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Stylish Image-Maker’s Apartment Furnished With Eichholtz Pieces

Creating an interior for a person who lives in the world of fashion and is well-versed in it is a complicated and challenging, yet very interesting task. Have you ever seen how fashion experts live? Let’s take a sneak peek!


The author of this project was charged with the responsibility of creating a contemporary and trendy interior that would be equally good for working from home and having a good rest. And the hostess of the apartment, a professional fashion stylist and image-maker, prepared loads of ideas in the form of numerous clippings from fashion and interior design magazines. So, from the very beginning it was clear that the final interior was supposed to be light, lively and tastefully furnished.

The total area of this 2-room flat is just 68 square meters and its shape is irregular: one of the walls is angled at 45 degrees. This little nuisance was however skillfully turned into a benefit of the space: the kitchen was arranged diagonally. By the way, the kitchen-dining room can be easily separated from the lounge with a partition anytime the hosts need one more isolated room.

1-2-room-apartment-plan-scheme-layout-with-furniture-arrangement-irregular-shape-angled-wall-45-degrees-2-bathrooms Continue reading

Eclectic Apartment In The Spirit Of Modernism Of The 1950s

This three-room apartment with the total area of 78 square meters found a new owner just a year ago. The lady hired a team of qualified architects and set them a task of creating a cozy light apartment with an atmosphere encouraging for good rest after a long working day, but not too refined. Read More


Modern Aspen Apartment By Ambidestro

This modern Aspen apartment by Ambidestro has a perfect balance of warm and cool. There is an obvious theme with all of the warm wood walls and a gray toned color palette. The wood looks like a type of rosewood, the reticulation in the veining is to intricate to be walnut. The interiors have a masculine feel, dark and sophisticated. I think the place could benefit from a splash of color, maybe in the form of art on the walls. I could definitely park here and call this place my home. Look, I am already getting comfortable on the sofa contemplating the mysteries of life. Read More

Revamped Modern Industrial Apartment In The Iconic Edifício Copan

If you are an architecture buff, then you would have already heard of or at least seen an image of the curvy Edifício Copan nestled in Downtown Sao Paulo. One of the tallest buildings in the country and undoubtedly an iconic landmark in its own right, it is on the 11th floor of this behemoth that the Copan Apartment sits. SuperLimão Studio was tasked with the job of revamping the apartment’s interior without altering the original appeal and aura of the space drastically. Unnecessary structural walls were done away with giving the new interior a more open and cheerful look. Read More

Airy And Minimalistic One-Room Apartment With Eco-Style Motifs

In this tiny flat the designer team had to envisage all possible and impossible details. The clients are young spouses, who wanted their apartment to be minimalistic, light and airy. Besides, the list of their wishes included an isolated sleeping place (not a folding sofa), a full-fledged work area, as many storage zones as possible and any finishes for the bathroom walls except for ceramic tiles. All the efforts of the team resulted into a trendy modern space with a well-thought-out kitchen, lounge, bedroom, study and a balcony; and all this within the total area of just 40 sq. m. Read More

“Tuscan Giorno”: Gorgeous Neo-Classical Apartment In Beige & Blue

Have you ever heard anything about “Tuscan interiors”? Even if not, it’s not hard to guess that this term primarily refers to the color palette of the rooms. What is Tuscany? It is a beautiful landscape based on multiple shades of yellow – from bright sunny and golden to warm mustard and pale sand. And all of this beauty is diluted with light tints of clear blue sky. In a new residential interior design project by RIS Interior Design from Taiwan these beautiful colors are wrapped in a neo-classical-style “blanket”, which embodies the concept of Italian elegancy, sophistication and romance. Such interiors deserve big spaces, and this big apartment in Taichung city with the total area of 161 square meters was a perfect canvas for creating a splendid interior with plenty of beautiful details. Let’s have a closer look at them and traditionally begin our journey from the living room. Read More

Relaxing Contemporary-Style Family Apartment In Beige, Gray & White

This apartment with the total area of 120 square meters was designed by a team of qualified designers. They managed to turn it into a contemporary space that features all the must-haves for comfortable living: spacious and functional rooms with well-thought-out storage zones and areas for work and rest. Read More

Small Re-Planned Apartment For A Typical IT Specialist

This apartment interior design was created by a team of qualified designers for a young IT specialist and his wife. The process started from total re-planning of the layout. The point is that this full-fledged two-room apartment was actually one-room initially, but with a big total area. So, for a start the former kitchen was turned into a bedroom, and the rest of the space became an open-concept living room, kitchen and dining room. Let’s have a closer look at the details! Read More

Family Apartment In American Style: Brutality & Classics

When the architects and designers of this apartment first met their clients, they were relieved to hear their wishes. Both parties were staring off in the same direction. A young, yet already big family, wished to turn their downtown Moscow apartment into a classical American house. And what is American style? Bold and brash Americans adore to mix designer cocktails, the ingredients of which are borrowed from Spanish, French, Scandinavian, Greek, Italian and other styles. Considered as a kind of “advanced acrobatics” is the ability to link plenty of stylistic quotations within a single space and do it so that a new extraordinary story was born in the end. Read More