Geometric Home By Neil Dawson

This geometric home by Neil Dawson is currently on the market and the construction is amazing. What I appreciate about the construction is the brick on the exterior and the concrete on the interiors. I don’;t have any idea who it was constructed but it looks like it is built like a tank. The interiors are nice, not totally my flavor but to each their own. The other design element that I like it the height of the ceilings. The height ads drama mixed with the hard surfaces. I wonder how much echo is happening, large volumes with hard surfaces.

Designed by RIBA award-winning architect Neil Dawson of Snook Architects, this 5-bedroom detached house with private garden is located in a private park of Victorian villas in south Liverpool. A regional RIBA award winner, the house was also a finalist in Grand Designs house of the year 2016.”

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Photos by Sam Brown

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