Second World War Swiss Army Constructing Transformed Into A Gorgeous Chalet

Revamping an old construction into a present day retreat is a challenging process in itself. But the ingenious designers at Ralph Germann Architectes have not just given an previous Swiss Army constructing set in amidst the majestic Alps a new lease of existence with a wonderful makeover. The rustic seeking exterior of the structure was preserved with the interior obtaining a sleek and fashionable modern appear. A glass cubicle was additional to the current area so as to leave the outdated walls largely untouched. Although this preserves the historic significance of the brand new chalet, it also fills it with an air of urbane affluence.

Wooden cubilce with the Murphy Bed unit

Soothing wooden tones existing a soft contrast to the currently current arch, slate, glass and metal surfaces. Clean and properly defined lines usher in the modern type and daring addition of Fuchsia really lights up the retreat. Glass also acts as a great insulator, keeping those within warm even as it provides unabated views of the snow-covered peaks outside. Another fascinating addition is the huge wooden cubicle to the interior that sports ergonomic closets and a room-conserving Murphy bed unit.

Entrance to the Swiss retreat Look inside the former B47 army building Modern fireplace inside the chalet Smart use of fresh Fuchsia hues Spacious conscious design inside the chalet Stylish conversation nook dominated by wooden accents

Blending in the ample natural light with properly-positioned recessed lighting, the Chalet absolutely has a unique charm of its very own. Originally created for the duration of World War II, text on the wall that says ‘charge optimum 1500 kg au m2’, reminds those within of the structure’s storied past. Secluded, stylish and giving gorgeous sights and sounds outside, it gives the complete package deal.

Stunning view outside the Swiss Chalet White kitchen island brings in a modern vibe Vivid colors added through paint and fabric Sliding glass doors of the cubicle Reminder of the heritage of the army building Glass cubicle preserves the original army structure Bright fuchsia walls inside the bathroom Sleek modern bathroom inside the Swiss getaway Snow-covered Swiss retreat Gorgeous view of the revamped Swiss chalet

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