Where Sophistication Meets Sweeping Old Arches: Optic Shop Renovation

A trip to the optic shop might not come with great deal in terms of design expectations, but when you want your business to shine though and have an identity of its own, then it pays to be different! Set within the confines a lovely, classic building in Girona, Spain the Optic Shop Renovation is a project completed by Arnau Vergés Tejero and it delicately and diligently combines old world ham with modern sophistication and new-age minimalism. Apart from the gorgeous arches just outside the atrium, the shop also utilized that already-present wooden window frames, to give the all-white interior a warmer ambiance. Read More

This Semi-Detached Edwardian Terrace House Gets A Brilliant Modern Makeover

Finding old homes in and around the city of Melbourne that are in need of quick and nifty makeover is nothing new. This semi-detached and single-fronted Edwardian terrace house in Brunswick, Australia found itself in a similar predicament before its homeowners turned to Chan Architecture for a modern and energizing facelift. The existing house was more than 100 years old and that meant that much of the revamp needed to happen in the rear, living the street facade largely untouched. Then there are the constraints of space with most of these Aussie homes having a long, narrow silhouette. Read More

Concrete Planes And Glass Walls Steal The Spotlight At Miravent House

There is beauty in simplicity. This is especially true in case of home design and decorating. Instead of spending endless hours on complicated form and flowery overtones, one can achieve an equally impressive result by sticking to the basics. Do not believe us? Then check out the Miravent House in Spain designed by Perretta Arquitectura. It has an undeniably elegant form and achieves this by putting together horizontal concrete planes and unobstructed glass walls. It feels all too simple and yet wows you instantly; the blend of textures the intersecting planes and the simple straight lines! Read More

What Makes A Perfect Room For A Primary School Age Girl?

When it comes to baby’s room design, it’s 100% predetermined by the taste of parents or a designer they hire. But a room for a primary school age girl is a completely different story. Firstly, such a kid’s room should please and inspire its little hostess. Secondly, it should be equally fit for night rest, games and studies. Moreover, such zoning should be based on the principle of ultimate rationality, rather than on the “who-cares-as-long-as-all-the-zones-are-fit” principle, which means that a kid should equally enjoy studying here, the room should be comfortable for playing and nothing would disturb a girl from having nice dreams. We have decided to show you all the must-haves of a primary school age girl’s room in context. So, let’s begin! Read More

10 DIY Projects For The Perfect Picnic And Backyard Staycation

Yes, you have been wrapped up under a cozy layer of garments for more than a couple of months now and it feels like you need to break out of it all. You look outside the window and the layer of white has mostly disappeared and the chill in the air is starting to relent. Evening feels much more tolerable, pleasant even, depending on where you live. The first signs of fresh life are starting to make their presence felt and you just want to go out and have that fun picnic that you could not for so long. Yes, spring is on its way and we are here to help you with everything you need for a perfect picnic! Read More

Amazing Chinese Restaurant Brings Fairy-Tale-Like Underwater Aesthetics To Land!

You might have come across hotels and retreats where the rooms stand above water or even gently float on waves. Then there are restaurants which take you underwater with fish floating around and above you. But it is not very often that you see a hotel on land that gives you the underwater experience. This is exactly what you get at the BLUFISH Restaurant in Beijing, China where life comes alive with color, cheerful ambiance and a dash of golden glint. Designed by SODA architects, the restaurant uses a pristine white backdrop coupled with a colorful mesh of metallic silhouettes that bring blue, pink and a touch of coral to the space. It is magical and majestic escape. Read More

5 Sculptural And Gorgeous Pendant Lights With Breathtaking Brilliance

When it comes to choosing the right fixture for your home, then it is often a careful blend of form and function that comes to the fore. Modern pendants are generally stoic, refined and slim lighting fixtures that tend to complement the neutral color scheme of the contemporary home and its sophisticated appeal. But then there are times when you want to move away from ‘more of the same’ and give your home a stunning, bright focal point that is full of pattern and delicate beauty. It is these unique pendants that we put under the spotlight today! Read More

10 Colorful And Creative DIY Rugs And Mats To Brighten Your Home

Sometimes it is the little details that we tend to miss and ignore. And yet, it is these tiny improvements that completely alter the look of your home and give it a more impressive, curated appeal. Rugs and mats definitely fall under this ‘oft-overlooked’ category. It is easy to ignore them because your focus is firmly at your eye-level and this means walls, décor and lighting tend to take up most, if not all, of your time. But rugs and mats make a huge difference to the overall ambiance of a room. Even in rooms as special as the Oval Office where it is a carpet with the Seal of the President that often commands the most attention! Read More

Is Lavender The New Millennial Pink?

If you follow design trends, you know that Millennial Pink has been going strong for at least a few years now, especially in the realms of fashion, interior design and social media (think Instagram posts). Wondering what Millennial Pink is? The short answer: a very appealing shade of peachy-pink. The long answer: there are many different renditions of this color (from the pinker to the peachier), and it’s hard to agree on one ultimate hue/shade. The image below shows a widely accepted version. Fun fact: Millennial Pink is also known as Tumblr Pink! [photo below via Urbanist] Read More