Do You Know Claude Parent?

Photo by Emmanuel Goulet

Claude Parent, Photo by Emmanuel Goulet

Claude Parent was not in my mental database until a came across a house that blew my mind. Villa Drusch, A 1966 house in Versailles, France with wild angular concrete beams and a flat roofed portion that was unlike anything I usually like. I did a little more searching and reading about Claude, what I found was quite interesting. He didn’;t adhere to the traditions of architecture, in fact he tried to deconstruct them.

He was a veracious sketcher and drawer filling note books full of architectural drawings that had a push and pull feeling. Many of his drawings were very futuristic and full of fantasy.

Parent never officially received an architecture degree, but he did work in the studio of Le Corbusier, during the design of the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, and went on to influence generations of architects.


Claude Parent

Photo by Christian Schaulin

brutalism Claude Parent

Photo by Christian Schaulin


Photo by Christian Schaulin


Photo by Christian Schaulin


Photo by Christian Schaulin


Photo by Christian Schaulin


Photo by Christian Schaulin


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