Baran Studio Contemporizes Oakland With A New Residence Clad In Wood And Metal

Architecture company Baran Studio have made a residence for a loved ones in North Oakland, California.


From the architects

The kind integrates this home into a a lot more formally and stylistically traditional neighborhood, although contemporary design components and components hold it present day. Factors like the pitched roof and hung windows make the connection to a conventional home, but this kind of elements are abstracted – the roof gets to be a skin that is wrapped all around the exterior, and the wrap curls up into the entry location, like a breaking wave.


The shade and materials expression on the exterior recall an industrial aesthetic, which even more links it to the industrial locations of the close by context, although the wood maintains the warm residential come to feel. Elements are carried by means of from outside to within to maintain connections throughout the venture as a singular encounter.

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Architect: Baran Studio

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