Black Box House By Takatina Design

The Black Box House by Takatina Design is a stunning simple silhouette full of clean lines. I love the simple color palette. The black and white house makes for a perfect backdrop for the owner’;s Danish furniture collection. Teak against a dark background is amazing. The ceilings are a beautiful architectural element that adds a level of depth. With the interiors being mostly furnished with mid century furniture and art, there is no hesitation if any of it belongs. The house is located near Tokyo Japan and sticks out like a sore awesome thumb. If I can’;t find a good MCM house some day I may just end up doing something like this but maybe to to this caliber.

Black Box House modern architecture Japan Danish furniture blackbox4 blackbox5

blackbox6 blackbox7 blackbox8 blackbox9 blackbox10 blackbox11 blackbox12

Images © Mikiko Kikuyama

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