The Next Generation By Egg Collective

Egg Collective has a killer line of design. While looking through their work I couldn’;t help but thinkthis is the next generation”, the next generation of collectable furniture and design. I have seen discussions with mid century collectors where they talk about “what and who is going to be the next collectable”. The quality and design of these pieces makes me think of quality that will last decades. The PETE & NORA FLOOR LAMP and the HOWARD SOFA are easily my favorite pieces in their collection.

“Egg Collective is a New York-based design company established in 2011 by 3 female designersStephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie. Pulling from its founders’ backgrounds in architecture, art, and woodworking, the company creates exquisitely engineered furniture and lighting. All of Egg Collective’s work is made in its own wood shop and in collaboration with a community of small-scale fabricators.”

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