Modern 1960 Renovation By Gláma•Kím

This modern 1960 renovation by Gláma•Kím is picturesque, a place I could retire and just relax. The house was designed by Guðmundur Kr. Kristinsson and needed desperate repair. The roof design and material was the first thing I noticed. I assume with that green patina, the roof is copper? The roof is a nice architectural element that shines on this home. The simplicity of construction and what is going on in the interiors is in perfect harmony. The wood slatted ceilings add a nice warmth and lengthen the size of each room.The furnishings and art are perfect and compliment the architecture very nicely. Read More

Complex Winery Design Features Green Roof, Sliding Screens

California-based Signum Architecture completed the design of Odette Estate Winery, a modern structure aimed at mirroring the refinement of the wines produced in the famous Napa Valley. The project is said to express the owner’s commitment to sustainable farming and wine production. Read More

Top 22 Cutest DIY Easter Decorating Ideas For Front Yard

Easter is all about fun, blessings, beautiful home decor and lots of yummy recipes. Easter is the most special holiday in Spring. At that time, we can spend the day outside basking in the Spring Sun and enjoying the mesmerising ambiance outdoors. Although outdoor Easter decorations are not as popular as Christmas decorations, showing them […]

This post Top 22 Cutest DIY Easter Decorating Ideas for Front Yard Read More

Inventive Sliding Screens Create An Adaptable Home On Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

Contemporary homes can be creative, warm, inviting and eco-savvy and be so without sacrificing aesthetical value and a sense of sophistication. Nestled on the famous Sunshine Coast of Queensland and in the interior of Noosa Shire, the Tinbeerwah House overcomes topographic challenges to fashion a seamless indoor-outdoor interplay. Designed by teeland architects, the minimal and modern family residence relies on innovative sliding hardwood screens to alter between a ‘privacy mode’ and an ‘open, inviting mode’. The large screens quickly slide open and shut depending on the season and the necessity of the homeowners to create adaptable, varied living conditions. Read More

Awesome Room Divider Ideas, Even If You Have A Small Space

Open space living in lofts, studios or homes with high ceilings and few walls are very popular. The open architectural look may be gorgeous, but not always practical. Being able to have a private bedroom or a way to divide the living space from the dining room would create a more functional feel to a home. Read More

Check Out 15 Stunning Tile Design Ideas Just In Time For National Tile Day

National Tile Day is February 23. And we can thank the largest stone and tile show in North America, Coverings, for bringing it back. “National Tile Day is rooted in a desire to celebrate the many great benefits tile has to offer as a material,” explains Alena Capra, industry ambassador for Coverings. “We’re encouraging the architecture and design community to get inspired by tile.” Read More

DIY Breakfast And Serving Trays To Bring More Comfort Into Your Life

We always tend to emphasize on the fact that it is the little joys of life that end up making a big difference. You might overlook them, feel that they are far too trivial and in the rush of daily life, they get lost all too quickly. But it feels nice when we can pause things a little and take in these little delights. Breakfast in bed is undoubtedly one of these ‘tiny joys’ we all adore and it need not be limited to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day alone. And making it more of a reality and a far more regular affair are DIY breakfast and serving trays! Read More

Private Contemporary Home On The Stunning Slopes Of Mount Wellington

Terrain plays a big part in defining the overall silhouette of the house and with the Little Big house on the slopes of Mount Wellington; it is the landscape that plays the most pivotal role in home design. Apart from the topography, a desire to incorporate vernacular design plays a crucial role in creating a unique exterior for this gorgeous contemporary house. The home sits at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level and the heavy winter snow and generally chilly weather in this part of Hobart forced Room11 Architects to create a structure with top-notch insulation. Read More

Old New England Farm Outbuilding Replaced With A Nifty Modern Masterpiece

Creating an aesthetic connection between a 100-year old farmhouse and a smaller modern outbuilding that has been built far more recently is a tricky task that requires attention to detail. Sitting next to an old farmhouse, this small, contemporary structure in Cranberry Isles, Maine accomplishes this by using vernacular architectural features and a wonderful balance of elements. The new building built by Elliott + Elliott Architecture is part of a multi-generational home where the kids and the grandchildren occupy the main farmhouse while the head of the family finds space in the newly built structure just outside. A wooden deck connects the two buildings and preserves the traditional charm of the farmhouse. Read More


Mid Century Reimagined By Architect Chris Connell

Architect Chris Connell transformed this 1960’s home into a modern family residence while Keeping a mid century feel. The house is currently on the market but for me, a move to Australia might not be in the cards. I love all of the windows providing natural light. I am not sure if there is a technical term for windows along the bottom of a room like the ones here in the master bedroom but I think they are architecturally not typical, maybe that is why I like them. The back of the house is impressive. The back of the house boasts mostly windows giving that feeling of open mid century modern, blurring the indoor outdoor living. Read More