12 Bathroom Vanity Top Ideas And Pictures

A bathroom vanity top defines the look of the bathroom, and is a versatile furnishing system available in a variety of styles, materials, and price ranges. These can be customized very easily based on each person’s need and the existing decor of the house. Read More

Dine, Wine And Design: Old Auto Repair Shop Altered Into A Bustling Hub

Adaptive reuse of structure saves both resources and space and epitomizing his green design principle perfectly is the Quonset Project. Turning an old auto repair shop into a modern hangout and meeting zone that contains a hip diner, wine tasting area, design studio, bar and restaurant, Brett Farrow Architect create a dynamic and elegant social zone. The new setting brings the community together, and the 8,347-square-foot project in Carlsbad, California combines a variety of textures and finishes to create a synergy between its industrial past and exciting presence. Read More

Modern House In Scotch Cove With A Stone Fireplace And Ocean Views

Accommodating an old couple who still find their delight in work and their extended family, this gorgeous home in East Chester, Canada overlooks the tranquil ocean and the lovely landscape beyond. The minimal façade of the House in Scotch Cove designed by FBM Architecture- Interior Design hides a more open and inviting interior that completely embraces the natural scenery and the unabated ocean views in the rear. Having been built on a modest budget, the house relies on wood, glass and stone to shape a stylish setting that balances natural elegance with contemporary sophistication. Read More

Nebulas And Night Sky: DIY Crafts That Add Starry Brilliance To Your Home

New Year is upon us and much like the years before, 2018 brings with it a new hope, a refreshing new attitude and energy to once again take on the many challenges of life. Some of you might already have chalked out those resolutions that will help in making your life better. Others could be already busy with DIY projects and smart home makeovers in an attempt to give their home an early and quick facelift. It definitely is a time of the year that leaves you starry-eyed. And that makes it a great time to try out a few fun decorating ideas and crafts inspired by the vast Universe and cosmic delights! Read More

This Luxurious Seaside Villa Sits On One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches!

A 5-kilometer long stretch of tropical paradise filled with white sand, gentle waves and an old casuarinas forest that offers ample cover and privacy to everyone relaxing and rejuvenating here – Non Nuoc Beach in Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque on the planet. It is also a visitor’s paradise with luxurious hotels and villas spread all over this enchanting coastline. It is in this idyllic setting that one discovers the gorgeous and stunning Naman Villa designed by MIA Design Studio. A series of 40 villas spread across the coastline, today, we take a look at one of the four types of villas that are a part of this exclusive project. Read More

13 Beds Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

In this article we are going to show you some of the most futuristic bedroom designs that seem inspired from a Sci-Fi movie. When we talk about ultra contemporary or futuristic bedroom furniture, we simply refer to those furniture designs and concepts which are beyond realistic, trendy and modern. Same as in fashion, furniture trends tend to change rapidly, and a piece of furniture is not something you would change every year. If today you decorate your home with something that is trendy and in style, after a few months you may have the surprise to find out that your interior is outdated. It is not the case of futuristic furnishings that often tend to be well ahead of their times. So if you want to stay in trends, if the budget allows you and if you are not a conservative type, you should have a look and consider this type of furniture.
cool bed design
The bedroom is that place of a home where you need to feel safe and relaxed. Therefor not only the furniture plays a role in achieving those moods but the entire room starting from wall colors, floors and ending with the lighting you choose. So when you opt in for a different furniture type such as the ones showcased here, you’ll need to make sure your interiors will fit the designs you choose rather then creating a contrast. The ideas and designs used in a futuristic concept are totally different from the old and traditional furniture designs.
coolest beds in the world
In these cases inspiration comes from the need to combine technology with new materials and at the same time offer a eye catching and comfortable product. The end result is a Sci-Fi bed that is both unusual and highly comfortable. Unlike neutral colors used in traditional and modern furnishings, futurism is all about high impact and statement colors. Futuristic beds are bold and bright, they are meant to bring a little light into your life and unlike classic furnishings that were built almost exclusively from iron and wood, these are almost exclusively built from other materials. Designers started experimenting with various materials like plastics, plywood, glass, fiberglass or carbon fibers. This way they manage to create more impressive and unusual forms creating impossible curves, unusual shapes and everything in-between.
designer 2018 furniture Read More

Terrace House In Melbourne Embraces Sustainable Architecture

Ben Callery Architects completed the rehabilitation of a terrace house in Melbourne, Australia. The old heritage building on the site was dark, narrow and overshadowed by neighboring walls. In response, the contemporary Beyond House has an open layout that addresses the inhabitants’ need for connection. Read More

The Best 2018 International Home Design Shows Open To The Public

Some of the best home design ideas are only available to industry experts. Trade fairs are conducted secretly and away from view from most of us. By the time we find out about the latest trend, it may be when it’s on the store shelves. But there’s good news! There are plenty of home design shows open to the public around the world and they’re a lot of fun. Read More