From Origami Lights To Fairies: DIY Lanterns To Light Up Your Holidays

Tis’ the season to be jolly and even if it is not fully here, getting ready for all that festivity and fun does mean you need to start early enough. There is the shopping, the decorating, the rush of getting things done at work just so that you can have a longer vacation and then the traffic. But you know all that hustle and bustle is worth it when the lights finally come on and you sense magic in the air! Without the bright lights, holidays simply feel incomplete. Having already shared with our readers the best DIY string lighting for the festive season, it is time to explore a different direction – the world of DIY lanterns. Read More

Renovated 1970’s Townhouse In São Paulo With Inspired Indoor Garden

As is the case with most aged homes, poorly planned additions and a weary structure tend to create an interior that is neither practical nor aesthetic. The Sunset House in Sao Paulo is no different as it was originally built in 1970’s with an interior that is far too compartmentalized and constraining. Giving this dreary home a cheerful, modern upgrade Casa14 Arquitetura turned to an open plan living and an altered backyard to get the job done. Refreshing, relaxing and pleasing to the core, the new living area flows into the rear yard that contains an outdoor dining space and a relaxing sitting zone. Read More

Saving Floor Space: 10 Stylish DIY Hanging Shelf Ideas

The quest for uncovering more floor space goes on this fall as we feature a series of decorating ideas, wall-mounted décor and DIY ideas that give your home a more spacious vibe. As always, one of the best ways to do this is by thinking vertical and bringing in furniture that relies on walls for support. Hanging shelves surely fit this billing as they replace your more demanding shelving systems with breezy delights that take up absolutely no floor room at all! Things only get better when you craft these space-savvy shelves at home, allowing you to also save some dough. Read More

Dual Decks And A Cloak Of Green: Modern Classic Home In Poland

There are times when it is the home design that makes it truly special and then there are occasions when it is the backdrop and the landscape that make it remarkable. HOUSE 01 in Nowa Górka designed by GAB, Poland falls into the latter category with stunning woods creating an envelope of green around it. Set on a spacious lot, the house takes inspiration from the more rustic homes in the region when it comes to the layout. A garage sits next to the main house and both the units are placed carefully to create passive heating and cooling without relying too much on artificial sources of heating. Read More


The Brander House By Eugene Kinn Choy

Eugene Kinn Choy, A.I.A., built the The Brander House in 1959. This mid century home was immortalized by the era’s most eminent architectural photographer Julius Shulman. The home is currently on the market and offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of mid century history. The home is located in a secluded lot in Los Angeles. I like everything about this house. The entryway greets and gives a prelude to the viewer as to what they are going to experience. The updates done in the house were executed with sensitivity to the home and materials from that era. Sounds like a bunch of cheese but it warms my heart to see a house of this caliber in this condition, simply amazing. Read More

Inhabit: Tranquil Treehouse With Stunning Views Of Catskills Mountain Range

Living in New York City is an experience of its own and is well and truly unmatched. But there are times when even those who love the glitz and glam of Manhattan and the neighborhood beyond, wish to escape the constant rush and bright lights. Nestled in the scenic town of Woodstock and overlooking the majestic Catskills Mountain Range along with lush green canopy and a natural pond is the Inhabit Treehouse – a perfect natural retreat that is barely a couple of hours’ drive away from NYC. The treehouse designed by Antony Gibbon Designs is as impressive as the views it promises with an interior that is cozy, relaxing and yet unassuming. Read More

This 30 Square Meter Micro-Apartment Has A Moving, Multi-Functional Wall

Space, space and space; there plenty of empty space in the universe and yet there seems very little space in our own homes! Part of the reason is the way we tend to fill up most of the free space, often ignoring both aesthetics and the actual necessity of décor piece brought in. Then there are cases when you have to make-do with a truly small interior. This micro-apartment in Milan falls into the latter category with 29.5-sqaure meters of space that is amazingly maximized using a variety of space-savvy additions and unique innovations. Read More

12 Eye Catching Contemporary Coffee Tables

With so many coffee tables available today on the market, it could get difficult to decide, specially if you are that type of person who loves to entertain guests and at the same time, put a lot of attention on your living room’s looks.
A coffee table is a style of low living room table that, as the Ottoman Empire, has its origins in Turkey. It is a piece of functional furniture that is intended to be placed next to a sofa or between armchairs to support coffee, magazines and your mobiles, hence the name. As everything invented in the past, its design evolved over time and nowadays is no longer subject to strict utility and it has become almost an art piece, which is often the focal point of the room.beautiful wooden table with glass top Read More

1920’s Warehouse In Los Angeles Turned Into A Splendid Modern Industrial Loft

Rugged and yet polished, stylish and yet surprisingly understated, practical and still pleasing, the Arts District Loft is many worlds in one. A 2,000-square-foot loft in a warehouse from the 1920’s, this dashing modern industrial is nestled in Downtown Los Angeles and draws you in instantly with its dark, flamboyant vibe. The open living area of the loft sits on an elevated platform when compared to the dining area and kitchen next to it. Existing partitions of the loft are done away with and every space inside has been revamped and redone to give it a contemporary sheen. Yet, a distinct industrial undertone runs throughout thanks to the concrete flooring, walls, exposed duct pipes and large, industrial-style windows. Read More