Artek Alvar Aalto And Graphic Design

Artek is one of our favorites when it comes to bent plywood and design. I recently came across a design project by Tsto Creative from Helsinki, Finland that got to work on a anniversary branding campaign. The flowing stripes on the store windows create an intriguing pattern that catches the attention of Passerbys. I like the interior color they used to display the furniture as well.

“In November 2015 the iconic Finnish furniture brand Artek, founded by architect Alvar Aalto and co in 1935, turned 80 years old. Tsto had the pleasure of creating a visual identity for the anniversary celebrations. The identity consisted of a logotype and its key visual element drew inspiration from the form of the legendary Stool 60.”

Alvar Aalto artek2 Artek

artek4 artek5 Alvar Aalto Artek artek8

Photography by Giovanna Silva

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