House Number 91 Interiors By Frederic Hooft

Frederic Hooft has a nice portfolio and house number 91 one caught my attention. These interiors have a some what Scandinavian feel to them. The natural color palette and balance of natural materials lend them selves to cosy minimal interiors. The room I love is the main room with the suspended fireplace and the De Sede DS600 Never Ending Sofa. The gold or brass cabinets in the kitchen are quite unique and I quite like them. If you had told me of a cool kitchen with gold cabinets I might have said “no thanks” but they work here. There is a lack of color so maybe a spot here and there but I guess that is just personal preference.

Frederic Hooft Scandinavian Scandinavian interiors modern interiors hooft5

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photography: jan verlinde

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