Idyllic Tree House Conforms To Meditative Landscape In India

This lovely tree house in Tala, India, perches on the top of a hilltop property, surrounded by a forest and meandering river. The team at Architecture BRIO developed a wooden bridge that wraps around the house, allowing nature inside and around this new structure.

“The Tree Villa was conceived as a celebration of this landscape by creating a series of blurred transitional spaces with different levels of transparency and openness within this forested tropical setting,” the architects said.
“The functions included provide for 2 double beds, a loft bed for children, 2 bathrooms, a lounge, a place for breakfast or playing board games with an outdoor deck and a large viewing deck,” the designers added. “The main space is broken up by 3 smaller enclosures that are positioned within it, ensuring a visual connection to the forest in multiple directions from all rooms.”

The designers used wooden slatted framework filled in with white plexiglass to divide the spaces. The overall feeling is that of a rejuvenating home that breathes.

One of the highlights of this nature retreat is an old Garuga fruit tree that punctures the floor of a partially enclosed bathroom. The freestanding bathtub among the branches seems like the ultimate spot for relaxation. Photography: Photographix

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