Residence In Herzliya Pituach, Israel By Witt Architects


Gorgeous 2 story house contain a mixture of traditional and modern day design find in Herzilia, Israel and made by Witt Architects.

“On a dunam plot in Herzliya Pituach we’ve developed a home of 2 floors , 400 sqm and 200 sqm basement.
The task was designed out of the desire of the proprietor to which will consequence in a harmonious blend amongst present day and classic components even though maintaining a continuous connection between inside and out.
As element of the architectural perception of the construction, it was made a decision to develop on 2 buildings. One creating consists of on the ground floor, the living space and upstairs to the master bedroom. The 2nd developing contains the ground floor kitchen and the family space and the bedrooms of kids. The 2 detached buildings linked into one particular unit by the framework of a cube of glass and iron with a zinc roof. The 2 buildings were in classic design characterization facades with wooden shutters and wooden Windows, although the cube is given a modern day seem. Among the 2 buildings is a wooden bridge and wooden methods top down from it.

From the street you pass by means of an iron gate and go immediately to the garden patio. The garden prospects to the entrance which is situated in among the 2 separate buildings.
The garden path pavement continues inside the Residence and the creating feels like it is going on in between the 2 structures. The dining room is positioned on that “street”.
The exact same street continues out to the rear backyard to a broad pergola.
the “street” was paved with basalt tiles flooring. The 2 buildings have a parquet oak floor. The basement also has a strong connection with outdoors the developing.
Our challenge in this venture was to keep the connection among the Ininside and the outside and thr mixture of the present day traditional seems with the contemporary look”.

Photography by Itay Sikolski

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