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Paramount Residence By Baldridge Architects

Baldridge Architects has an outstanding body of work and I was excited that they were responsible, along with the owners for the transformation of this house. I enjoyed the story behind how the house became what it is today. A couple moved to Texas from Southern California. In California they enjoyed living in a mid century modern home. In Texas there was not an abundance of MCM houses like there are in California so they found a existing 1959 brick bungalow for this amazing transformation. The balance of materials, textures, and color feel to be in perfect harmony. I have always been a fan of seeing people interacting within the spaces of the home, Read More


Design Juxtaposition By Space Group Architects

Design Juxtaposition is one of my favorite elements when it comes to architecture. Space Group Architects has done a stellar job reimagining this older building with a modern minimal esthetic. I like seeing the crisp clean lines of the interiors mixed with the old brick and wood beams from the original structure. The use of space is nicely done especially with the bathroom situation. There is a nice mix of materials including copper, walnut, stone, and plain flat white surfaces. The place is currently on the market in London, set in the Tredagar Square conservation area. I would have no problems calling this place home. Read More


Guardhouse By Studio AR&D Architects

Desert Palisades Guardhouse was originally built as an entrance to an amazing neighborhood that was to be built in Palm Springs. The exterior treatment was chosen to reflect the rugged and harsh environment of the the desert. The rusted exterior of the structure melds well with its surrounding landscape. One can not ignore that stellar roof line. The engineering behind that overhang is in a class of its own. I think I would change that into a patio and stay cool in the desert heat. The interiors are nice, with the walls of glass offering a constant reminder of the wilderness in which you live. Read More


Quorrobolong House Fergus Scott Architects

Fergus Scott Architects is a Sydney based practice. The Quorrobolong House caught my attention mostly due to the architecture itself. The interiors are nice but the overall structure of the house reminds me of a contemporary mid century house. I know that it contradiction but the roofline and abundance of windows remind me of mid century architecture. I love that part of the house that is cantilevered off the ground. The steps leading to the front door are an amazing welcome. The setting with all of the old growth trees looks perfect and compliments the low sprawling silhouette of the home. I could picture myself living there. Read More


Modern Loft By AR Architects

This modern loft by AR Architects has some amazing furnishings. I am not usually into parquet floors but these are alright and the square are larger than usual. That Jorge Zalszupin sofa is one out of control rosewood place to rest you butt. The open space with just a little bit of the concrete structure showing would be an amazing place to live. I can’t not help thinking about how I would divide up spaces in a loft, would I put up walls, use furniture or just leave it wide open. AR Architects has a great portfolio and a lot of their interiors have some great Brazilian mid century pieces. Read More


Lauriston House By Seeley Architects

The Lauriston House by Seeley Architects is quite the feat of architecture. The roof line has me scratching my head, not because I don’t like it but how did they build that. It does remind my of some mid century stores or gas stations that had roofs like that. I also like how the house sits on a stilt like structure. Not sure what the beams are made of but again the beams that travel through the house give off that mid century vibe. The slatted roof on the inside with the wave shape is a stunning architectural element. The quality of the interiors are top notch and the materials feel right and warm. Read More


Architects, Lyster, Grillet & Harding

Architects, Lyster, Grillet & Harding built this mid century home in the 1960’s. The house recently went through a renovation that I believe was done fairly well. I could do without the trendy wooded wallpaper, but to each their own. Sometimes an all white kitchen in a mid century home can deaden the feel of the home. In this case I think it was ok due to the fact that there is wood on the floor and the ceilings. The home is located within a conservation area in the popular Hertfordshire market town of Bishop’s Stortford. It is interesting to see the difference between MCM homes in the United Staes and homes in other countries. The principals are the same but there are subtle elements that run true. The home is currently on the market. Read More


MK House By Nicolas Schuybroek Architects

I have featured the work of Nicolas Schuybroek Architects before but the MK House is new to me. The first picture is a stunning room that rings just about perfect. Sometimes a neutral colored room without any highlights of color bothers me a bit but in this instance I love it just the way it is. The exposed gray beams in the ceiling are an interesting architectural element, they provide a good deal of visual interest. These particular interiors have a Scandinavian feel to them, mostly due to the color palette and materials choices. Read More


Stacked Volumes By John Pardey Architects

John Pardey Architects built this modern home that consists of three stacked volumes. Lets work our way from the outside in. The modern landscaping that was created works so well with the architecture of the home. I have always liked the use of steel in landscaping. In this instance the stairs are the standout to me. The colors of the exterior is quite interesting. I don’t know that I would have picked that muted orange and green but you have to give them credit for being original. I love the brick, it creates a pattern that is different than the vertical boards but they work well together. I also like how the carry the brick wall into the interiors of the home, the old blurring the inside and outside trick. Read More


A Modern Dwelling By Ström Architects

This Modern Dwelling by Ström Architects is so simple and clean. The footprints that this structure occupies is minimal and sits snugly in some amazing old growth. My favorite part of the house is the cantilevered part of the house that creates the parking structure. The house was completed in 2015 but it has that feeling of a mid century structure of the 60’s. I am captivated by the low long box with walls of glass. The cantilevered is just a bonus here. We don’t get to see too much of the interiors but these feel fairly tame. The car and the house together is a killer combo. Read More


Kinfolk Gallery By Norm Architects

If you haven’t heard of Kinfolk magazine by now, well it’s ok. I have always been a fan of Kinfolk, I fist learned of them five or six years ago at ALT a bloggers retreat. Norm Architects did an outstanding job at creating a physical space that communicates the same qualities found in the pages of the magazine. The minimal approach allows for movement and discovery in texture and color. The interiors might be minimal but there are some wonderful details to be discovered. Your surroundings are certainly an extension of who you are and these spaces are a strong extension of the brand of Kinfolk. I could certainly spend my days working in an environment like this. Read More