In The Foothills Of Franklin Mountains: Multi-Level Family Home In El Paso

Ushering an air of refinement to a rugged mountain landscape that overlooks the city of El Paso in Texas, Franklin Mountain House stands out visually at the foothills of imposing mountains. The gorgeous home designed by hazelbaker rush perfectly represents the blend of rocky mountain terrain on one side of the residence and the urban scenery on the other by combing the 2 contrasting worlds. Spread across 3 different levels, it is the lowest floor that houses the utility spaces, the first floor that contains the living area, dining and kitchen and the top level which contains the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Cantilevered top level of contemporary home in El Paso, Texas

The 2 lower levels of the house are firmly anchored into the rough terrain while a refined, cantilevered structure clad in white lime stucco hovers above and holds the private spaces. Natural stone walls, wooden finishes and leather accents usher in the necessary contrast inside the house even as expansive use of glass windows connects each room with the scenery outside. Beautiful angular quartz crystals on one side of the house and vast green stretches on the other add to its natural charm.

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Straight lines and a facade in white

Stone exterior of the contemporary home with sliding glass walls

Stunning views of El Paso from the outdoor pool and deck

Top level bedroom offers amazing views of El Paso

Stone walls bring native Texas charm to the modern home

Wooden shelves in the backdrop accentuate the beauty of the kitchen island

Kitchen island in wood with marble countertop and dark pendants above

Stone, wood and stucco create a unique and stylish modern entry

A natural slope also helps in stepwise arrangement of different spaces and a simple deck and refreshing pool complete a dashing, dynamic and contemporary mountain home that offers a bird’s eye view of El Paso and beyond! [Photography: Casey Dunn]

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Wall of open shelves and long windows combines storage with captivating views

Floor-to-ceiling window connects the bedroom with the rugged mountain landscape

Long wooden vanity in the bathroom with marble top

Stone and smooth troweled stucco shape the exterior of the El Paso home

Striaght lines and a facade in white give the mountain home a contemporary look

Strategically placed stone walls around the house give it stability

Dashing contemporary home in El Paso at the foothills of Franklin Mountains

Contemporary home at the foot of Franklin Mountains in Texas

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