The Space Detroit

The Space Detroit is located 15 minutes from downtown Detroit, The Space exhibits design + art from the mid twentieth century to present. There is more to the story here, The Space is another outstanding project by The Exchange Int. I interviewed the good folks at The Exchange Int here. It is exciting to see a committed group of people expand their passion. PAUL EVANS, HARRY BERTOIA, GEORGE NAKASHIMA, PAAVO TYNELL, and PHILLIP LLOYD POWELL are just a few of the designers that have representation at The Space. My favorite pieces in the collection have to be by Paul Evans, the handcrafted artistry that goes into each piece is unmatched.

“The urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living.” ~HARRY BERTOIA

PAUL EVANS The Space Detroit eero saarinen HARRY BERTOIA PAUL EVANS cabinet

HARRY BERTOIA sculpture PAAVO TYNELL Ludwig Mies van der Rohe PAAVO TYNELL lighting PAUL EVANS credenza PAUL EVANS furniture GEORGE NAKASHIMA


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