Mid Century Style Home By Struere

This mid century style home by Struere looks and feels the part. When I first saw pictures of this home, I for sure thought it was older but turns out it was a newer small house built on an existing piece of property that already had a home on it in Hollywood Hills. The small one bedroom house feels larger due to the courtyard and many large floor to ceiling windows. I always get excited when I see new construction that looks like mid century architecture. It gives me hope that someday, even if I can’;t find a nice MCM house to fix up I could certainly build something that looks and feels the part. In picture 3 you get a glimpse of what looks to be the original structure that share the same lot and from what I can see both designs play well together.

Mid Century Style modern house Struere architecture modern

Struere5 Struere6 Struere7 Struere8 Struere9

Photography by Jeff Ong of PostRAIN Productions
Found at The Contemporist

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