Bring Home Some Luck With Trèfle Decorative Outdoor Cushions!

The bright and sunny days of summer might already be giving way to the changing colors of fall, but the world outside is still warm enough to enjoy a fun-filled day in the sun. And this is bound to continue till early winter forces us all indoors with its chilly gust. Until that time arrives, it is the poolside deck, lovely patio, small backyard garden that becomes our reclusive refuge and having the right outdoor décor makes them even more amazing. Decorative outdoor cushions can transform even the smallest nook into a relaxing hangout where friends and family can come together with ease. Trefle from Fermob fits this billing perfectly!

Small vase brings a dash of metallic glint to the covered patio

The Trefle Collection is as much about functionality as it is about visual brilliance as these fabulous outdoor cushions are crafted using weather-resistant and embossed Jacquard fabric. Keeping out tough stains, water, UV rays and mould, each of these cushions has been crafted to stand the test of time and the vagaries of changing seasons. Of course, the true highlight of the series is the gorgeous clover-leaf-pattern on each of the cushions that brings vivacious charm to even the dullest outdoor hangout.

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Colorful and chic Trefle Collection of Outdoor Cushions from Fermob

Balad outdoor lamp along with Trefle cushions create an informal outdoor hangout

Montmarte collection of chairs create a lovely outdoor dining space and hangout

Shabby chic outdoor hangout in wood with Trefle cushions

Trefle range of outdoor cushions comes in a diverse range of sizes and hues

Vivacious Trefle cushions coupled with the Louisiane bench

A touch of French finesse makes its presence felt here

These striking cushions come in a wide range of sizes and hues and you can either choose to introduce bright accent colors like orange with the Trèfle or just stick to more neutral colors like gray and blue. Combining them with charming outdoor benches, poolside loungers and comfortable chairs is the perfect way to put final touches on your dream backyard escape!

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Exquisite collection of outdoor cushions from Fermob

Finding the 4-leafed clover is not too hard with these cushions!

Gorgeous Trefle cushions come in a wide array of hues

Jacquard fabric of the cushion combines comfort and durability

Modern outdoor cushions collection from Fermob

Pops of color and the clover pattern of the cushions brings brightness to the sunroom

Sleek Origami bench combined with colorful Trefle cushions

Trefle Cushions in gray and blue

Trefle outdoor cushions also work well indoors!

Create a relaxing outdoor hangout with the Trefle Collection

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