The Bobertz Residence By Craig Ellwood

The Bobertz Residence by Craig Ellwood is in San Diego County. Gerry & Charles Bobertz moved from New York and commissioned Ellwood on the house after they fell in with the Homes that were being build for the Case Study program. The photos you see here are by the talented Darren Bradley, I asked if I could share them with you. This house is period to the “t”, everything in the house looks to belong with nothing out of place. The current owners had to rebuilt the kitchen and they did a phenomenal job.

“Keith painstakingly brought the house back, one step at a time. He removed the addition – taking away square feet in the process, something a realtor will usually tell you not to do. And referring to the original plans and design, he was able to recreate a lot of what was missing and what had changed. In fact, he even added in some elements of the original design that had been dropped for budget reasons during original construction.”

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