The Artwork Of Sérgio Pimenta

I recently came across the work of Sérgio Pimenta and thought “it has been a while since I had featured an artist”. The color blocking of these pieces is what caught my attention. There is color blocking but at the same time there are organic qualities of the paint flowing towards gravity. I couldn’;t help but imagine swimming pools with the first few images. The geometric lines are given depth with gradients working to provide levels and dimension. Every time I feature art I always ask myself if I could see it in a mid century setting and these pieces certainly passed the test.

“Sérgio is a freelance visual artist specialising in painting and drawing. He was born in Trofa, a small town in the outskirts of Porto, Portugal where he had his first solo exhibition in 2012. In the past he worked as a painting (2013-15) and drawing (2014-15) teacher at the Portuguese Rotary Club Senior University, before relocating to Berlin where he now lives. Sérgio holds a B.A. in Painting and Fine Arts from the University of Porto.”

pimenta1 pimenta2 pimenta3 pimenta4

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