Blast Chiller: Powerful Home Tool For Professional Cook-&-Chill Cooking

The system of professional kitchen hardware dubbed “Grand Cuisine” was presented by Electrolux Professional last year and immediately overshadowed all the competitors in terms of quality, possibilities and price, of course. All of its nine elements are meant for professional-chef-like cooking in your home, at the level of the best restaurants of the world. The elements cover all possible cooking processes and include a high-precision oven, a vacuum sealer allowing for sous-vide cooking, a powerful induction zone and a surround induction zone for steaming and frying, a sear hob for cooking without a pan, a standing mixer, a bespoke ventilation system, and a cooker for the most demanding chefs. But the most outstanding piece of Grand Cuisine in our humble opinion is the Blast Chiller and we’d like to speak about it in detail. Read More


Modern Compound In Colorado

This modern compound in Colorado is currently on the market. I guess I referred to it as a compound because the house is so expansive. The architecture has some elements that call to mid century design. I love the exposed beams that run across the ceilings. The amount go glass is quite impressive especially being that the house is in Colorado. Am I seeing two kitchens? The metal work is very impressive, from the front door to the support system of the house it is a nice architectural element. I think there are some great [peices on the interior but knowing me, I would fill this batboy with all sorts of mid century goodness. Read More

An Organized Wardrobe: 15 Space-Savvy And Stylish Closet Ideas

There are few things that delay you more than a messy closet each morning. A poorly organized closet can really make your life difficult each day as you race with the clock to get to work on time. This of course, is in addition to that rush hour traffic you need to beat! It is time to change your early morning routine with an organized, modern and elegant wardrobe that also showcases your cool new wardrobe as you transition to warmer months. And we have the perfect lineup of delightfully diverse closets that allow you to accomplish precisely this! Read More

Industrial And Eco-Friendly: Inventive Green Office In Vietnam

Unconventional and yet productive, the design of VIET My Office in the bustling and industrial Vinh district of Vietnam is all about combining efficiency with eco-friendly charm! Designed by TNT Architects, the unique office stays true to the industrial roots of the neighborhood with a large shed-style exterior that also helps in cutting back energy-needs of the structure. The presence of double roofs creates space for flow of cool breeze even while improving insulation with the twin levels of the office connected in a seamless fashion adding to the unhindered flow. It is this synergy between flow of spaces, energy, light and breeze that shapes the overall edifice. Read More

7 Trendy Rules For Dining Zone Design

Designing a dining zone is not that easy, especially when you want it to be functional, comfortable and stylish at the same time. At first sight it may seem to be quite challenging and requiring special knowledge and expertise. But actually to make a stylish and beautiful dining area in your home, all you need is to choose one of the 7 win-win options. Here they are! Read More

10 Fresh Living Room Interior Ideas From Designers’ Instagrams

We continue our series of posts, in which we share the best and most relevant ideas and interior design projects from Instagram accounts of professional architects, designers and decorators. By tradition, we try to show you a range of versatile styles, finishes and color schemes. And today our focus will be on living rooms. Read More


Modern In Dallas By Josh Nimmo

This modern in Dallas by Josh Nimmo is currently on the market. When I first saw the house it looked and felt older, even mid century. The house was designed by award-winning architect Josh Nimmo & built by Alan Kagan. The house has an open floor plan with walls of glass. The diamond grinded floors give a polished terrazzo-look reminding me of an older style mid century house. The landscaping also grabbed my attention. The rusted steel wall that is surrounding the property is nice. I would think a home like this would not be in Dallas but if I lived there and needed a modern home I would certainly take a look at this one. Read More

Mermaid And Unicorn Decor For Kids’ Rooms And Beyond

From speciality drinks to party themes, mermaid and unicorn motifs are EVERYWHERE in the realms of food and design. And why wouldn’t they be? There’s something magical about these whimsical creatures. Bring on the rainbows, pastels and iridescence! The possibilities for kids’ rooms are endless, but grown-ups are also enjoying the fun of mermaid- and unicorn-inspired merchandise and decor. Whether you’re shopping for your child or your inner child, check out the fabulous finds below… Read More

Converted Mill Barn With Tiled Roof Conceals Modern Apartments

Turning an old mill barn into a series of four duplex apartments, the Conversion Mill Barn by Beck + Oser Architekten in Hofstetten-Flüh, Switzerland does its very best to revitalize the past even while paving a way towards the future. Part of existing barn was burned down in a fire accident and the architects carefully restored and revamped this section to give the new housing complex a modern-classic vibe. The most striking feature of this transformed Swiss barn is undoubtedly its façade draped in wooden slats. A traditional gable roof with tiles adds to the sense of timeless allure here even as the interior remains distinctly contemporary. Read More