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Wood, Hallway Console With Coat Hanger From Tonin Casa

The hallway is the first impression that visitors will have of a home, and Wood hallway console is specially designed for homeowners that think about decorating this area in a special way. Usually hallways were empty spaces that do not look very inviting for guests, but that fact started to change when the idea of decorating hallways first showed up. After all, why decorate every space of your home, but leave empty the space that builds a first impression? Read More

Casa Finestrat: Contemporary Spanish Home With Chic Mediterranean Charm

There is something incredibly cool and cheerful about contemporary Spanish homes that gives them a relaxing, cheerful appeal with a dash of Mediterranean panache. Nestled in a gorgeous neighborhood of Finestrat, Alicante, Spain Casa Finestrat is one such elegant and luxurious modern residence where expansive outdoors and casual hangouts shape the interior, Designed by Gestec, a series of gardens, a luxurious pool and outdoor dining and living spaces welcome the homeowners here. It is the contemporary pool, deck space and the fabulous landscape that flow into the lower level living area, giving it both color and personality. Read More

Lavish Outdoors: Stunning Courtyards And A Cloak Of Greenery Enchant At Casa O’

If spending more time outdoors than inside the confines of your home is your thing then you are bound to instantly fall in love with the exceptionally charming Casa O’ in Ciudad de México, Mexico. More like a boutique luxury resort than a conventional contemporary home, this majestic and relaxing Mexican home was designed by Despacho Arquitectos HV to give its residents a luxurious and tranquil getaway that is draped in nature’s goodness. Step beyond the compound wall that is adorned by creepers and accentuated by flowery plants and you enter a green nirvana that feels both lavish and classic. Read More

Synergy Between Nature And Design: Captivating Casa TM In Brazil

Creating a contemporary home that is relaxing, energizing and in harmony with the landscape around it, Studio Arthur Casas transformed the aura and the visual appeal of a 6.000-square-meter lot in Pernambuco, Brazil. Nestled on a small portion of the large chunk of land, the gorgeous private home was built keeping in mind future demands of the homeowners and the need for new houses for both the children and the grandkids. Despite these limitations, Casa TM turns out to be a stunning residence that blurs the line between the interior and the landscape around it, even while creating a sense of privacy and modernity. Read More


Casa Boacava By Felipe Hess

Felipe Hess has done a stellar job with this project.The architecture is beautiful. You would think that with five different materials on the exteriors it would be too busy but there is a harmony going on here. The concrete type breeze block is such a great texture adding a great point of attention. I have always like stacked volumes with one cantilevered over the other. I love all of the old growth on the landscape it gives age to the structure. The house is in SÃO PAULO Brazil. I have always envied that climate for the purpose of opening up a house with plenty of nice weather. Make sure to check out the rest of his projects because they are all good. Read More

The Light-Filled Casa Zauia

architecture modern residenceWith a hillside location offering panoramic views of Algarve, Portugal, Casa Zauia by Mario Martins Atelier seems especially built for contemplation. The overall design of the residence was partially dictated by the building restrictions in the area, however, its final silhouette inspires lightness and modern simplicity. Read More

Shrouded In Splendor: Idyllic Casa Chontay In Peru

As a nation, Peru is blessed with a landscape that leaves you mesmerized at every turn with stunning mountains, breathtaking valleys and an air of mysticism that seems to be epitomized by its rich heritage and renowned World Heritage sites. It is barely a surprise then that Casa Chontay, a modern retreat set in its rural countryside, is surrounded by an idyllic landscape that seems to not only define the silhouette of the residence, but also its style and ambiance. Nestled in a remote nook of Antioquia District, 25 miles southeast of Lima, the beautiful escape sits on top of a mountainous lot and offers a panoramic view of the distant river and mountains. Read More



CASA FAYETTE GUADALAJARA by Dimore Studio is a great play on color and texture on all surfaces. The color found on the interior walls of this project certainly set the mood for the participant. I like the muted tones, usually not my thing but they work well in these applications. I noticed a lot of “skinny” elements. The furniture has thin legs, the lighting fixtures have then stands, it make for a cohesive look. If your going to have one Curtis Jere pom pom, you mid as well have three. I like the chairs in the first image, anyone know the maker? Read More

A Splash Of Color And Polished Cement: Casa T In Mexico

What would you get when you combine a steely contemporary minimalism with topical richness and infusion of bright colors? Casa T in Tulum, Mexico answers this question as it fuses three vocational studios into a vivacious and charming modern home that is rich in color, pattern and textural beauty. Much of this gorgeous residence crafted by Studio Arquitectos is clad in polished cement, which connects the interior and the landscape outside visually even while shaping an inimitable ambiance. Nestled on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, it is tropical exuberance that is interwoven with contemporary refinement to give Casa T a relaxing vibe. Read More