Narrabundah Property By Adam Dettrick Architects

Made by Adam Dettrick Architects, this modern day single family members property is located in Canberra, Australia.

“Form follows perform in this new home in Narrabundah, with distinct routines inside the property uniquely expressed on the exterior. Spatially the residence is defined by the separation of living areas from sleeping places with a central hallway.

The residing locations open to the north at the rear, harnessing the winter sun and addressing an sophisticated eucalypt. At the front they twist significantly to the south east, catching beautiful views more than Scott St and across rolling country in direction of the distant Cuumbuen Nature Reserve. Walls and roof telescope past the residing regions at every single end of the property to shelter outside room and supply privacy to the 2 occupants and neighbours.

Sustainability rules and easy passive design methods underpin the environmental performance of this property, with very good orientation, sun shading, double glazing, heavy insulation and non-toxic materials combining to provide year round comfort and liveability. Exterior materials are utilitarian – picked for their robustness, character and economy”.

Photography by Michael Downes.

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