20 Stylish And Budget-friendly Ways To Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchens had to face that awkward space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. How to use it and keep the neat appearance of the kitchen is a challenge. Instead of letting it stay there and collect dust, what do you do with it? Turn it into an extra storage space […]

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Natural Swimming Pool Set In A Green Landscape Gets A Multi-Tasking Pavilion

Call it a gorgeous pool house that takes you back into the lap of nature or a multi-tasking escape which serves as a great gathering spot for friends and family, the Natural Pool Support Pavilion in Pedro do Rio, Brazil is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind. Built to become a part of the lovely landscape at its beautiful best, the pavilion was crafted by Gaudenzi Arquitetura in a manner that left the site as undisturbed as possible. A natural swimming just a few steps away is the undoubted focal point of this relaxing getaway that takes you away from the constant hustle and bustle of urban life. Read More

Inventive Modern House Brings Green Goodness To Urban Landscape

It is barely surprising news to know that we are increasingly moving away from nature and are stuck in a world dominated by concrete, glass, cement and stone. The urban landscape has barely any space for nature at its vibrant best. Attempting to correct this anomaly and bringing a pocket of vibrant green to the sprawling cityscape of Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam is the gorgeous Stacked Planters House designed by VTN Architects. Part of a creative initiative dubbed ‘House for Trees’ by the eco-friendly folk at VTN, this exquisite green house has been crafted using terrazzo, glass and concrete. Read More

Wave: Stunning Outdoor Hammock Brings Shaded Opulence

Still dreaming about enjoying the last bit of sunshine outside even as colors of fall take over? Few promise the extravagance, visual splendor and contemporary style of the Wave Outdoor hammock! A Royal Botania design, the Wave stays true to its name with a seemingly whimsical and wavy design that also offers plenty of protection from direct sunlight. The canopy above the swinging seat keeps out 86 percent of direct sunlight and allows you to enjoy the view outside even during hot summer days. It also helps to have some shade when a light drizzle or two rolls into town! Read More

5 Interesting Fall Color Palettes For Your Home

There are many wonderful elements that fall brings to the table. For some of us here at Decoist, the magic happens when the season’s top color palettes begin to emerge. With the new collections comes an array of beautiful product photos to peruse, and it’s easy to see some definite palettes emerging. In today’s post, our inspiration comes mainly from Scandinavian design, where interesting color combinations are in no short supply. For example, who would have thought that mixing rust with berry tones could be perfection? Keep reading for five different fall color palettes that will bring meaningful style home this season. Read More

Trend Spotting: Create A Soothing Home Office With Pastels

Pastel colors are inherently soothing and create an atmosphere of pleasant tranquility. Maybe pastels remind of a being a kid and bring back some cherished memories. Maybe it is simply the effect of these light and gentle hues on our general personality. Maybe it is because they have an undeniable touch of femininity about them. Irrespective of the reason, pastel hues give an interior calming and charming ambiance. It is a look that fits in perfectly with the needs of a modern home office – a space that needs to be serene, stylish and productive. Bringing both these elements together seems all too obvious! Read More

5 Back To School Organization Ideas For Your Home

It’s back to school time and life gets hectic again. Want to do things differently this year to cut out some of the time wasters and stress? Here are five back to school organization ideas that will help you keep your home organized and running smoothly. Read More

Lorimer Street Townhouse: Light, White And Modern Industrial Panache

Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn is home to some of the most gorgeous and authentic townhouses you will ever come across and each one of them has a story to tell. With changing times, needs and aesthetics, homeowners are increasingly turning towards smart renovations to give these classic townhouses a modern sheen. The fabulous Lorimer Street Townhouse showcases one such beautiful transformation as an old and dark three-story townhouse was turned into a light-filled, inviting home by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design. The new loft-like interior combines industrial elements with contemporary sheen to deliver the best of both worlds. Read More


A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call For Submissions

A’ Design Awards & Competition is calling for Submissions! REGISTER HERE!


Highlight, Advertise & Advocate good design, designers and design oriented companies for a better future. A’ Design Award aims to channel the attention of press, interactive medias, design critics, distributors and buyers to the award winners. The motto of the A’ Design Awards is “Ars Futura Cultura” i.e. Arts Cultivate the Future, Arts for the Culture of Future. We believe that the future is shaped by arts, design and technology, thus there is need of good design for a better future. Read More

Colors Of Fall: How To Paint Your Door In Bright Orange

Fall is officially here and with it the colors outside are changing as well. Each year, we have our own list of fabulous hues that top the trends chart for the season. But the one constant in it all is orange – in its many, infinite shades. Sometimes it might orange with a bit of reddish glint and on other occasions it could be burnt orange with its matte finish. Irrespective of the change in hue, tint and shade, orange is undoubtedly a constant when it comes to ‘cool fall colors’. 2017 is obviously no different and as you start looking for ways in which you can bring home some orangey spunk, we have a great idea for you to try out – a bright and striking orange door. Read More

10 Smart And Space-Saving Shoe Storage Ideas

Different people have different obsessions, but one universally common fixation seems to be mankind’s crazy love for footwear. Whether it is stacks of shoes, heels or any other form of footwear you love, all of us inevitably have or crave for a large footwear collection. With changing seasons, weather and trends, we tend to box away some of those shoes and unbox others. Be it formals, snickers or casuals, finding the right space to store your shoes is often as difficult as buying the right ones! With that in mind, we have decided to bring to you 10 space-savvy shoe storage ideas that make your life a whole lot easier. Read More

Six Brands Drape Furniture With Velvet

It would seem that velvet-covered furnishings are in vogue, with designers conceivably influenced by velvet trends on the catwalk and the popularity of velvet with the celebrity set (Vogue.co.uk, 2017). Read More