Stacked Volumes By John Pardey Architects

John Pardey Architects built this modern home that consists of 3 stacked volumes. Lets work our way from the outside in. The modern landscaping that was created works so well with the architecture of the home. I have always liked the use of steel in landscaping. In this instance the stairs are the standout to me. The colors of the exterior is quite interesting. I don’;t know that I would have picked that muted orange and green but you have to give them credit for being original. I love the brick, it creates a pattern that is different than the vertical boards but they work well together. I also like how the carry the brick wall into the interiors of the home, the old blurring the inside and outside trick.

John Pardey Architects modern architecture modern house Pardey4

Pardey5 Pardey6 Pardey7 Pardey8 Pardey9 Pardey10


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