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Concrete Beams And Textural Beauty Reshape This Spanish Apartment!

Nestled in a quiet little neighborhood of Bilbao, this refurbished and re-imagined Spanish apartment does all it can to showcase its unique features with a touch of creativity and smart lighting. Revamped by PAUZARQ arquitectos to serve the changing lifestyle of the homeowners, the new interior is filled with plenty of natural light even as textural contrast, exposed concrete girders and beams and innovative, illuminated niches take over. The transformation is anything but mundane with the new floor plan including a dining room within the confines of the kitchen crafted out of wood and glass partitions. Read More

Adaptable Apartment Revamp Embraces Both Pastels And Dazzling Jewel Tones!

There are plenty of different directions in which an apartment renovation can go and often it is defined by available space, style and the specific needs of the homeowners. Nestled in an aging building in Hong Kong, the Happy Valley Residence is a three-bedroom apartment spread over 1206 square feet and was in urgent need of a modern makeover. As with most apartment revamps, Lim + Lu decided to adopt a neutral backdrop in white for the new interior even while doing away with rigid walls and unnecessary internal partitions. But that is where the similarities stop as this relaxing and ravishing home combines pretty pastels with exquisite jewel tones to create a truly spellbinding setting! Read More

Tiny Parisian Apartment In Caramel Shades For Ambitious Sweethearts

People, who don’t have the same tastes, frequently find it difficult to work out a compromise, especially when it comes to interior design and those people are spouses. How can a couple in love design their tiny common space so that both liked it? This cozy family nest is located in an old building of 1930. The author of the project is Géraldine Bouix. Apparently, the soul of Paris – Love – lives here. But how could the designer find a happy medium? Read More

Modern Apartment Of A Football Player Celebrates The Beauty Of Brick Walls

For nearly a century brick was shunned in favor of more polished and curated finishes. Even in early 19th century brick walls were considered ‘cheap and ungainly’ with layers of plaster taking over most homes across the world. But the recent revival of industrial design and the newfound love for brick has seen homeowners and architects scurrying around in an attempt to find those hidden, original brick walls. The story of the Brick Apartment nestled in an old building of Maribor, Slovenia is no different as its new owner along with Arhitektura AB objekt d.o.o. brought out the concealed charm of its original brick walls. Read More

Ultra-Functional Two-Room Apartment For People With Much Stuff

The hosts of this newly-built two-room apartment are a young family couple with a 4-year-old kid. Despite a limited residential area of their new flat, they had plenty of wishes regarding their future home nest. Firstly, they wanted a living room and kitchen to be open-plan. Besides, there had to be an isolated bedroom for their daughter, so their own sleeping area had to be arranged within the open-plan living room. Thirdly, they wanted to preserve an originally envisaged pantry and have many storage zones for their stuff and sporting equipment besides. Also, they wanted their bathroom to be separated from a WC. Finally, both the husband and the hostess needed work areas: the host works on a laptop and the hostess likes sewing. As for the decorative aspects, they wanted the floors to be wooden and the walls – light. Also, both spouses like light blue and turquoise colors and wanted them to play the role of color injections. So, let’s see how the author of the project managed to consider all these challenging desires! Read More

Romantic Beige Apartment That Won’t Make Your Bored

Beige walls make you yawn, don’t they? You just have to have a look at our today’s post to change your mind. This project proves the fact that even such a trivial color as beige can look fresh in skillful hands of a qualified designer, who had to literally reclaim some of her ideas from the clients. And in the end everyone is happy ;-) Read More

Elegant Small Apartment In Beige & Brown With A Windowless Room-1

In one of our previous posts we gave you a few useful tips on distinguishing a good interior designer from an amateur. One of the most important advices was to make your choice based on the references of your neighbors or friends, who had their interiors created by some specific author. This project was born right this way. The hostess of our today’s apartment visited her school friend and really appreciated the interior of her apartment. Her impressions were so strong that she decided to contact the author of that interior and ask her to decorate her living space. Read More