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Inspired By Ultra Violet: Best DIY Crafts That Usher In Purple Glow

With Pantone christening ‘Ultra Violet’ as the color of the year, interest in many of shades of purple and violet is once again on the up. If you are searching for ways in which you can a dash of purple panache to your home without splurging a fortune, then we have the perfect answer today. As always, it is DIY crafts that allow you to try out the latest trends while still ensuring that you do so on a stringent budget. DIY purple and violet crafts definitely bring an air of sophistication and brightness without disturbing the neutral color palette far too much. Read More

Wood Burning Fireplaces: Review Of Materials & Best Ideas (P.1)

As a proud “heir” of primitive fire pits, a fireplace has symbolized well-being and prosperity of homes for centuries. It is an embodiment of coziness, luxury and good taste. And there’s absolutely no need to have a huge cottage in the suburbs to enjoy this sweet source of heat and joy in your living room. Today’s abundance of bio-fireplaces makes an option of having an atmosphere of a fire pit possible even for limited city apartments. But today we’d like to speak about genuine, wood burning fireplaces – the ones in which you can throw another log and enjoy the lovely little crackle of ember in a comfy arm-chair… Read More

Raindrop Brings Rainwater Harvesting At Its Stylish Best To Your Garden

Minimizing ecological impact and utilizing natural resources responsibly is one among the many things that makes a home green. With the attention firmly focused on alternate energy sources and solar power, another essential aspect of home design often gets overlooked – water management and conservation. With much of the developing and the under-devolved world still struggling to find drinking water sources that are uncontaminated, managing rainwater is an essential part making sure that you do your bit for the planet. Doing so without sacrificing style and aesthetics is the gorgeous Raindrop designed by Studio Bas van der Veer. Read More

The Best 2018 International Home Design Shows Open To The Public

Some of the best home design ideas are only available to industry experts. Trade fairs are conducted secretly and away from view from most of us. By the time we find out about the latest trend, it may be when it’s on the store shelves. But there’s good news! There are plenty of home design shows open to the public around the world and they’re a lot of fun. Read More

Best Ways To Incorporate Millennial Pink In Your Home

Millennial pink was introduced to the world slowly, and then all at once. This dusty, muted version of a classic hue has taken the world by storm  that is, the fashion and interior decorating world. No longer just reserved for a little girl’s room or play area, this new “it” color is being treated as a neutral tone thanks to its effortless versatility. Adding this pink shade to any space in your home will provide a quick update, as well as a refreshing look and feel. Read More

Best 40 Last Minute Very Cheap And Cool DIY Holiday Gifts

The biggest holiday is around the corner, and we know that most of you are probably thinking about gift ideas right now. Finding the right gift is not easy work. Not only do you have friends and family to worry about, but you also should not forget your friendly neighbor and if you have kids, […]

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How To Organize Make-Up Storage: 15 Best Ideas

Beauty products can be tidily arranged on a dressing table top or on an open shelf only when a girl is a teenager and it’s her first makeup experience. Over the years her collection of beauty tools multiplies, while extra space hardly appears. Many women find a way out in using stationery organizers or big make-up bags. We on HomeKlondike suggest looking into more sophisticated ideas generated by fashion girls from all over the world – they open a completely new world of beauty, order and functionality. You will definitely find a perfect option for yourself from 15 best examples below. Read More

33 Best Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom

It is December, and the countdown to the Christmas day begins. As Christmas is the coziest and comfiest holiday, the whole house should be decorated for this biggest holiday, not only your living room where you will enjoy that eve with your beloved family and friends. Bedrooms shouldn’t be forgotten! Bedroom decor with Christmas spirit […]

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