Concrete Planes And Glass Walls Steal The Spotlight At Miravent House

There is beauty in simplicity. This is especially true in case of home design and decorating. Instead of spending endless hours on complicated form and flowery overtones, one can achieve an equally impressive result by sticking to the basics. Do not believe us? Then check out the Miravent House in Spain designed by Perretta Arquitectura. It has an undeniably elegant form and achieves this by putting together horizontal concrete planes and unobstructed glass walls. It feels all too simple and yet wows you instantly; the blend of textures the intersecting planes and the simple straight lines!

Open and spacious design of contemporary home in Spain

The house in its basic form is an amalgamation of 2 different structures – an ‘I’ shaped building that holds the private rooms along with additional bedrooms and an ‘L’ shaped structure that hosts the public areas. A contemporary bridge connects the 2 buildings and the space between them along with the surrounding landscape acts as the outdoor relaxation zone. It is not just polished modern finishes, glass and concrete that hold sway here as stone walls and plush décor bring additional visual contrast.

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Horizontal concrete planes give the home a cool structure

Horizontal planes of concrete between glass walls creates a cool contemporary home

Sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass walls create a breezy indoor-outdoor interplay

Stone walls of the home give it textural beauty

Walkway connecting 2 different structures of the house

Master bedroom and bathroom of the Miravent House

There is also a basement level that flows into the English patio outside and despite its distinctly urbane appeal; one can see nature finding space at every turn. The large wooden deck and pool area put the final touches on a home that has a style of its own! [Photography: Alfonso Calza]

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Contemporary dining room in white with a wooden table

Fabulous and grand modern Spanish home

Glass and wood sculptural staircase for the modern home

Lovely use of large pendants for kitchen and dining area

White stones and wooden deck for the courtyard

Contemporary courtyard of Miravent House in Spain

Central courtyard of modern house with a relaxing ambiance

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