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Contemporary Sea-Side Classics For Active And Friendly Businessmen

Today we’d like to show you an interior design project created for a mature family couple. They have been together for many years. Their kids have already grown up and built their own nests. But our heroes decided not to be sad about it. They travel a lot – always together, always happy, always cheerful. Read More

Low-Cost One-Room Interior For A Contemporary Old Lady

The owner of this small one-room apartment with the total area of 37.5 square meters is an old lady, who was dreaming about refreshing her interior quickly and cheaply. In terms of layout she was unwilling to change anything:  this would take months of construction works and much time to agree all the changes with the respective authorities. Besides, the mistress believes that any significant alterations might lower the market liquidity of the apartment. The qualified designer she hired was given a task to create a light contemporary apartment without any hint on “grandma’s style”. Read More

Sun, Shade And A Spectacular Courtyard: Contemporary AN House In Brazil

A home designed for a modern family of five, the AN House in Maringá – Floriano, Brazil is all about that perfect synergy between a spacious interior and even more inviting outdoors! With a central courtyard that is surrounded by the U-shaped design of the house, privacy is never an issue at this large Brazilian home. The family, a coupled with three teenage daughters, wanted Studio Guilherme Torres to create a contemporary residence where each family member had plenty of privacy even as the large pool area and wooden deck encouraged interaction and played host to fun-filled and relaxing weekends. Read More

Contemporary Seaside Villa Combines Coastal Style With Classic Form

Set in a picturesque landscape with plenty of rustic charm, Stormvillan in Hanko, Finland is a fabulous modern villa that seems to bring together different styles and even more contrasting worlds! Designed by Mer Arkkitehdit, this seaside ecsape offers much more than a view of the waves with different vistas presenting a trio of completely different sceneries. It is the living room that offers unabated views of the coastal strip while the master bedroom overlooks the beautiful lineup of pine trees on the other side. Then there is the dining area, kitchen and terrace section that opens up towards dreamy sunsets and the distant countryside, allowing the homeowners to take in the many sights and sounds outside. Read More

Contemporary Luxury Home With Vegas Shining Bright In The Distance!

There is something uniquely captivating about the dry, desert landscape that makes it a beautiful backdrop for a sleek, contemporary home. Set in the arid backdrop of Henderson, Nevada and just a dozen miles away from the bright lights of Las Vegas, Ascaya is a luxury residential development in the foothills of McCullough Range. It is SB Architects that built the first lavish private home of the budding development that is expected to see six more luxury residences in the next year or so. The 7200-sqaure-foot desert estate is all about an open, energy-savvy and comfortable living environment where the scenery becomes a part of the overall narrative. Read More

How To Mix Styles: Middle Century Modern, American & Contemporary?

This interior design project of a three-room apartment was worked out for a family of three: the spouses and their teenage son. The hosts didn’t demonstrate penchant for any specific interior style, and the author of the project offered them a mixture of three: middle century modern, American and contemporary. And all that wrapped in a naturalistic color scheme: oak and walnut wood tones, grayish blue, blue and turquoise tints, and some pale green and yellow as accents. What did they get in the end? Let’s see! Read More

Folded And Stacked: 20 Towel Display Ideas For Contemporary Bathrooms

It is often the smallest of details that makes a big difference to the overall appeal of a room. When it comes to the modern bathroom, there are things beyond tiles, color scheme, style and fittings that can instantly alter its ambiance without demanding too much time or effort. Much like neatly stacked toiletries, a clutter-free bathroom vanity counter and lovely lighting; neatly displayed towels give the space a touch of refinement. What seems like a minor detail goes a long way in transforming your bathroom’s visual appeal and ushers in a sense of sophistication. Read More

Little Delights: 20 Contemporary Side And End Tables To Swoon Over

Minute details make a big difference to the larger picture and it is ultimately the smaller design and decorating choices that define the style of your home. It is the couch, coffee table and the TV unit that might largely set the mood in your living room, but you still need a cool end table or side table to truly complete the setting. Despite their seemingly modest presence, end tables make your life a whole lot easier even while adding another unique dimension to the living space. Often overlooked, these versatile additions also find a place beyond just the corner next to the couch! Read More

Relax In The Contemporary StarLit Lounger From Starpool

Nothing compares to the contemporary StarLit lounger, a design that makes you want to take a break, a nap or just a moment to contemplate the surroundings. Its smooth lines and curves offer peace and relaxation and radiate into space from a generous elegance. Read More

The Contemporary Softbox Sofa Collection By Paul Brooks For Profim

Choose style and modularity with the Softbox sofa collection from Profim. One of new highlights in the collection are screens that allow for division of larger space into smaller meeting zones, which is especially useful in bigger, multi-functional areas. In addition, the screens soundproof outside noise and let you focus on the conversation or create a chill-out zone. Combining style, precision and comfort, Softbox sofa collection from Profim becomes perfect for adding accent and class to your living room or office area. Read More

Contemporary Interior Design Inspired By Summer Garden (Part 1)

What can be sweeter than three generations of a big family brought together around a family table in the garden on a warm summer evening… That is exactly the concept that constitutes the basis of this apartment interior design created in the Crimea. The spouses purchased a newly-built seaside flat for seasonal recreation and spending time with their elderly parents and grown-up kids who live nearby. They wanted their home to be contemporary and warm and were open for bold color experiments and non-standard decoration tricks. Let’s see what they got in the end! Read More