Constructing Set Takes Indoor Fort Building To A New Level

squishy forts castle

Gathering up all of the pillows, blankets and sofa cushions in the residence to develop small forts or clubhouses is one particular of our fondest childhood recollections. Designer Ross Currie can make it even easier for children (or adults – we will not judge) to construct these magical residing room forts with his invention: Squishy Forts.

squishy forts play set

Currie was at first attempting to produce an iPad app for kids that would maintain them occupied. He recognized, nonetheless, that kids require the tactile, imaginative experiences that electronic amusements just can’t provide. Constructing things in genuine lifestyle can support to produce a child’s creativity and spatial reasoning far greater than any app or digital game.

creative squishy forts structure

Squishy Forts is a set of foam pieces of distinct sizes and shapes, reminiscent of the distinct kinds of pillows utilised in a classic pillow fort. Not like the forts we created as youngsters, however, these pieces have powerful magnets embedded in them to aid hold the imaginative structures collectively. When not in use, the blocks match together neatly into an ottoman or a sofa, letting the toys remain close at hand but out of the way.

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