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“Minuet”: Neutral Functional Small Apartment With Cheerful Notes

This apartment interior is a fruit of work of a Taiwanese design company A Lentil Design. It was created for young spouses and traditionally for this company this project was given a name. The name is “Minuet”, and not just any minuet is implied here, but a particular one, composed by a famous Italian cellist and composer of the 18th century – Luigi Boccherini. Read More

Anti-Sinuous Super-Naturalistic Apartment Interior Design In Taiwan

Perhaps, the best word for describing this interior is “naturalistic”. The thing is that this project features so much wood grain, that on looking at it one can’t shake the feeling that he or she got to a genuine wood. Complemented with purely natural colors that create the effect of multiple layers like in a true forest and furnished with absolutely laconic and minimalist items, this big-city apartment embodies a golden mean between urban living, countryside housing and natural environment. Read More

Low-Cost Interior Design Of A Small Apartment

We guess we won’t be too far from the truth if we say that all the designers dream about working on big apartments – in spaces with plenty of room for imagination and creativity. But what are the owners of tight areas supposed to do if they can’t afford a renovation that would cost half the price of their flat? Meanwhile they also want their interiors to be non-trivial… That’s why today we decided to show you a stylish apartment created on a very small budget but from the heart! Read More

Light & Sunny Moderate-Art-Déco Apartment In Blue Shades

This interior design project was created for a family of three. He is a businessman and runs his own company. She is a musician and loves to play the piano in the evening. And they have a sweet 7-year-old daughter. They dreamed about a comfortable apartment that would feel cozy and homey… Read More

Malachite Box: Small One-Room Apartment With Green Accents

The primary drawback of this one-room apartment was an interior load-bearing wall, which literally divided the total area of 43.7 sq. m. into two equal parts that couldn’t be significantly transformed. However, the author of the project found a way to make the most use of the initial space for the needs of a young single woman. Read More

Eclectic White-Walled Apartment With Bright Accents & Greenery

This sunny apartment with white walls and cheerful multicolor accents, a big balcony garden, numerous potted plants and a bright yellow staircase reminds of Spain or France, probably. But it is actually situated in the south-west of Moscow and the fact that it looks like a greenhouse with living quarters is explained by its owner’s job. Hanna is a landscape designer and she moved in this two-floor apartment back in 2003. Then it looked quite differently. Read More

Black, White And Geometric Delight: Urbane Supreme Apartment In Moscow

Choosing a central theme around which your home decorating and design scheme revolves is an essential part of fashioning that perfect interior. Clarity of thought is even more essential in urban apartments where space is limited and clutter an all too easy trap that one falls into. Offering a window into the heart of Moscow and surrounding its homeowners with black and white images that are used as captivating murals, the Supreme Apartment sets itself apart from others without ever trying too hard. Designed by Gruppa Geometra, this Russian residence and its distinctly urbane appeal, it is décor, wall murals and lighting that usher in an air of exclusivity. Read More

Naturalistic Scandinavian-Style Apartment Reminding Of Forest

This apartment seems to be breathing nature – naturalistic hues of wood and sand, finishing materials, a deer painting on the wall… But this is not all. The designer managed to create the atmosphere of ultimate peace of a deep forest without a hint of green color in the interiors. With the exception of indoor plants, probably. Read More

A Celebration Of Gray Panache: Refined Apartment In Prague

There was a time when bold color was hip and flowery patterns all the rage. Then came the 90’s that brought along with them the much-loved cubicle and modern design that relied largely on simple, straight lines along with colors like cream and beige. But the last decade saw a completely design and decorating direction take shape with gray heading the trends chart. If you thought that this was a passing fad, then you are probably both surprised and delighted by the long-lasting nature of gray as a hot neutral. Embracing this phenomenon along with the warmth of wood, the Grey & Wood Apartment in Prague delivers precisely what it promises! Read More

Neutrals To Swoon Over: Cheerful Scandinavian Apartment In Stockholm

If there is one place to start looking for Scandinavian design inspiration, then it is definitely in the streets of Stockholm and the many homes and apartments that grace the iconic city. Today, we flip through the images of another one of these amazing inspirations that gives us a masterclass in how to embrace modern Scandinavian style without compromising on practicality or comfort. Dubbed Frejgatan Apartment and designed ever so masterfully by DesignFolder, this ingenious home makes use of natural ventilation and a neutral color scheme to create an inviting, refreshing and timeless setting. Read More

Comfortable And Cozy: 30 Attic Apartment Inspirations

Living in an attic apartment can have its challenges; the lack of space, the low ceiling, and the lofty-feeling can all make the living space feel tight. But don’t get discouraged! If you style your attic in a way that combines your preferred decor with the functionality of the place, you can create the most amazing attic apartment fit for all your needs! Join us as we walk you through the main rooms in these attic apartments! Read More