Advancement Watch: Sou Fujimoto’s Taiwan Tower Halted Above Budget Issues

Wednesday, January 21, 2015, by Spencer Peterson
sou-fujimoto-architects.jpgRenderings by means of Sou Fujimoto Architects

The mayor of Taichung has temporarily pulled the plug on the Taiwan Tower, saying that he would rather shell out the penalty for breaking the contract than spend the project’;s projected value, which has risen from NT$8M (US$253M) to NT$15B (US$476M). Billed as the Taiwanese version of the Eiffel tower,” it was one of the biggest tasks to date for increasing Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto.

In accordance to the Taipei Occasions, mayor Lin “explained that the Taiwan Tower, a main task pushed by his predecessor, 3-phrase mayor Jason Hu, is problematic in terms of style, structural complexity and security.” In a city hall meeting on Monday, Lin announced he would organize a group to evaluation it and come up with a substitute for the variety of preposterous and wonderful jumble of poles, which looks like a god-sized game of KerPlunk before the marbles are poured in.

Construction has yet to get started on the venture, which Fujimoto won an global design and style competitors for in 2011. Planned for the Taichung Gateway financial and trade park, it was set to have a tree-covered observational platform, “environmental top quality monitoring stations,” a large public atrium, and a restaurant.

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ยท Taichung mayor balks at large expense of Taiwan Tower [Taipei Instances]

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