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Modern Concrete House In Switzerland

This modern concrete house in Switzerland is by MLZD Architecture. If any of you follow me, you know I like a good concrete house and this one is just that, good! I guess the concrete has somewhat of an industrial feel but maybe that is why I like it. The furnishings are nice here, mid century fits right in. The combination of the dark wood, concrete, and brass fixtures is quite pleasing. The concrete and the walls of glass are a nice juxtaposition in quality and functionality of materials. I can’r read German so I don’t know all of the details surrounding the house but it is amazing and would be fascinating to see how it was constructed. Read More

The Jonathan Concrete Bench From Bellitalia

Regardless of what ideas come to your mind when you think about concrete benches, the Jonathan concrete bench won’t make you feel blue anymore.
The raw and innovative design from Bellitalia was intended to offer a constant aesthetic appeal to your home garden or business park, as well as making an exceptionally comfortable seating place for your family, guests or for waiting people. Read More

Wood, Concrete And Sculptural Beauty: Mesmeric Cape Cod Beach House

Smart architecture is all about adapting to the landscape even while flawlessly serving the needs of those residing within a structure. It is a delicate balance that is enhanced by elegant aesthetics and contemporary overtones. Set on a picturesque dune strip and sitting on the edge of marsh that stretches into the Cape Cod Bay, this gorgeous beach house designed by Hariri & Hariri Architecture showcases this fine balance to perfection. With a concrete lower half that offers stability and a top volume that is engulfed in wood, the Cape Cod Beach House is both sculptural and practical in its form. Read More

The Man Who Gave Concrete A Chance In Architecture

150 years ago an extraordinary boy was born in a small Ukrainian village. He had great things ahead of him: to change the architectural look of Kyiv, to become an innovator of his time and create over 30 great buildings: museums, schools, churches, a sugar plant, a public bath, a railway station, a hotel, villas and a mausoleum. We are speaking of VLADISLAV GORODETSKY, a famous Ukrainian architect with Polish roots and education from the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Read More

Polished Concrete – The Perfect Floor Covering?

When it comes to choosing the right commercial flooring for your business, a long list of boxes need to be ticked. You want robustness and longevity, safety and hygiene, low maintenance and good value. Visual appeal would be nice to have too. Guess what? Polished concrete delivers on all fronts, and with bells on. Read More


Concrete And Glass By Anako Architecture

Anako Architecture has a knack for designing and building geometric homes that utilize concrete and glass. I have always been fond of concrete bunker style homes but these feel a little bit more modern. I like the setting of this home, the mountain range is monumental. The courtyard is a nice touch, as the inward facing windows supply additional light to the rest of the house. The balance of concrete and glass works really well with this house, it doesn’t feel dark or too closed in. If you go look through the rest of their residential projects, the is one thing that brought a smile to my face. Some of these homes are placed into neighborhoods were most of the houses look similar and then you get stopped in your tracks because there is the stunning concrete structure. Read More

Modern Industrial Madrid Home Dressed In Concrete, Wood And Gray

The beauty of picking style and theme for your home is the way in which you can alter it to reflect your own taste, heritage and personal preferences even while keeping in line with the overall picture. Local architectural influences, trends of the time and historic events also play a major role in creating and reshaping styles constantly. Modern industrial style is one such delight which seems to combine the simplicity and unassuming practicality of industrial style with modern refinement and latest trends. And this fabulous home in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain captures this newfound style to perfection! Read More

Apartment UV Goes Modern Industrial Using Exposed Metal, Brick And Concrete

A bustling city and cultural hub on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Riga is a city where old world charm meets modernity in a distinct and inimitable fashion. Nestled in the heart of the lovely Latvian capital is Apartment UV, which is a part of a trio of loft-style apartments that were crafted out of an old city building. Inspired by the design of industrial townhouses, the fabulous apartment combines Scandinavian décor, Dutch design inspiration and a sense of modernity with classic industrial architectural elements to leave you spellbound. Conceptualized and brought to life by OPEN AD – Architecture and Design, the exquisite apartment definitely moves away from the mundane. Read More


Danish And Concrete Covert House By DSDHA

Danish and Concrete is used to describe the Covert House by DSDHA. When looking at concrete houses that are minimal and a little cold, I always say “I would throw some teak or warm wood pieces in there”. This house nail my thoughts to the “t”. The Covert house it a modern concrete house full of some danish classics that provide warmth and juxtaposition. This video by NOWNESS take a look at the architect and what the process was with the design and architecture. The outside is a bit much for me but that is just my personal taste. Read More