Stunning Mountain Views And A Wood-Clad Interior Shape Contemporary Swiss House

The initial factor that comes to mind when we believe of Switzerland is the image-ideal holidays and the snowy Alps. Overlooking the town of Weinfelden and supplying unabated views of the distant mountains of Switzerland and Austria is this gorgeous residence clad in wood. Whilst the street façade of the Weinfelden Home offers ample privacy, the rear of the residence opens up to offer you captivating views of the surrounding landscape. Made by K_M Architektur, the floating style of the property gives it an inimitable silhouette while the scenic backdrop adds to its visual appeal.

Street facade of the stunning contemporary loved ones property in Weinfelden, Switzerland

The interior of the property showcases a superb balance between glass, concrete and wood to make sure that there is ample textural contrast. Whilst the expansive use of wood in light tones provides the home an inviting and cozy vibe, substantial floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows guarantee that the living area extends into the long balcony outdoors. The ground floor contains the residing room, the dining area and the kitchen, along with 2 bedrooms for the children. The prime level houses the master suite along with the gorgeous rooftop backyard.

The ingenious gas stove addition in the living room also doubles as a intelligent divider amongst the living and dining spaces, and the solar hot-water-method and geo-thermal heating give the property a hint of sustainability. The use of organic pine wood obtained locally and other eco-pleasant supplies utilized in shaping the Weinfelden Home also aided in cutting down the carbon footprint of this stylish contemporary house set in an idyllic landscape.

Wooden slats and drapes combine to offer ample privacy

Organic caonpy and spectacular views shape the wonderful Swiss home Stunning modern dining location with superb views of the distant mountains Stove in the living space acts as a divider among the residing area and the dining Stunning stability amongst wood, concrete and glass isnide the house Prolonged hallway adds drama to the lovely Swiss residence Cozy bedroom with minimal layout and wonderful mountain views Street facade of the private Swiss house after sunset Warm lighting adds to the inviting ambiance of the property

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