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Mid Century By Buff And Hensman

The Wong residence was built in 1969 by Buff and Hensman. The home sits on one of the best Los Feliz streets. This has to be one of my favorite mid century homes in the last couple of weeks. I love how the house was updated but somehow it feels original and not overly contemporary. The view is amazing,the Los Angeles skyline at night is breathtaking. I like looking through homes like this thing to identify particular pieces and this owner has some great design sense. The home is just about as perfect as it gets, in my mind. Pretty sure I can’t afford the five million dollar price tag but if you had the money and looking this would be it. Read More


Mid Century By Richard Wheeler

Richard Wheeler AIA designed this house in San Diego in 1959. The structure of this home is not grand but that is why I like it. Sometimes I get caught up it the amazing, landmark, ultimate MCM home, but humble homes like this deserve a little recognition as well. I actually applaud the home owner or the person who staged the home because its period correct. This is the first time that the house has been on the market sense it was commissioned by the original owner. I like the stone fire place, it acts like an architectural anchor for the entire house. Read More


Coastal Mid Century By Aaron Green

This coastal mid century home built in 1959 by Aaron Green is going on the market but not in the way you would think. The home is to be raffled off, all you have to do is buy a ticket and have a whole lot of luck. Green was a protégé and associate of Frank Lloyd Wright. You can certainly see some influences, especially in the interiors. The houses roofline sets the home off and establishes its presence. I couldn’t imagine waking up to that view every single morning. The ultimate retirement home. You can get more info about the house and the raffle at the end of the post. Read More


Mid Century By Suzanne Dance Australia

Suzanne Dance is responsible for this stunning mid century house in Arthurs Seat Vic. I couldn’t see a date as to when the house was built but there are definite mid century design elements. The house and grounds are like a compound, there are 3 sheds and a studio on 3.5 acres. The surrounding flora and fauna is mature and lush. The black and white exterior mixed with the wood slatted ceilings is perfect. Some people might not like the exposed or visible cinder blocks but I for one do like it. I like the pattern that they create. I also like that it is part of the structure you get to experience. I must say that I like the current owners design sense, the interiors look nice. Read More


Boho Mid Century By Leanne Ford

Boho mid century is how I would describe the look and feel of Leanne Ford’s interiors. I have seen it more and more with Boho and mid century, the two styles overlap quite well. You might even find a little pinch of dare I say distressed shabby like sheek jive. Overall I really like the black, white, and wood tones she uses in her work, maybe even a little Scandinavian. I grabbed these particular project images because the home felt so cozy. I am sort of liking the use of Russel Woodard’s outdoor chairs at the dinning table. You would need to provide a pad thought, nobody likes waffle butt. Read More


Mid Century In Claremont California

This mid century in Claremont California was built in 1954 by Ken McLeod with Fred McDowel being listed as the architect. First time on the market sense 1978. This was McLeod’s personal residence. The back of the house tells the story of McLeod’s work with Criley and McDowell, Richard Neutra, and other modernist luminaries. I love the back of the house with these volumes of glass, the night shots are stunning. I have always loved sunken showers like this one, must have for next house. The property is currently being considered by the County of Los Angeles as a cultural and historic landmark. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. Follow the links at the end of the post to find out more on this property. Read More


Mid Century In Atlanta By Robert Green

This Mid Century in Atlanta by Robert Green popped up as a sneak preview on Facebook. The landscaping is outstanding, in make the architecture of the house that much more important. I need a mailbox like that right away. I didn’t post a lot of images of the interiors simply because there is a disconnect throughout the rooms. The interiors need a big old helping of mid century cohesiveness. The architecture is classic post and beam with plenty of glass walls. The house is a big boy as well, 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. This house would be a dream house easily, just some tweaking on the inside. The blue floors, who thought that was a good idea? If you want to find out more info on the property contact William L. Bedgood Read More


Mid Century A Frame In Los Angeles

This mid century A Frame built in 1963 in Los Angeles is going on the auction block soon. I haven’t really given much thought to the A frame in mid century architecture but there was something nice about this one. On top of that the interiors are not usually my bag. The Boho vide is cohesive throughout the house and maybe that is why I like it, they just did a great job with their “flavor”. The interior ceiling is quite dramatic, you would think because of the shape it might feel cramped but it looks to be quite the opposite. I like the size of the beams in the main living area, they are massive and make a huge statement. There is a great story about the owner. The son of the owner gives a run down of his life. He was a professor at Occidental College for over 30 years. Read More


Mid Century Styling By SOS

Mid Century Styling is achieved quite well with this 1975 Willemsen architect designed house. Sold on Styling (SOS) is a styling staging company that will style your home accurately when trying to sell your home. Even thought this house was built in the 70’s it still feels mid century and works with much of the mid century designed pieces. I don’t know how many times I find a stunning home for sale with amazing architecture only to find that the inside is either empty or horribly staged. I think it makes a world of difference to have a home correctly staged when trying to sell, especially if it is architecturally significant. Read More


Mid Century In Michigan Farmington Hills

Mid Century in Michigan is looking really good right now, minus the snow. The home was designed by Tobocman architect/builder in 1965. This is any MCM enthusiasts dream house. The floor to ceiling windows, mixed with the roof line, an ample helping of terrazzo floors, and stunning walnut built-ins make for the perfect set up. I envy the person who gets their hands on this home. For me the size is attractive as well, 4 beds 4 baths 3,360 sqft. The current owners must of had a thing for asian design as you can spot quite a few influences in the home. The home really is a showpiece and I am no expert but the price seems pretty good as well. There isn’t a single home like this in my neck of the woods, that i know of anyway. Read More


Mid Century At Pearl Beach By Brian Mazlin

Brian Mazlin built this beach house in the 1963 with a restoration and new interiors by TFAD in 2010. This Australian beach house would be the perfect get away or just call it home and move in. The way the house sits amongst all of that vegetation is amazing. The color palette is that of natural elements. Black, white, and neutral colors make for a perfect compliment to the nature surrounding the beach. Read More


Mid Century In Australia By Russell Jack

Russell Jack is one of Australia’s most important architects when it comes to mid century design. That being said if you look up mid century Australia you are bound to find a picture of Russell Jack’s own home. I have certainly seen many photos of the exterior and maybe some of the interiors but it wasn’t until I saw a few photos that Darren Bradley took of the home that perked my attention. The current owner Annalisa Capurro, is a MCM aficionado and has done a stunning job with this home. The house was originally built for Russell and his family in 1957 and was lived in for over 5o years. Darren has put together a few more bits of history to go along with his amazing images, links at the end of the post. Read More