Old Warehouse In Melbourne Turned Into A Modern Green Haven

Finding a secluded and relaxing oasis of green in the rush of an urban landscape is almost impossible at times. But turning an old, discarded warehouse into a delightful modern home with its own little hub of green goodness, the 10 Glasshouse Street Residence in Richmond, Melbourne is truly one of a kind. The four bedroom and two bathroom family home was once a large warehouse and in its latest avatar it combines its past heritage with contemporary comfort, cheerful living space and a serene, leafy terrace. The result is truly spectacular as one gets to enjoy the best of Melbourne even while escaping the stereotypical city life. Read More

Juliet Balconies: Terrifying History & Today’s Beauty (45 Ideas)

A balconet, balconette and a Juliet balcony are three terms used to describe the same architectural form – a type of a false balcony, which doesn’t have a platform.  A metal barrier is arranged right in front of a high window-opening at the outer plane of the building. Also, there are options with platforms available, but they’re so extremely narrow that one can hardly put a foot on it (“go to the balcony”). So, a balconette is merely a decorative element of the exterior and a kind of a high window designed to let in much daylight into a room, as opposed to genuine balconies serving as storage spots and lounge areas. Read More

In The Foothills Of Franklin Mountains: Multi-Level Family Home In El Paso

Ushering an air of refinement to a rugged mountain landscape that overlooks the city of El Paso in Texas, Franklin Mountain House stands out visually at the foothills of imposing mountains. The gorgeous home designed by hazelbaker rush perfectly represents the blend of rocky mountain terrain on one side of the residence and the urban scenery on the other by combing the two contrasting worlds. Spread across three different levels, it is the lowest floor that houses the utility spaces, the first floor that contains the living area, dining and kitchen and the top level which contains the bedrooms and bathrooms. Read More

Bravos House: Encased In Moving Wooden Panels And Slats

Draped ever so elegantly in a wood made of Cumaru, a Brazilian tree species, the Bravos House in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil cleverly brings together privacy, solar shading and lovely views. The 937-sqaure-meter contemporary residence was designed by Jobim Carlevaro Arquitetos keeping in mind the specific needs of the homeowners which included an open social zone and a dashing deck outside. To ensure that the living room, dining area and kitchen flow seamlessly into the outdoor pool deck, a basement level parking was designed along with space for utility rooms. Read More

Single-Wall Kitchens: Space-Saving Designs With Functional Charm

The trend in the last few years has been to insert even a tiny island into the small kitchen to improve both functionality and aesthetic. Almost everyone seems to want a kitchen with a work triangle and even a comfy breakfast nook, if possible. But those looking to maximize space in the small, urban apartment still tend to find the single-wall kitchen as the most efficient and elegant option. Despite its seemingly one-dimensional look, this smart kitchen design has multi-dimensional advantages that make it a timeless choice. If you are making plans for a one-wall kitchen, then do not miss the latest inspirations and ideas below – Read More

Midcentury Modern Panache: Trendy New Décor From Essential Home

Midcentury modern took the design and décor world by storm a couple of years ago before it found a more permanent place in the upper echelon of the trends chart. From TV shows like Mad Men to innovative décor that brought midcentury vibe alive with modern flair, the last few years have definitely seen the classics from the 60’s being revived to their past glory. But not all of us can afford to bring home an original creation of Eames, George Nelson or Isamu Noguchi. Read More

“Minuet”: Neutral Functional Small Apartment With Cheerful Notes

This apartment interior is a fruit of work of a Taiwanese design company A Lentil Design. It was created for young spouses and traditionally for this company this project was given a name. The name is “Minuet”, and not just any minuet is implied here, but a particular one, composed by a famous Italian cellist and composer of the 18th century – Luigi Boccherini. Read More

A Dramatic Escape: Secluded Ocean-Side Retreat With Incredible Views

There is something undeniably charming and magnetic about a rugged coastline, a precarious cliff overlooking the ocean and the vast blue beyond. It is precisely in one such mesmerizing setting that The Lookout at Broad Cove Marsh sits in. Designed to make the most of the captivating ocean views on offer even while braving the rough weather and prying eyes, this beautiful getaway was built by Omar Gandhi Architect for a married couple from Toronto. The coastal escape sits on a thin strip of land on Broad Cove Marsh Road, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and it is the landscape that defines its form and the materials used. Read More

“Copenhagen”: Scandinavian House Built Within Just 118 Days

The architect who designed this house was tasked with creating a contemporary-style building that would harmonically communicate with a pretty narrow, elongated plot of land with tremendous altitudinal variation. Beyond that it was supposed to be functional, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. To crown it all it had to be constructed extremely fast, at a reasonable cost and with frame architecture. And 118 days later a land plot in the suburbs of Minsk, Belarus, already featured an original object dubbed “Copenhagen”. Read More

30 Glass Coffee Tables That Bring Transparency To Your Living Room

One of the key components of any living room is the coffee table. It is set right in the center of all happening, usually standing right next to the sofa, holding a tray of baked goods, books or other decor pieces. It is an element that has a big functional purpose, but how it looks plays a very big role. It can be a piece that completely matches the rest of the interior or the one piece that stands out. A glass coffee table is incredibly flexible with its ability to blend in and stand out at the same time. It brings elegance and transparency to the room, sending the message of purity and simplicity. Read More