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Garú Apartment: Modern São Paulo Home In Wood And Concrete

Creating a relaxing and energizing living environment for a retired couple in Guarujá, Brazil, Estúdio BRA use both color and texture to transform a previously uninspiring apartment. With an area of just 96 square meters, the apartment does not really overwhelm you with sweeping spaces. It is for this reason that the architects opted for an open plan living that contains the new kitchen, dining and living area placed in a linear and uncomplicated manner. Different colors have been used for different rooms of the home to delineate space without putting in physical barriers. Read More

Efficient And Light-Filled Makeover Of Small Apartment In Sao Paulo

Maximizing space is on the top of everyone’s agenda when it comes to home design and decorating. The one little hassle with the brilliant plan is of course, how do you actually get it done without sacrificing on form! As always, we look around for inspiration and ideas that help us with space-savvy design even as we work within style constraints. Nestled in Pinheiros, São Paulo, the Antônio Bicudo Apartment designed by Vão offers another wonderful opportunity to observe creative minds pull this off without ever seeming to try too hard. The 50 square meter small apartment on the third floor of a modern building has been revamped and reorganized to absolute perfection! Read More

Narrow Apartment In Tel Aviv Designed In White

This narrow, 42 square-meter (462 square-foot) apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, was envisioned and designed for a family who enjoys entertaining. Recently renovated by interior designer Yael Perry, it features a practical layout and plenty of natural light. Read More

Cheerful Burgundy Brilliance Enthralls At This Adaptable Sao Paulo Apartment

It is not very often that you find a modern apartment that is draped in color beyond the simple white, stoic gray and unassuming neutrals that barely make a visual impact. This is even truer when you flip through the many living room inspirations around. But the Terracota Apartment in Sao Paulo is a touch different from the rest. It embraces bright and beautiful burgundy in an apparent yet classy fashion. Designed by AR Arquitetos, this revamped Brazilian apartment features a bold, red metallic sheet that morphs into different forms in various sections of the interior. Read More

Sliding Doors And Multi-functional Wall Shape Tiny São Paulo Apartment

We always adore apartments and homes that maximize available space without compromising on aesthetics and practicality. This smart design is even more evident in ultra-small apartments where every inch of space matters twice as much! The Cazo Apartment in São Paulo is one such ingenious interior where Estúdio BRA used one of the walls to house all the décor, shelving and necessary storage units while the opposite wall is made up of a series of doors that slide open to reveal the bedroom and the bathroom. Despite having an area of just 38 square meters, this Brazilian apartment on the seventeenth floor of a skyscraper still feels cheerful and inviting. Read More

Coveted Heritage Apartment In Vancouver Blends History With Modernity

With heritage industrial style lofts in short supply, the few remaining units in Vancouver do tend to rarely make it on to the real estate scene. Even if they do, it is not very long before you have to ward off competition to call on your home. This fabulous, modern and exquisite apartment in the renowned ‘Crane Lofts’ on Beatty Street is one such gem that we discovered on Albrighton Real Estate. With a price tag of \$ 1,129,000, the fabulous upper floor apartment unit gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the best of the building’s industrial-modern ambiance even while exploring the best of Vancouver with absolute ease. Read More

Guatemala 5760: Buenos Aires Residential Apartment With Flexible Interiors

Life in Palermo, Buenos Aires, is all about maximizing resources without sacrificing privacy and aesthetics. Turning an old building into a modern residential unit with multiples duplexes and a top level triples that has its own private terrace and lovely pool space, KG Arquitectura focused on natural light, creation of cheerful living spaces and plenty of architectural flexibility. It is the lower levels of the building that contain individual apartments along with a two duplex units. Each unit has its own uniqueness with small balconies offering a window into the world outside. Guatemala 5760 feels modern even while cleverly embracing its rugged past. Read More

Lively And Creative Apartment Renovation Drives Out The Mundane

Merging the old with the new and the rough with the polished, END THE ROC is an apartment renovation project in Barcelona that feels simply exceptional. Having already revamped other apartments in the same Spanish building, Nook Architects had enough experience in how to deal with the unique challenges that the makeover posed. Previous internal partitions were done away with and anything that was considered unnecessary and excessive was carefully removed even while keeping the original outline largely intact. Read More

Box-Style Bedroom And White Drapes Steals The Show Inside This Apartment

Interiors can get boring at times in terms of overall symmetry even if styles and trends vary. It is a dash of ingenuity that brings freshness to homes and with a box-styled bedroom that is also space-savvy, this modern loft in Toronto takes the less-trodden path. Designed by Studio AC, Broadview Loft moves away from the mundane with an open plan living that is only disturbed by a super-organized kitchen in the corner and a bedroom that looks more like a large white box. Instead of using traditional walls and doors, the cheerful bedroom feels much more casual and classy as its white walls and large white curtains create a clear demarcation of space. Read More