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Bedroom Color Trends: Soothing Pastels Hold Sway!

There are few spaces in the world where we feel as secure, relaxed and pampered as our bedroom. That by no means is an exaggeration and no matter how shabby your bedroom is, it should still be that serene personal haven which lets you be yourself. Few colors create a sense of chic elegance, complete relaxation and endless joy like pretty pastels. Sure, pastel bedrooms can be a touch feminine at times and when filled with floral patterns and soft textiles, they seem even more ‘delicate’. But a bedroom filled with pastels can also be romantic, cheerful and most important of them all – trendy! Read More

10 Easy DIY Nightstands In Wood To Complete Your Bedroom

No bedroom is ever truly complete without the right nightstand. No matter how modern and minimal your bedroom is, a nightstand always feels like an absolute must. Apart from the visual symmetry that a pair of nightstands can bring to the bedroom, they are all about practicality and comfort. The right nightstand makes your bedtime even cozier and everything from your smartphone and iPad to the alarm clock and your latest page-turner can simply be put away with ease. What if you can get all this and a whole lot more without splurging a fortune? Yup, it is another delightful trip into the creative world of DIY projects! Read More

Cosmopolitan Headboard For A Perfect Haute Couture Bedroom

Create a haute couture interior and a world of romance with this elegantly-styled and luxurious headboard from Christopher Guy.
No bedroom design can’t possibly be complete without a beautiful luxury headboard. There are thousands of styles one can possibly choose from, but none as eye catching and intriguing as the Cosmopolitan. Read More

Camilia Armoire Brings Egyptian Style Into Your Luxury Bedroom

The mother of pearl Camilia armoire is crowned by artisan hand-carved peacock, meticulously engraved and delicately finished in gold leaf. Sophistication meets versatility in the Camilia range from Koket, a range that adapts to your precise needs. With an intriguing choice for the door facades, the armoire is clearly a piece designed for a luxury interior. A perfect clothes storage cabinet for any fashionable woman! Read More

20 Makeup Vanity Sets And Dressers To Complete Your Dream Bedroom

Have you noticed the change in recent bedroom decorating? It seems that the small workspace in the corner or even just the smart study table is quickly replacing the classic makeup vanity set! Work has definitely become a bigger part of life at home in the last few years and the lines between personal space and a professional environment are increasingly vague. But for those who still love and need the makeup vanity, there are plenty of stylish, space-savvy and elegant options that bring back a touch of classic charm and modern functionality to the bedroom. Read More

How To Make Bedroom Interior Psychologically Harmonious? (P. 1)

You undoubtedly know that we spend about 30% of our life sleeping. The bedroom is the most intimate place of our home. Here we re-charge our batteries and don’t fear to be ourselves. That is why this room should be decorated with special attention and delicacy. How can interior details bring harmony to our bedrooms? Why is it not recommendable to put a bed by the door? What should you replace a rack above your headboard with? And what wall color is most welcome in bedrooms? Find out the answers to these and many other questions in this post. Read More

Bright And Trendy: 15 Fabulous Gray And Blue Bedroom Ideas

It is easy to fall in love with a color scheme compromised of the world’s favorite color and the trendiest new neutral that has been topping charts for several years now. Blue has always headed the list of the most popular colors for decorating an interior. Be it a smart nursery, the kids’ room, bedroom, living room or kitchen – blue works with a variety of styles and themes. Combining it with the trendy panache of gray only takes its cool factor a notch higher! Smart, chic and soothing, gray and blue is the perfect color combination for the elegant modern bedroom. Read More

By Trial & Error: 10 Versions Of One Bedroom Interior Evolution

Virginia is a charming young girl with her own blog on interior design, in which she shares her personal experience of designing a house of her own with the readers. It’s always quite entertaining to look at the “before-and-after” photos of interiors, but Virginia’s experience is even more interesting, since she posted 9 (!) versions of her bedroom interior design that she tried before she finally found the perfect variant. And today we’d like to take you on a virtual tour around this amazing bedroom’s evolution! Read More

Dreams Come True: Girl’s Bedroom Inspired By The “Frozen” Cartoon

Before getting down to interior design of a kid’s room we should be aware that the best expert in this sphere is…the kid. Every child knows exactly how his or her dream bedroom should look like. Of course, we mean the choice of style and theme, since most kids do not pay much attention to such “trivial” details as functionality, storage and so on. So, our task is to listen carefully and find ways to make our kids’ fantasies come true in a space, which would be comfortable, functional and inspiring for a toddler. Read More

50 Latest Kids’ Bedroom Decorating And Furniture Ideas

Decorating a beautiful kid’s room presents its own set of unique challenges that are completely different from planning for an adult bedroom. Gone are the days when you just threw the kids in a room and asked them to bunk together while sorting out the other details all on their own! (And if you were the youngest, then life was pretty tough indeed) Modern kids’ bedrooms have diverse themes, styles and are spaces filled with color, creativity and an array of fabulous motifs that put many of the adult bedrooms to shame! With 2017 nearly half way through, it is time to take a look at the latest in kids’ bedroom decorating and design. Read More