Badger Mountain House By 1st Lamp Architecture Building

Set on the foot of Badger Mountain in Richland, Washington, this stunning modern day home by Seattle-based First Lamp  draws its style influence from both the all-natural landscape and the clean lines of conventional Japanese architecture. Even though the project’s principal objective is to solution the growing family’s need to have for additional space, efforts to capture the sweeping views of the Columbia River and connect to the surrounding landscape give this home its shape and orientation. The main spaces are aligned in a straightforward program that is organized perpendicular to the slope of the hillside, minimizing web site effect and maximizing views to the north. The south-facing side of the property opens to an outdoor pool and observation spot that offers views of the Peak of Badger Mountain.

In real Brady Bunch style the need to have for the home was born out of 2 households coming with each other doubling the amount of individuals in the home which includes a Father with 2 sons and a Wife with 2 Daughters. The initial attempted to locate a regional architect that could design a contemporary home in Richland Washington, but soon located they essential to travel 200 miles to Seattle to discover the appropriate designers.

Design characteristics incorporate exposed concrete walls on the base level of the home, all-natural cedar moving from exterior to interior blurring the lines in between outside and indoors, aluminum solar screens, Garage Door for guest/get together space that opens up to the cabana, Ventless open fireplace in the middle of the fantastic room, customized exposed steel stair in family members room, customized steel and glass barn doors in Master Bedroom and big cantilevered entry canopy. Many sustainable components exactly where utilized such as Rigid Board insulation on the outdoors of the sheathing to get a large R-Value in the exterior walls and minimize thermal bridging, Super insulated Fiberglass windows and doors, Radiant Heated flooring and LED lighting.

I adore the master bedroom and the glass sliding doors to the master bedroom – specifically what I want for my dream property!

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