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Old Orchard By Blaze Makoid Architecture

The Old Orchard by Blaze Makoid Architecture is a stunning dwelling. I love the structure of this family home. The cubes of steel and wood with ends of glass make for a perfect balance of elements.The owners have some great taste in furnishings and art. The pool visually doubles as a reflecting pond creating a dynamic surface. The dinning chairs caught my attention right away, does anyone know the origins? Lets not forget about the landscaping. The landscape architect with this home couldn’t have done a better job. Read More

Biomimicry & Design: Brazilian Architecture Inspired By Rainforest

The word “biomimicry” is derived from two Greek terms: “bios” – life and “mimesis” — mimicry. This is the sphere of design, which implies the use of natural mechanisms for creating innovative approaches in human life spheres, such as transport, city infrastructure and architecture. This post is dedicated to a concept store “Firma Casa” located in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. This shop is one of the best examples of biomimicry as it’s organized on the principle of a tropical forest. Read More


Interior Architecture By Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch Interior Architecture has some remarkable projects in their body of work. The structures of these buildings are something I haven seen before. Pictures 1-5 especially are amazing. I did grab some images from other projects but these first few caught my attention. CHALET CANTON D’URI, SUISSE is the name of the project that appears to be a Chalet or cabin type structure. The beams and wood walls do give off a warm feeling that would fit well in a snowy mountainous environment. The pieces, artwork and furniture in the chalet are beautiful and enhance the architectural elements found within. Definitely worth a few minutes at their website. Read More

The Man Who Gave Concrete A Chance In Architecture

150 years ago an extraordinary boy was born in a small Ukrainian village. He had great things ahead of him: to change the architectural look of Kyiv, to become an innovator of his time and create over 30 great buildings: museums, schools, churches, a sugar plant, a public bath, a railway station, a hotel, villas and a mausoleum. We are speaking of VLADISLAV GORODETSKY, a famous Ukrainian architect with Polish roots and education from the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Read More


Londres Fitzrovia By FESTEN Architecture

FESTEN Architecture has created the perfect work space. “designed as a clear living space from the 50’s”, the catch is that this isn’t a living space. This is an office for Londres Fitzrovia in London. There are some big names playing ball in these interiors. The pieces work so well together, mid century from around the glob more like it. Could you imagine working in these spaces? I couldn’t wait to get to work, so inspiring. Although it may make go home and look at my house and put me in the “I need” mode. One of my favorites so far this year, by a long shot. Read More


Michigan Lake House By Desai Chia Architecture

Desai Chia Architecture designed the Michigan Lake House using “shou sugi ban” on the exteriors. Shou Sugi Ban is a traditional Japanese method of charring wood so it becomes rot resistant and bug resistant. They also reclaimed dying ash trees from the site and milled them down to be used as interior cabinetry, flooring, ceiling panels, trim work, and custom furniture throughout the house. I appreciate that trees from the site were used in the house. In a way they stayed as a reminder of their beauty. I like the dramatic overhang on the back of the house, it provides addition living space while being outside. The exposed beams on the interior ceilings let you feel the structure of the home. Read More


Concrete And Glass By Anako Architecture

Anako Architecture has a knack for designing and building geometric homes that utilize concrete and glass. I have always been fond of concrete bunker style homes but these feel a little bit more modern. I like the setting of this home, the mountain range is monumental. The courtyard is a nice touch, as the inward facing windows supply additional light to the rest of the house. The balance of concrete and glass works really well with this house, it doesn’t feel dark or too closed in. If you go look through the rest of their residential projects, the is one thing that brought a smile to my face. Some of these homes are placed into neighborhoods were most of the houses look similar and then you get stopped in your tracks because there is the stunning concrete structure. Read More

Unique Glass House In Moscow Suburbs: Part 1 – Architecture

Today we will start to tell you a story of a unique house. Unique not just for Russia, but for the whole world. The thing is that it’s entirely made of glass, despite the fact that its architecture is pretty traditional – timber framing. Its lighting system, engineering details and interior design deserve separate posts, which we will publish as soon as possible. And today we’ll give you just an insight into its architecture. Read More


BAKS Architecture And Interiors

I ran into BAKS Architecture while looking through some images that were minimal in design. I started fishing through their work and grabbed some of my favorite rooms and structures. The Danish firm has a very distinct Scandinavian style that exercises restraint toward a minimal design. That fist picture is a beautiful space, the couches have built in storage underneath. The balance of gray tones mix with leather and wood provide a warm modern interior. The second picture is more of a municipal building but I personally would change it into my home. Read More


Contemporary Architecture John Pardey Architects

Contemporary Architecture could be the term used to describe the work of John Pardey Architects. If you take a look at his residential projects the homes are low and beautiful. The Cheeran House caught my eye. There are serval different materials used on the exterior and they work well together. You can’t help but being impressed by the garden and amount of flowers surrounding this structure. The lower level courtyard is minimal amazing. I could sit in there and ponder life all day long. The interiors that we can see are minimal as well, I noticed there wasn’t any art on the walls. I like the building block approach to the home, it feels like they just kept stacking volumes on top and along the ends of the project. Read More