DIY: Trendy Rug With Zigzag Pattern

Zigzag is one of the trendiest and most popular patterns in the world of contemporary design. Being simple and laconic on the one hand, its jagged line has some powerful energy and dynamics as well. Zigzag prints not just decorate interiors – they are able to change their mood completely: make them livelier, more expressive and sensible. Read More


Curation By The Exchange Int

The Exchange Int has a gallery space that is as unique as the pieces they curate. With as many interiors and design I look at daily, it is unfrequent that a photo or piece stops me in my thoughts. The Exchange Int located in Huston and Detroit has done just that. The Huston location is quite special, the collection is sheltered by John Zemanek’s Gaea II house. There is nothing wrong with viewing a piece of art with an all white backdrop but the Gaea II house compliments these pieces in a way that no museum ever could. I was so intrigued by their approached I asked them if they would answer a few questions for us. Read More


Architects, Lyster, Grillet & Harding

Architects, Lyster, Grillet & Harding built this mid century home in the 1960’s. The house recently went through a renovation that I believe was done fairly well. I could do without the trendy wooded wallpaper, but to each their own. Sometimes an all white kitchen in a mid century home can deaden the feel of the home. In this case I think it was ok due to the fact that there is wood on the floor and the ceilings. The home is located within a conservation area in the popular Hertfordshire market town of Bishop’s Stortford. It is interesting to see the difference between MCM homes in the United Staes and homes in other countries. The principals are the same but there are subtle elements that run true. The home is currently on the market. Read More

“Minuet”: Neutral Functional Small Apartment With Cheerful Notes

This apartment interior is a fruit of work of a Taiwanese design company A Lentil Design. It was created for young spouses and traditionally for this company this project was given a name. The name is “Minuet”, and not just any minuet is implied here, but a particular one, composed by a famous Italian cellist and composer of the 18th century – Luigi Boccherini. Read More

Amazing Jag Grill 3-in-1: Grill, Firepit & Dining Table

Spring is in full swing and this is the perfect time for admirers of the great outdoors, especially barbecues. As a general rule, the process of cooking meat is nothing to enjoy and this heavy responsibility is born by one “lucky” person, while the rest of the company just wait for the meal time. However, American craftsmen have already come up with an idea of how to make barbecues more sociable and relaxing. Read More

Do-Lo-Rez: Hand Tufted 3D Rug From 100% New Zealand Wool

Created by a famous designer Ron Arad, a Do-Lo-Rez Rug is kind of a follow-up to the same name sofa. Both of these pieces have been inspired by the same thing: once the author came across a picture that was pixelated to a very low resolution, which made it seem three-dimensional. This experience planted the notion of a “three-dimensional” rug in his head. Read More


Experimental Procedures By Progetto Domestico

Progetto Domestico has a completely unique take on the manipulation of raw materials. I am not a huge fan of most new furniture, I mostly stick to mid century design. There is something that I love about these designs. The first cue that caught my attention were the materials used. Most of the materials are real materials such as brass, steel, and wood. The materials only enhance the design of these pieces. I also think that these pieces could work mixed with vintage pieces. Read More

Iconic Red & Blue Chair By Gerrit Rietveld: 99 Years Ago & Now

Maybe we will not make a mistake by saying that this iconic chair model is the very starting point from which a great number of contemporary designs are stemming. Nowadays architects and designers spend loads of time and effort searching for a simple and laconic shape that will create a three-dimensional piece for sitting without any excessive elements. When Gerrit Rietveld was creating this chair he must have also been pursuing an objective to make an interesting and in every way complex product out of 2.5 crosspieces. And he did it! Read More

Coastal Living Rooms That Will Make You Yearn For The Beach

The beach has a magical atmosphere that instantly relaxes us and makes us happy. Maybe it’s the wind, maybe it’s the sun or the smell of the sea … if only we could bring these elements into our home! The next best thing to actually being at the beach, soaking it all in, is turning your living space into a coastal fairytale! If you are yearning for the beach, these coastal living rooms will offer some much-needed inspiration! Read More


Mid Century Renovation Brisbane Australia

This mid century renovation Brisbane Australia has a dramatic roof line that creates drama and protects from the elements. Currently on the market the 1960’s house has gone through a renovation. My first thought was that the kitchen was to white and glossy. When I saw the wood on the walls and floor maybe wood cabinets wouldn’t be too much. I still think it is a wee bit to contemporary. The architecture of the house itself is very nice. Low slung roof line with exaggerated overhang and the beams moving in and out of the home. I would like to hear your thoughts. Was the mid century feeling lost with the renovation? Read More

The Eden Daybed Collection By Marco Acerbis For Talenti

Take a nap in the great outdoors with this Eden daybed from Talenti. Manufactured and tested using the latest techniques with the objective of eliminating each and every possibility of defect. The Eden Daybeds from Talenti have a powder-coated aluminium frame with quick dry foam padding cushions with removable covers. They are easy to wash and weather resistant making them perfect for your patio or pool area. Get ready to experience your spring, summer and fall out in your garden with these resilient items of patio furniture. Read More