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How Scandinavian Countries Outshine The Gray By Architecture

It’s not a secret that city architecture has a crucial impact on our well-being. Researchers of the world keep saying that it’s scientifically proven that buildings must be painted in cheerful, positive colors to make us feel better. Urbanization influences our health in an extremely negative way in general, and our mental health suffers a lot as well. Read More


Cube Architecture Historic Town Of Sandwich

Cube Architecture completed this project last year close to the centre of the historic town of Sandwich in Kent. I typically don’t like to show houses that are empty but the structure of this house is outstanding. I like that the exterior of the house very different than the interior of the house. The strut or support structure in the main room is such a beautiful architectural element. The fireplace floating in the middle of the room is also a great piece. The kitchen is nice and understated but who has volcanic stone-veneer cabinets, I would like those. The cabinets come from a German company named Hacker. The color palette for this home is wonderfully natural and would accommodate just about any style. I would certainly have to fill it with mid century with a little eclectic on the side. Read More


Midcentury Modern Remodel By Klopf Architecture

This Midcentury Modern Remodel in San Carlos California by Klopf Architecture was just finished. It would have been great to see the before pictures but as they described it, it was a mess. The windows were all boarded up and it was dark and cramped. I commend the vision that these people had to make this transformation. Maybe the house wan’t that significant architecturally but the remodel doesn’t read mid century to me and thats ok. I have come across other mid century remodels and the house was too contemporary for my liking. At this point I would almost just say that this is contemporary architecture and its good. Knopf has always done a fantastic job with their projects. I do love the Kitchen and the open sliding windows on the back of the house. Read More


Hoke House By Skylab Architecture

Skylab Architecture built this incredibly angular home in Portland Oregon. Its not a new house, in fact I posted about it in 2009 but it has gone through a transformation on the inside. The current owners have impeccable taste. Those double rosewood thing edge dressers are a dream want. I would love a full house tour as you can catch small glimpses of what design treasures are in the home. The cantilevered portion of the house ads some serious drama and interest. The home feels sort of like a super modern treehouse with some of the most iconic design pieces inside. Read More


Old Orchard By Blaze Makoid Architecture

The Old Orchard by Blaze Makoid Architecture is a stunning dwelling. I love the structure of this family home. The cubes of steel and wood with ends of glass make for a perfect balance of elements.The owners have some great taste in furnishings and art. The pool visually doubles as a reflecting pond creating a dynamic surface. The dinning chairs caught my attention right away, does anyone know the origins? Lets not forget about the landscaping. The landscape architect with this home couldn’t have done a better job. Read More

Biomimicry & Design: Brazilian Architecture Inspired By Rainforest

The word “biomimicry” is derived from two Greek terms: “bios” – life and “mimesis” — mimicry. This is the sphere of design, which implies the use of natural mechanisms for creating innovative approaches in human life spheres, such as transport, city infrastructure and architecture. This post is dedicated to a concept store “Firma Casa” located in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. This shop is one of the best examples of biomimicry as it’s organized on the principle of a tropical forest. Read More


Interior Architecture By Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch Interior Architecture has some remarkable projects in their body of work. The structures of these buildings are something I haven seen before. Pictures 1-5 especially are amazing. I did grab some images from other projects but these first few caught my attention. CHALET CANTON D’URI, SUISSE is the name of the project that appears to be a Chalet or cabin type structure. The beams and wood walls do give off a warm feeling that would fit well in a snowy mountainous environment. The pieces, artwork and furniture in the chalet are beautiful and enhance the architectural elements found within. Definitely worth a few minutes at their website. Read More

The Man Who Gave Concrete A Chance In Architecture

150 years ago an extraordinary boy was born in a small Ukrainian village. He had great things ahead of him: to change the architectural look of Kyiv, to become an innovator of his time and create over 30 great buildings: museums, schools, churches, a sugar plant, a public bath, a railway station, a hotel, villas and a mausoleum. We are speaking of VLADISLAV GORODETSKY, a famous Ukrainian architect with Polish roots and education from the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Read More


Londres Fitzrovia By FESTEN Architecture

FESTEN Architecture has created the perfect work space. “designed as a clear living space from the 50’s”, the catch is that this isn’t a living space. This is an office for Londres Fitzrovia in London. There are some big names playing ball in these interiors. The pieces work so well together, mid century from around the glob more like it. Could you imagine working in these spaces? I couldn’t wait to get to work, so inspiring. Although it may make go home and look at my house and put me in the “I need” mode. One of my favorites so far this year, by a long shot. Read More