Metal Garden Sculptures By Tom Hill & Vadim Kuleshov

Say what you like, but men and women see a different vision of the same decor. And metal landscape sculptures are a nice proof of this fact. But despite their brutal nature, we have to acknowledge that men creating them do have a sense of beauty that not every woman can boast of having. Read More

Vzor’s RM57 Armchair Collection By Roman Modzelewski

The RM57 armchair collection moves from museums straight to your home! The iconic piece was originally designed in 1957 by Roman Modzelewski, but entered industrial production in 2016 under the Vzor brand, for their 2016-2017 collection. The chairs in this collection have only been displayed in museums as prototypes for the past 60 years.
Originally, Roman Modzelewski chairs had no specific names. The manufacturers decided to name the seats they made with the designer’s initials RM. Read More


Mid Century By Buff And Hensman

The Wong residence was built in 1969 by Buff and Hensman. The home sits on one of the best Los Feliz streets. This has to be one of my favorite mid century homes in the last couple of weeks. I love how the house was updated but somehow it feels original and not overly contemporary. The view is amazing,the Los Angeles skyline at night is breathtaking. I like looking through homes like this thing to identify particular pieces and this owner has some great design sense. The home is just about as perfect as it gets, in my mind. Pretty sure I can’t afford the five million dollar price tag but if you had the money and looking this would be it. Read More

Bright Nautical-Style Attic Interior With Geometrical Accents

In this interior design project worked out for a family couple the designers managed to arrange a few functional zones within quite limited area: a bedroom, a lounge, a work space and a walk-in closet. This attic is filled with quite simple, yet very non-standard elements, bright colors and the mood of sea, summer and holidays. Read More

5 Interesting Architectural Objects To See In Berlin

If you’re keen on architecture and design, it’s worth spending your holidays in those places that offer not just good rest, but also new architectural impressions. For instance, why not go to Berlin and see its splendid pieces of modern architecture and design? Read More

Timber Shed Maintenance: In, Out And All About

Most of us have a shed or a summer house in the garden for storing all manner of ‘stuff’; some of us use the building as a workshop, or a studio, or a storeroom and keep it looking good. A question many people ask is: What can I do to make my shed last for many years? The answer shouldn’t come as a great surprise: Regular and thorough maintenance is key. Read More


Modern Brick Home Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

This Modern Brick Home by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios is a beautiful structure composed of a minimal approach inside and out. The color palette used on the interiors is mostly cool but I think there is a perfect amount of wood to warm the spaces. I like the stance and structure of the building as well. The lighter brick stands out but not too bright white. The central atrium and balcony portions create an openness and transparency giving the interior spaces more volume. Read More

Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A New Oil Tank

If you’re thinking about upgrading your current oil tank, or maybe you’re a first time buyer looking to heat your home, you should always ask yourself some key questions before buying a new tank. Research is also vital – depending on the size and type of tank you buy, you could be looking at spending upwards of £1000, so you want to make sure you get the best tank for you! Here, Dakota Murphey, an independent content writer provides a few questions you should consider when buying a new oil tank. Read More