Interiors By Olivier Dwek

Olivier Dwek has a minimally dramatic design sense that creates stunning interiors. I like the older architecture made modern by using a monochromatic approach to the color palette. There is a predominate use of black and white allowing the wood pieces stand out. The art is quite interesting and certainly ad points of interest. Jean Prouvé, George Nakashima, and Serge Mouille are just a few of the standouts found throughout these spaces.

“In the wake of the modernist and minimalist movements that have marked 20th century architecture, Olivier Dwek’s body of work reflects a rigorous, subtle quest for formal purity, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of an asceptic, cold aesthetic. A virtuoso of volumetrics, an alchemist of light, he shapes interiors that have the aura of a museum and at the same time cultivates a spirit of conviviality, comfort and ergonomic innovation. Fluid, clean lines and perspectives, monumental structures that are mobile or simulate weightlessness, exceptional materials and original textures, contemporary ar2rks interacting with the space: such are the signatures or hallmarks whose symbiosis results in a timeless, serene, spellbinding elegance.”

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