Brutalist Cement Factory Turned Home

This brutalist cement factory turned home is the work of Architect Ricardo Bofill. If there were ever such a building that could, without a doubt be called “brutalist” it would certainly be this one. I know a lot of us use “Brutalism” to describe other things but the true meaning comes from exposed concrete building mostly built in the 70’;s. I could not imagine looking at this place and thinking , “I want to live there”. I think it took a true visionary to take the shell of a remnant and change it into what you see here. The “Cathedral” and “residence” are magnificent structures that serve different purposes. I like the use of drapery to soften the concrete walls, otherwise it would be a little to industrial. The structure lays on the outskirts of Spain and has a lush tropical landscape that helps naturalize the hard exterior.

Brutalist Ricardo Bofill brutalism

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