Ceramics By Heather Rosenman

Heather Rosenman has been one of my favorite artists to follow on Instagram. Her ceramics embody the perfect balance of texture, shape, and color. I believe the reason I am so drawn to them is the fact that they fit in with any modern or mid century modern surroundings. I especially like seeing her pieces in groups, together they great a larger statement. Her “Scribe” technique has an intricate pattern created by geometric shapes that are scribed by hand. Her lava glazes are another favorite, the texture feels like something only nature could achieve.

“Heather Rosenman creates ceramic vessels and sculptures rich in form and texture. A New York native, currently based in Los Angeles, she studied at The Cooper Union and The Basel School of Design in Switzerland. Her collections are informed by a deep appreciation of ceramics, modern art and the history of design.”

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