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Modern Fresh Property By APD Architects

contemporary blue and white living room by apd architects

Contemporary Fresh Home by APD ArchitectsThis residence in New York’s Hamptons is oriented to the south and east with 9.5′ sliding glass walls to consider benefit of the winter sun.   In the summertime, these walls slide open and some disappear into the exterior walls, permitting the house to turn out to be a single big screened porch. Above the residing room sliding doors large 18吆 foot wall panels swing out on hydraulic lifts to shade the glass under. Exterior siding of Port Orford cedar wraps most of the walls on this initial floor, inside and out. Epay flooring covers the 1st floor as properly as the terrace surrounding the pool.  The fireplace in the household space attributes cast- in -location white concrete in fossil like unfavorable relief, a memory of an antique property.   The second floor has a library-media room walled on 2 sides with bookcases.  Timber girders and cross beams give the area a sheltered sanctuary feeling in contrast to the openness on the 1st floor. This 2nd floor wing also houses the master bedroom location, and all can be closed off from the first floor, permitting privacy.   The study and master bedroom each face a 2nd floor roof terrace, enclosed by a frame of mortise and tenon timber.  Clad in cedar lath, this terrace gives a garden sanctuary seeking west towards the bay.  The residence has the 2 geothermal heat pumps and photo voltaic solar panels.

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