The Donaldson House By Glenn Murcutt

Glenn Murcutt is the architect that designed this beautiful modern structure.The Donaldson House is located on the Palm Beach peninsula north of Sydney where it offers the best of a treechange and seachange. I love how the house is integrated into nature and its natural surroundings. The bedroom that opens up to the exterior is quite stunning. The water right next to the window and being in that much nature would be quite soothing. Not only is the housemen with nature how it was built but the house opens up to the outside on many levels. It is also nice that the house is almost non existent from the street providing a great deal of privacy.

Glenn Murcutt modern architecture Victor Vasarely

“On the southern wall hangs an important part of Sydney’s modern architectural heritage, a 4m x 4.3m tapestry, Orion M.C. by Victor Vasarely. From 1967 Vasarely’s Orion M.C. hung in the eastern core of the lobby of Australia Square, having been commissioned by Harry Seidler as one of the major public art works for this iconic Sydney building. The tapestry was sold by the building’s owners in 2003 together with a Le Corbusier tapestry titled Unesco which is now hung at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. An important part of the brief to Glenn Murcutt was to find a space where the Vasarely tapestry could be viewed in the house. Elsewhere in the house are 3 smaller Vasarely ar2rks.”

Victor Vasarely

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