Quico Jorreto, House on the Miño River, Spain

Quico Jorreto: House On The Miño River, Spain

Architect Quico Jorreto brought to fruition a house built into the land with the 2 excessive views plus privacy in the House on the Miño River. It undoubtedly took a talented eye to envision this spectacular marriage of concrete block elegantly embedded into a grassy country hillside.

Found in the Northwest area of Spain, this contemporary dream house is graced with complete southern publicity and strategically divided into 3 separate structures: the carport, a fully-glazed adjacent patio cube affording priceless mountain vistas and river views, as nicely as the central box featuring the home’s primary spaces such as the residing room, kitchen and bedrooms.

Sudden and possessing a serene attractiveness is the rooftop pool constructed into the volume which is partially nestled into the hillside. This is indeed a reflecting pool–in every sense of the word–where 1 needn’t necessarily swim, nevertheless rather float, absorbing life’s smallest pleasures. An industrial metal grate walkway follows the length of the roof plane, while shading, ventilating and penetrating light upon a courtyard beneath which is shared with the residing areas.

With retractable glass sliding doors, the residing spaces soak up the panorama of, according to the architect, “water, air, earth and fire.” Endless breezes and views of the verdant ranges and glassy river deal with residents and guests alike, while the main level patio receives a created-in fire pit affording yet another degree of basic luxury. Cozying up with blankets, wine and marshmallows would be fitting for an evening beneath the stars on this exceptional terrace.

The interior is open, airy and spacious with the colorful, modern but soft-to-the-touch furnishings, pillows and textured spot rug. Vertical wood paneling painted white comes off as rustic. The light wood flooring throughout also creates warmth, even though the contemporary kitchen and dining area is minimalist and clean. A thoughtful function region is dotted with a white desk and Eames-design chairs in teal, grey and yellow generating cheer. Bedrooms and bathrooms are tucked into the more personal quarters of this floorplan.

Spain’s Residence on the Miño River by Quico Jorreto portrays a simplistic sophistication and is a precise interpretation of contemporary residence meshed with bountiful nature.

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