The Outdoor, Indoor QTZ Concrete Edition From Ivanka Concrete

The QTZ concrete edition was first introduced as a prototype during Milan design week 2016 at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, but after, Hungarian manufacturing company IVANKA introduces the QTZ concrete edition for the US market during the Design Miami 2016 expo.The collection is the result of a collaboration between the Hungarian company Ivanka, with their urban element division and the Argentinian born Australian designer, Alexander Lotersztain. Originally launched during Milan design week in 2015 as a limited edition made from stainless steel has now been re-interpreted in QTZ Concrete. Read More

Dark Magic: 20 Dashing Coffee Tables In Black

Bold, striking and sophisticated black makes a big impact in a room even when used sparingly. Often relegated to window and door frames, black can be used in more ways than one in the modern living room as well. Making an instant impact even while blending in with the rest of the room, a black coffee table is one such stylish and dare we say, trendy option. Moving away from the transparent beauty of glass and acrylic coffee tables and the warmth of those in wood, a black coffee table seems inherently more contemporary and far more polished in appeal. Read More

Unhackneyed Kitchen Backsplash Materials: Practical & Aesthetical

Choosing a backsplash is a creative and responsible activity. For many kitchens, especially when it comes to loft, minimalist, Mediterranean and some other styles this part of the room becomes one of the most vital interior details. Besides, when you’re cooking or just spending time in the kitchen, the backsplash is something that your eyes will catch 9o% of the time. So, it has to be practical and easy-to-clean, pleasing to the eye and festive, and delicate and unobtrusive at the same time. That is why today we’d like to show you 11 absolutely different backsplashes for any style, taste and budget and in absolutely versatile finishing materials. Read More

Stained Timber And Stonework Shape Mid-Century Modern Aussie Home

Gone or the days when rigid walls were used to delineate space. In the modern world, it is an open floor plan that holds sway with utility of each space defining it. There are no firm borders between the kitchen, dining and living area with each flowing into the next ever so effortlessly. Yet, elements like décor, color scheme and style create more subtle demarcations and the Moreing Road Residence in Attadale, a suburb of Perth, Australia embraces this contemporary trend gleefully. Divided into the formal, informal and outdoor living zones, the house borrows from charismatic Californian homes and a hint of Mid-century magic. Read More

Old Blacksmith Workshop In Barcelona Transformed Into A Light-Filled Home

A sensible transformation of an old structure into modern dwelling saves time and resources. It is this adaptive reuse of buildings that has seen the spurt of modern industrial style across the globe. Part of Badalona in Barcelona, Spain, the 1303_IH House was once a blacksmith workshop that was transformed carefully and cleverly by Albert Brito Arquitectura into a light-filled contemporary home. Spread across two different levels, it is a fabulous light well and a wonderful stairway that form the spine of this rejuvenated interior. Read More

Concealed In A Shroud Of Green: Steeping Into The Shelton Marshall Residence!

Presenting a wonderful contrast between the cleverly concealed and the undeniably obvious, Shelton Marshall Residence in Downtown neighborhood of Kansas City enthralls with its innovative design. In an urban landscape where greenery and privacy are increasingly hard to find, architects from El Dorado manage to unearth both these qualities with a home that seems hidden underground on one side and precariously floating above it on the other! Yet both these elements are carefully balanced as a cloak of green with transplanted prairie ecosystem on the roof and a wonderful garden adds the eco-sensitive tinge to this family residence. Read More