so near and dear to a woman’s heart… Read More

The N.C. Landscape Collection By Massimo Castagna For Acerbis

The N.C. Landscape collection, designed by Italian designer Massimo Castagna, is a modular system composed of imitation wood panels. This living room furniture design is intended for a chic and luxurious interior!
Designed for Italian manufacturer Acerbis, these entertainment, slash home library units have a screen or panel that can slide across to hide the television. Read More


Coastal Mid Century By Aaron Green

This coastal mid century home built in 1959 by Aaron Green is going on the market but not in the way you would think. The home is to be raffled off, all you have to do is buy a ticket and have a whole lot of luck. Green was a protégé and associate of Frank Lloyd Wright. You can certainly see some influences, especially in the interiors. The houses roofline sets the home off and establishes its presence. I couldn’t imagine waking up to that view every single morning. The ultimate retirement home. You can get more info about the house and the raffle at the end of the post. Read More