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50 Latest Kids’ Bedroom Decorating And Furniture Ideas

Decorating a beautiful kid’s room presents its own set of unique challenges that are completely different from planning for an adult bedroom. Gone are the days when you just threw the kids in a room and asked them to bunk together while sorting out the other details all on their own! (And if you were the youngest, then life was pretty tough indeed) Modern kids’ bedrooms have diverse themes, styles and are spaces filled with color, creativity and an array of fabulous motifs that put many of the adult bedrooms to shame! With 2017 nearly half way through, it is time to take a look at the latest in kids’ bedroom decorating and design. Read More

9 Fresh Summer Collections For Your Bedroom

Are you looking for a new beautiful and cozy set of bed linen to get your bedroom ready for the summer? We’ve got a bunch of nice ideas for you! In summer some of us strive for something pure white, others are keen on bright splashes of color, and some need delicate pastel shades. Many home textile brands have already launched new collections or just independent bed linen sets for the coming hot season, while others sell off their previous collections. We selected the models that seem to be one of the most beautiful to our mind and would like to show them to you! Read More

10 Fresh Bedroom Interior Ideas From Designers’ Instagrams

If you’re about to start your bedroom redecoration, this article is worth reading, as it will surely give you a bunch of ideas and a stream of inspiration. If you’re a designer or a constructor, it’s worth reading for the sake of seeing what your colleagues are creating right now. And if you just enjoy looking through a set of beautiful interiors in different color schemes and styles, you will definitely like this post, as it has it all. So, today we’re catching a sneak peek of nice bedroom interior design projects being implemented these days. Read More

Super-Relaxing & Elegant Bedroom Interior Design In Beige & Gray

What is the most important thing about a bedroom interior design? We believe that it’s comfortable furniture, unostentatious color scheme and well-thought-out lighting system. In this project the author complemented this set with a fireplace and created a dream place for rest after a long working day. Read More

Fitting Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom, Dining Room & Study In 44 Sq. M

44 square meters is not so much, especially if you’re young and married, and wish to have a full-fledged bedroom, a living room, a dining zone and a comfortable work area. However, a qualified designer was able to meet the challenge and put all the wishes of the masters to reality. How could this be possible? Let’s see! Read More

Bedroom Novelties: Private Haystack & Best Eco-Bed Design

EPDA, or European Product Design Award, was established to recognize the efforts of talented international designers in introducing new forms, functions and technologies into our daily lives. It helps creative people with strategic thinking and loads of imagination share their projects with the world and be noticed. This year’s winners are already announced, and we’d like to show you the winners in the category of Bedroom Furniture & Accessories who managed to impress the Jury with their projects. Read More

Icaro Bed From Flexform Brings Italian Style To Your Bedroom

The past and present get mixed together in this Icaro bedroom collection. Flexform and Pisa born designer, Roberto Lazzeroni are the ones behind the Icaro bed and Icaro bedroom collection. A collection which boasts an oriental-inspired design almost guaranteed to induce a state of Zen-like calm.
The Icaro collection has a powerful structure in hard-wood and includes a bed, a bedside unit, a bookcase, a mirror and small tables. Read More

Compromise Family Bedroom Project: Contemporary + Classics

This bedroom interior design project is special in the first place because it was worked out as a compromise variant for the spouses, who share different interior views. One of them tends to favor contemporary style, while the other had her heart set upon classics. This project was a nice attempt to consider the tastes of both spouses and find a golden mean in terms of architectural design and decorative filling. Read More

55 Gorgeous Kids’ Bedroom Finds That Amaze And Delight

It is hard to shop for yourself while redecorating a room or even planning for a new home. The task gets even trickier when you have to do it for others. Add in the fact that it is for individuals who you love the most on the planet and are incredibly fickle with their choices and it can quickly becoming daunting. That is right; we are talking about decorating the kids’ bedroom. It is a delicate act of balance between what you want, what the little one longs for and of course, what the budget dictates. Kids’ bedroom furniture can be amazingly varied, leaving you with endless choices. Read More

30 Beds And Headboards That Bring Color To The Bedroom

We always emphasize on the fact that your bedroom must reflect your personality, offer a soothing and peaceful sanctuary and should be draped in colors that you love the most. We often tend to forget the last part of that equation in favor of hot trends and unassuming neutral that are glorified beyond necessity. The idea of a ‘picture-perfect’ bedroom draped in neutral colors and accentuated by a few pops of bright hues might seem great on paper, but it really is not the dream bedroom for all of us. Some of us tend to adore a bit more color, character and personality. It is precisely why you should consider a colorful bed frame and headboard! Read More

Bright And Cozy Windowless Bedroom: Before And After

Bedroom is the place where our day starts and ends, hence it’s so important for this place to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. This apartment is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and would make a perfectly nice place for living, except for one thing – it’s located on the basement floor and the bedroom is windowless. Badly lacking the light and designed very typically, the room was pretty depressing. Besides, no radical changes were possible as it is rental. In this article you’ll find out what designer tricks helped Camilla Pavone change the bedroom beyond recognition. Read More