Sleek And Functional Italian Kitchen Exudes Radiant Charm

Contemporary kitchen spaces are all about an immaculate blend of aesthetics and ergonomics that makes them so irresistible. One cutting-edge kitchen that appears to showcase this design philosophy with urbane elegance is the chic Lux from Snaidero. Another Italian masterpiece from one particular of the extremely best makers of present day kitchens, Lux is all about the ‘beauty of discretion’. Bringing with each other glossy metallic surfaces, shiny lacquered countertops and warm wooden textures, the kitchen presents a visual contrast that is basically captivating. With dazzling LED lighting producing up the crux of this engaging kitchen, you will be hard-pressed to flip away from it!

Beautiful Lux kitchen in smoked oak

Glimpse past the apparent very good seems and you will see that functional storage answers and brilliantly lit display shelves truly set this kitchen apart from the others. As in the situation of the captivating Orange kitchen we noticed earlier from Snaidero, Lux also locations excellent value on large-high quality finishes, modern and discreet recessed handles that are both minimum and invisible, and a spectacular kitchen island that steals the show. Every configuration can be personalized based on the floor strategy of your kitchen, whilst a wide array of colours for the cabinets, worktops and finishes guarantee that it blends with the existing theme of your residence.

What impresses us the most with this cool kitchen is the pivotal role that lighting plays in defining the ambiance of the space. Vertical and horizontal LED panels illuminate not just the operate places but also storage shelves and show units. The ecological lighting system in area is also perfect for these seeking for sustainable attributes in their future kitchen.

Smart Italian kitchen in white with wooden cabinets Keeping the backdrop cool and industrial Continuos floating glass helf in the kitchen

Lux in coffee brown Smart lighting in the kitchen Storage space in the kitchen Savvy design solutions of the contemporary kitchen

Rigorous lines coupled with innovative technical solutions. Lux is clean and totally free of excess, nevertheless brimming with unexpected layout remedies. It is developed to complement a domestic room that embodies an intelligent blend of perform, emotion and persona. It is all about reinventing the kitchen to suit the occupied modern lifestyle

Wall units that hide the kitchenware A closer look at the Lux kitchen recessed and invisible storgae options in kitchen Stylish LUX in red Sleek shelves in kitchen in red Modern kitchen with cool appliances Lovely way to display the glassware Exquisite Italian kitchen in red

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