Backyard Jungle: Stunning Eco-Friendly Homes Engulfed In Forest Canopy!

It is one thing to go to relaxing, natural escape that takes you into the heart of a tropical jungle for an unforgettable vacation. It is a completely different experience when you bring home that tropical goodness and turn your own backyard into a stunningforest’ if sorts. Designed by Studio Miti for those who wish to live in the lap of nature, the Forest House in Uthai Thani, Thailand does precisely that as the entire landscape surrounding a series of 4 treehouses on the lot is turned into a bustling and lush green tropical jungle. And it is amidst this dense canopy that the gorgeous, eco-friendly and serene wooden residence dwell!

4 different structures with Cross-shaped floor plan help create the Forest House complex

All the 4 homes share a common terrace that also contains walkways that weave through the thick vegetation and provide stunning views of the scenery outside. Apart from the expansive deck, each house has a cross-shaped floor plan with the living area, bedroom, entrance and bathroom all enjoying a wonderful view of the many sights and sounds outside. Living among the treetops becomes even more tranquil with the natural interiors eliminating any unnecessary disturbances and the décor being kept simple, minimal and unassuming.

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Innovative Forest House in Uthai Thani, Thailand

Amazing Forest House brings greenery to your backyard

Simple and eco-friendly interiors of the Forest House cut back on excesses

Trees that are over 30 years old help create a beautiful Forest House

Open wooden deck with a hammock surrounded by green canopy

View of the sustainable and stylish Forest House in Uthai Thani, Thailand

Local building techniques were used to craft each the homes with minimal on-site impact and almost every existing tree on the lot was carefully preserved. The Forest House is a perfect example of a stunning, sensible and eco-friendly modern residence that finds the often elusive balance between nature, comfort and serenity. [Photography: art4d magazine / Ketsiree Wongwan]

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Blinds allow homeowners to switch between privacy and lovely views

Informal sitting area and tea room with floor cushions

Inside the bathroom of the Forest House

Floor plan and site plan of the Forest House

Floor plan of the individual Forest House unit

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