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Mid Century By Vladimir Cacala

The Tapper House, as it is known, was designed by architect Vladimir Cacala in 1957 and completed in 1960 in Auckland New Zealand. It has now come onto the market. If you follow Plastolux you know I am rather picky when it comes to posting mid century architecture. This house grabbed my attention right away. The patina found on the interior materials are perfect. The wood walls and ceilings are warm and welcoming juxtaposed with the gray stone on the walls. Everything feels right with the house. Sometimes I can’t explain why a home resonates with me but it just does. The current owns have done an excellent job with this historic home. Read More

Adaptive Reuse Of 19th Century Building Into A Dynamic Modern Office

Finding new function for old and weary spaces in need of an urgent upgrade is a task that demands a careful consideration of existing constraints and creativity that lets you work past those limitations. Sitting atop a 19th Century building near the Flatiron Building in New York, this ingenious and striking office was designed by GRT Architects to accommodate a budding UX design firm without completely ignoring the unique past of the structure. The 950-square-foot office with ‘sawtooth ceiling’ and skylight is filled with ample natural light and houses a working kitchen, multi-functional workspaces and a nap room that also doubles as a client meeting area. Read More


Mid Century Modern In New Orleans

Mid Century Modern in New Orleans could be defined by this house. The house was on the market but has since sold. Built in 1955 as one of four homes in a modern development. 410 Cherokee was constructed by renowned architect and dean of architecture at Tulane University, John Dinwiddie, as his personal residence. The interiors of this house are as good as it gets. Obviously the owners at this time have great taste in furniture and design. I like that most of the cabinetry and built-ins are still original. The landscaping is just as impeccable as the house. I love the reflecting pool in the back of the house. Read More


Modest Mid Century In Palm Springs

This modest mid century in Palm Springs is currently on the market. The house was built in 1947 and attributed to Albert Frey & Robson Chambers. This house is small and humble with nothing “over the top”. While I was looking through the images, the house felt so real and untouched. Every piece of the house feels authentic and was full of character. I appreciate that the house is mostly full of period furnishings that only enhance its truthfulness. I can certainly understand when something needs to be updated but this house looks to have been kept in original condition, it has a story to tell. Read More


A Mid Century Inspired Home

This mid century inspired home by Surfside Projects in collaboration with Architect Lloyd Russell is a stunning exercise in modern architecture. I love that inspiration was drawn from the Case Study Program and the oh so famous Eichler houses. The roof line creates an architectural element that is both functional and visually pleasing. The dramatic cut out and angle of the roof connects the three pavilions, see last image for a stronger visualization. All of the slatted wood is a design element that is reminiscent of mid century architecture that I personally like very much. The concrete structure is another material that ads diversity in this project. Read More


Mid Century Modern By Thornton Abell

Thornton Abell, a Case Study architect designed this home in 1959. The house has gone through a restoration by Tony Unruh. The first design element that caught my attention is that roof line. For me the roof line makes the house a unique piece of history. The drama that is created by its zig zag line is outstanding. The amount of glass that this house possesses defines that California outdoor living. I feel like the restoration was a good one, the house is ready to take another 50 years. The house is on the market but has a pending offer, no surprise there. Read More


Mid Century Modern By Howard Lane

This Howard Lane built home is currently on the market. Lane, FAIA. was a student of Mies van der Rohe in Chicago. The Schustack Residence in Hollywood Hills California was built in 1957. I appreciate that the house has been so well kept all of these years. This is only the second time the house has been offered. The house presents itself with a warm and cozy feeling. I love the dinning area with the George Nelson CSS unity and George Nakashima dinning chairs. I would have to say that this home is more intimate with less windows and taller ceilings. Would you update anything in the house if it was yours? Read More


Mid Century By Evans Woollen III

Evans Woollen III designed this mid century home located in Indianapolis, Indiana. I can’t help but love this house, terrazzo floors, flat roof, and walls of glass are just a few elements that make me want to live there. The main living space is huge and open. It is obvious that the current owners have some nice taste in furniture and art, reminds me of my house, almost maximalism. The back of the house boasts a wall of glass that floods the house with natural light. I didn’t post any pictures of the kitchen and a couple of the bathrooms as I think they need a little renovation. Overall great house and on the market! Read More


Mid Century Remix By Fung+Blatt

This mid century remix by Fung+Blatt is a stunning mix of old and new structures. The house was originally designed by Calvin Straub. Fung+Blatt has done a perfect job at maintaining the integrity of the original structures while adding additional functionality. The whole campus feels to belong and one pieces does not standout as “I am new”. The studio, the house, and the pool house make this a campus in a way. Could you imagine living is such a wonderland? The landscaping provides a validation or a sense of belonging to its surrounding. The Blodgett-Calvin Residence is a prime example of updating but not modernizing a mid century structure. Read More


Mid Century Architecture By Jean Fombertaux

This mid century architecture by Jean Fombertaux is a masterpiece in construction. The interior labyrinth is void of walls and makes for visual planes defining living spaces. Jean Fombertaux built this home for himself and has remained in the family until now. The home almost has a tree house feeling with all of the different living levels being open. The house nestled amongst all of those trees helps as well. The house was built in 1966 and was one of the first in the country with an expressed steel frame. Its cubed form of lines, flat panels of pre-cast concrete alternating with large glazed sections, takes cues from the minimal Modernists of Europe dovetailing. Read More


Mid Century Revival By Revisioned Homes

This mid century revival by Revisioned Homes is four star in my book. Henry Blackham and Maureen Erbe renovate homes across southern California. The house is modest in size and structure but has such a fantastic impact with its new identity. The house was built in 1958 by Palmer + Krisel and was in serious disrepair be for it was transformed into this amazing Palm Springs mid century gem. It was interesting to see how much green plant life existed in the before pictures. I assume that drought conditions required most of that to be removed. The interiors are simple and modern hosting great taste in furnishings and art. I appreciate that the house does not looks overly modernized and will last fifty more years. Read More


Mid Century Modern By Peter Womersley

This Mid Century Modern by Peter Womersley is a unique and special opportunity.The house was built in 1957 and commissioned by renowned textile designer Bernat Klein and situated on a beautiful plot of approx. 3 ¼ acres acres. The house has a Category A listing which is the highest grade of listing given by Historic Environment Scotland, a recognition of its exceptional architecture that is incredibly rare (not least for a post war building). I love the simplicity of the the house. The rooms feel connected and open. It amazes me where and how this house sits uninstructed from any neighboring structures. It is truly a mid century fortress of solitude. Read More