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Glass And Timber Extension Revamps 18th Century Farmstead In UK

Set in the confines of Dartmoor National Park, United Kingdom, the West Yard Farm in its latest avatar is a wonderful blend of the old and the new. Designed by Van Ellen + Sheryn, the stunning 18th century farmstead was refurbished and extended to accommodate the needs of a modern family. The new contemporary extension in timber and glass is at the heart of the project that aims to revitalize this historic structure, even while preserving its original aura and creating interiors that stay true to the rustic backdrop! Set in an idyllic 60-acre valley, the new building acts as a transitional zone between the original farmhouse and the converted bar. Read More


Mid Century By Richard Dorman

It has been a while since my last post but I recently came a cross a house that I just had to share. This 1959 mid century by Richard Dorman has been meticulously renovated and looks almost original. The house is in Sherman Oaks California and on the market. Dare I say this house is as close to perfect as perfect could be, that is my opinion anyway. The house is part of the prestigious Sherman Oaks Estates and sits on a cul-de-sac occupying almost an acre. The terrazzo floors make such an amazing statement, they really set the time of construction. I also have to commend the owners and listing agent for leaving the owners furniture in for the house photos. I cringe when you see a house like this then they just fill it full of generic contemporary furniture. Read More


Mid Century In Corona Del Mar California

This mid century in Corona Del Mar California is on the market. This 1962 mid century house recently went through a renovation. For the most part I like what was done but I feel like there is a lack of warmth. I personally would have taken a wall or two and applied some nice walnut veneer. The exterior architecture is my favorite part of the home. All white with a low sprawling profile is how I like them. I do appreciate the landscaping, it does a great job at complimenting the home and gives a preview of where the house is located. If I just had 5 million I might consider it. Read More


Mid Century In Palm Springs By Barry Berkus

Designed by Architect Barry Berkus, AIA in 1961, Park Imperial South in Palm Springs. The folded-plate roof with clerestory windows is the champion here. The roofline defines this home in a unique way. The terrazzo floors are another signature of mid century living. The house underwent a remodel in 2007 and for the most part it all looks nice. Sometimes it is good to look at a more modest structure like this condo. The scale of the place is small but because of the openness it feels large that its footprint. If you are looking for a free standing condo in Palm Springs, this might be the place for you. Read More


Mid Century In New York By Roy O. Allen

This mid century in New York by Roy O. Allen built in 1957 is on the market and boy do I wish I had 2.7 million. I have to say that this style, sometimes referred to as international style has to be my favorite. The whole glass house concept appeals to my like of minimal modern. The home was renovated in 2010 and you wouldn’t know it except for the kitchen. I think they did an outstanding job and the house is truly a stunner. The terrazzo floors are an amazing visual anchor for the interiors. The fireplace is a focal point and interesting architectural element. Read More


Mid Century In Studio City California

This mid century in Studio City California is currently on the market. It is so refreshing to look at a listing and see both the architecture and the furnishings belong. I would call this warm or comfy mid century. The place has the right amount of vintage but not to the strict “midcentury legends”. I like the treatment of the ceilings in this home, they look like a natural washed wood of sorts. Those two geometric print chairs the main living area have my head spinning. There isn’t one room in this house that I don’t like. I always seem to find something I think “that needs attention” but this house is perfect, in my eyes. Read More

How To Mix Styles: Middle Century Modern, American & Contemporary?

This interior design project of a three-room apartment was worked out for a family of three: the spouses and their teenage son. The hosts didn’t demonstrate penchant for any specific interior style, and the author of the project offered them a mixture of three: middle century modern, American and contemporary. And all that wrapped in a naturalistic color scheme: oak and walnut wood tones, grayish blue, blue and turquoise tints, and some pale green and yellow as accents. What did they get in the end? Let’s see! Read More


Mid Century Pennsylvania By Robert Geddes

This mid century Pennsylvania house built by Robert Geddes in 1957 is currently on the market. The structure of the house is quite unique. There are 4 total bedrooms in the home, each with access to their own balconies. The house feels a little more 70’s to me but maybe Geddes was ahead of his time. The amount of George Nakashima pieces in this home is quite impressive. The back side of the house has somewhat of a futuristic look and reminds me of a boom box. The mature landscaping surrounding this home make its history that much better. The house appears to be in great original condition. Looking through the images I can’t find anything that screams renovation. Read More


Mid Century In LA By Phil Brown

This Mid Century in LA by Architect Phil Brown is currently on the market and it is Killer! Phil Brown designed the contemporary style house for Ralph Brown in 1963. With its current owner the house went through a sensitive renovation. If you do a search of the address you can actually find old listings when the house was sold in 2012, I think and I must say the difference is outstanding. New terrazzo flooring occupies the glass-walled public spaces including living area with fireplace, dining area, and a spectacularly simple open kitchen. The bathrooms were also renovated keeping with the modern clean lined approach. The home is beautifully decorated and lends itself to the era in which it was built. Read More


Mid Century By David Shelley

This mid century by David Shelley built in 1970 is a stunning masterpiece in MCM architecture. It is located in tranquil spot in Nottinghamshire. I love everything about this place. The steel structure blends right into the color of the house. The use of woods throughout warms the interiors. Teak was used on the ceilings and there are a few spots of rosewood. The story of how the current owners came to buy the house it great and truly gives hope to those of us that dream to live in such a place some day. There furnishings in the home are a mix of contemporary and mid century, they work with with the lines of the home. If I lived here I may not ever want to leave. Read More


Berkeley Hills Mid Century By Yamamar

This Berkeley Hills Mid Century was renovated by Yamamar Architects. The owner split living time between Italy and California and wanted that true indoor outdoor living lifestyle that mid century architecture offered. I like the contrast of the lighter ceilings and the dark floors mixed with a small helping of natural wood. There are some contemporary elements in the home like the glass wall on the stair case but it really doesn’t bother because the house still feels mid century. I like the patterns on the exteriors, there are small cinder blocks on the chimney and the wood slatted screens both stand out. The views are outstanding and go on forever. Read More


Mid Century In Kansas

This mid century in Kansas went through a nicely done renovation. The renovation was done by el dorado located in the Crossroads District in Kansas City, MO. For the most part I honestly could’t tell that it had that much work done. I love the house, the stone wall is a key feature to me. I like that the house is fairly unassuming from the front but in the back it screams mid century modern. The beams and windows along with the original wood work tie everything together. It helps that the furnishings in the home are MCM and only strengthen its mid century roots. Read More