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The Series 7™: A Chair With Pride Of Place In 5 Distinct Settings

Few chairs have the reputation, fame and prestige as enjoyed by Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7™. Designed in 1955 and manufactured by Fritz Hansen, this icon of mid-century chair design is a solid, classic work, built to last. With its prominent light and curvy profile, the Series 7™ continues to enthral design aficionados. Sold around the world in its millions, it has remained current, holding its own against trends and new technologies. Read More

The Rising Chair By Robert Van Embricqs

More and more often we hear that the most amazing, fancifully-shaped and sometimes even futuristic designer pieces of furniture have been inspired by the most logical, trivial and natural things. The same is true for the Rising Chair created by a young Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs. Read More

Iconic Red & Blue Chair By Gerrit Rietveld: 99 Years Ago & Now

Maybe we will not make a mistake by saying that this iconic chair model is the very starting point from which a great number of contemporary designs are stemming. Nowadays architects and designers spend loads of time and effort searching for a simple and laconic shape that will create a three-dimensional piece for sitting without any excessive elements. When Gerrit Rietveld was creating this chair he must have also been pursuing an objective to make an interesting and in every way complex product out of 2.5 crosspieces. And he did it! Read More

World Famous Ghost Chair By Cini Boeri Turns 30!

It was 30 years ago when Cini Boeri, an Italian designer, first exhibited her new chair that had no equivalents at that time. It came naturally that her invention has since been named the most innovative product of the year. Cini had the courage to challenge the technologies and won the game – now her chair decorates not just fashionable restaurants, elegant apartments and gorgeous villas – it is even exhibited in the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Read More

EJ 230 Modern Lounge Chair By Arne Vodder For Erik Joergensen

Impress your guests with this sophisticated modern lounge chair designed by Arne Vodder for Erik Joergensen. Just like Arne Vodder’s other designs, the EJ 230 was designed with a passion for detail.
Merging clean lines with comfort and modern shapes can be difficult to achieve; however, the master-touch of the designer manages to unite these seemingly contradictory qualities. Arne Vodder was one of the most influential Danish architects and furniture designers. He managed to turn this piece into one of those chairs that are quite sturdy but yet comfortable. Read More

The Melies Swing Chair By Les Ateliers Guyon

The Melies Swing chair combines an imaginative visual effect with a bit of illusionism and plenty of style. Specially designed as a homage by the Les Ateliers Guyon creators, it is also intended as a functional piece of furniture, not just an work of art. Read More

DIY: How To Refresh A Chair Using Decoupage Basics

A nice way to shake the blues away is to create some hand-made masterpiece. For instance, refresh a common chair. It’s hard to imagine an interior without this trivial item of furniture: it’s present in kitchens, dining, toddler and work rooms. Compact and mobile, it’s undoubtedly practical and functional, but let’s not forget that it can also be of decorative interest. Today we’d like to show you how to turn a standard chair into an exclusive designer item using popular decoupage technique. Read More

10 Iconic Chair Designs From The 2000s

Entering a new millennium, chair designers continued to experiment with novel shapes and materials, yet the approach was more mature and level-headed (compared to many designs found across the last decades of the 20th century). By the end of the 2000s, designers such as Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison were designing chairs with a simple expression of form, their shapes recalling the work of those old Nordic craft masters. Read More

7 Iconic Chair Designs From The 1990s

In the decade of the 1990s, chair designers experimented with form and material, resulting in a number of bizarre chair shapes. Conceivably the 20th century’s worst decade for truly notable chair designs (with several exceptions), the 1990s perhaps suffered from some end of century sense of superiority. In truth, it was the decade of overly inflated pop culture: The Spice Girls, Beverly Hills 90210 and Friends anyone? As a result, design was too impacted by an exaggerated sense of self. Read More