Modern Revamp Involving A Glass Roof Transforms This Dark Victorian House

Lighting is often an afterthought for potential homeowners dreaming up their house. But ultimately it is lighting that plays the most important role in defining the ambiance of your home. An old, 3-story Victorian house in Cardiff, the Glasshouse is a wonderful example of how even the most dreary space can be turned into a cheerful, contemporary home using the right infusion of light! Brought in to radically alter the damp and dark interior of this classic home, Glen Thomas Architecture turned to a contemporary extension with a distinct, 9-meter long glass roof to get the job done.

Glass and dark aluminum extension for an old Victorian House in Cardiff

Along with the glass roof a series of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a revitalized floor plan completely changed the aura of this Welsh family home. Using smart structural analysis, unnecessary old load bearing walls and pillars were done away with to create a more open, free-flowing interior. This also further ushered in natural light and spaces of the original Victorian Residence that were previously dark, now feel cheerful and inviting. The refurbished interior feels both contemporary and classic with the old gently transitioning into the new!

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9 meter long glass roof for the modern extension brings in plenty of natural light

Contemporary rear addition with glass roof for the 3 storey Victorian house

Double height extension with glass roof brings light into the Cardiff home

Exquisite contemporary kitchen and dining of The Glasshouse

Modern kitchen island in wood and gray

Slim console table and black and white framed art work for the contemporary home

It is the new dining area, kitchen and the long extension that becomes the social zone of the Glasshouse and sliding pocket doors were used sensibly throughout the residence to delineate space whenever needed. Modern lighting fixtures, contemporary décor, neutral color palette and warmth of Eucalyptus wood put the final touches on a makeover that is all about glass. [Photography: Richard Wood]

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Light-filled kitchen and dining of the Victorian home in Eucalyptus wood and gray

Long corridor connects the old house with the new kitchen and dining

Existing Victorian style interior is seamlessly combined with the contemporary addition

Striking aluminum extension of the Victorian House is partly visible from the street

Ground floor plan of the revamped Victorian House in Cardiff

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