Eastern Point Retreat: Modern Guesthouse Overlooks Gloucester Harbor

Every now and then it is a good idea to get away from it all and find a relaxing retreat where life crawls down to a more relaxing pace. Of course, it is even better when such a place is right there in your very own backyard! Designed by Flavin Architects, the Eastern Point Retreat is a fabulous guest house with a lap pool, hot tub and a lovely garden right next to it and a captivating view of the distant Gloucester Harbor. Designed for homeowners who absolutely love sailing and the view of the busy harbor from their Massachusetts home, the contemporary guest house welcomes the outdoors inside with its large glass walls and an open design. Read More

How To Make Bedroom Interior Psychologically Harmonious? (P. 1)

You undoubtedly know that we spend about 30% of our life sleeping. The bedroom is the most intimate place of our home. Here we re-charge our batteries and don’t fear to be ourselves. That is why this room should be decorated with special attention and delicacy. How can interior details bring harmony to our bedrooms? Why is it not recommendable to put a bed by the door? What should you replace a rack above your headboard with? And what wall color is most welcome in bedrooms? Find out the answers to these and many other questions in this post. Read More

Modern Eclectic Finds An Industrial Home In The Heart Of New York City!

New York City and its brilliant skyscrapers are home to some of the most inspiring decorating styles and themes on the planet. If New York City gives it a ‘thumbs up’, then the rest of the world is more than willing to follow! It is the edgy, quirky and high-end neighborhood of NoHo that we delve into today to take a look at an apartment that is dubbed as an Urban Oasis by its designers – Motiani Design. This uniquely eclectic apartment perfectly epitomizes the charm and individuality of this part of New York City at its unbridled best. Combining modern and eclectic design elements with an industrial backdrop, this apartment has it all! Read More

Unhackneyed Kitchen Backsplash Materials: Practical & Aesthetical

Choosing a backsplash is a creative and responsible activity. For many kitchens, especially when it comes to loft, minimalist, Mediterranean and some other styles this part of the room becomes one of the most vital interior details. Besides, when you’re cooking or just spending time in the kitchen, the backsplash is something that your eyes will catch 9o% of the time. So, it has to be practical and easy-to-clean, pleasing to the eye and festive, and delicate and unobtrusive at the same time. That is why today we’d like to show you 11 absolutely different backsplashes for any style, taste and budget and in absolutely versatile finishing materials. Read More

Unboxing Goodness: 20 Box Style Bedside Tables And Nightstands

No bedroom is truly complete without a smart nightstand. It is not just about aesthetics and the picture-perfect look alone. Nightstands and bedside tables usher in an additional layer of comfort even while reinforcing the style and color scheme of the bedroom. A smart, modern nightstand comes in a variety of shapes, styles and forms. From the space-savvy nesting tables next to the bed to those covered in golden, metallic glint, the choice is practical endless. Yet, there is something undeniably classic and equally chic about the box-style bedside table. Read More

Celebrating The Outdoors: Serene Second Home Surrounded By Greenery

Call it a relaxing escape, a vacation retreat or just a getaway where friends and family can come together to have a good time – a second home definitely adds to your quality of life. Unlike your primary residence, the focus here is often on outdoor living, a serene ambiance and low-maintenance interior and décor which give you peace of mind! It is precisely these traits that one discovers at the Cest La Vie designed by Atelier Design N Domain in Alibag, Maharashtra, India. A lovely coastal town that is sheltered from the hustle and bustle of adjacent urban cities like Mumbai, this is the perfect setting for a tranquil holiday home. Read More

Glass And Timber Extension Revamps 18th Century Farmstead In UK

Set in the confines of Dartmoor National Park, United Kingdom, the West Yard Farm in its latest avatar is a wonderful blend of the old and the new. Designed by Van Ellen + Sheryn, the stunning 18th century farmstead was refurbished and extended to accommodate the needs of a modern family. The new contemporary extension in timber and glass is at the heart of the project that aims to revitalize this historic structure, even while preserving its original aura and creating interiors that stay true to the rustic backdrop! Set in an idyllic 60-acre valley, the new building acts as a transitional zone between the original farmhouse and the converted bar. Read More


Modern In Silver Lake California

This modern in Silver Lake California by Architect Aaron Neubert is newly built and on the market. I post a lot of mid century architecture but I also like modern and this one does it for me. I was instantly drawn to the dark exterior, it make for a great backdrop and statement. I used to drive through the Silver Lake area every day to get to work when I lived in So Cal. The color palette in total has a nice Scandinavian feel with the colors of Black, white, and plenty of warmth provided by wood. From the looks of it there are plenty of other interesting and notable structures surrounding this home. Read More