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Casa Finestrat: Contemporary Spanish Home With Chic Mediterranean Charm

There is something incredibly cool and cheerful about contemporary Spanish homes that gives them a relaxing, cheerful appeal with a dash of Mediterranean panache. Nestled in a gorgeous neighborhood of Finestrat, Alicante, Spain Casa Finestrat is one such elegant and luxurious modern residence where expansive outdoors and casual hangouts shape the interior, Designed by Gestec, a series of gardens, a luxurious pool and outdoor dining and living spaces welcome the homeowners here. It is the contemporary pool, deck space and the fabulous landscape that flow into the lower level living area, giving it both color and personality. Read More

Gorgeous Contemporary Villa In Montenegro (Part 2)

In the previous post we started our virtual tour around a beautiful villa designed in contemporary style on the seashore of Montenegro. Now we’re moving upstairs to have a look at beautiful designs of three bedrooms and two bathrooms located here. Read More

Contemporary Four-Room Family Apartment In White And Gray

This four-room apartment is located on the west side of Moscow and has a relatively big total area – about 120 sq. m. With a ceiling height of 2.9 meters, big panoramic windows, a nice view and a park nearby, it immediately attracted the attention of the future hosts – Christine and Michael and their two kids. The guys hired a professional team of architects and designers to turn it into an apartment of their dreams. Read More

Finding The Right Headboard: 20 Contemporary Ideas To Get You Started!

There are few times and places in our life when we feel as relaxed, comfortable and secure as in the bedroom after a long, hard day. It is the one place where one can escape the world around us with ease even while surrounding ourselves with a decorating style and furniture that we love the most. It is a place where there is no judgement! All this makes the bedroom a space where every design and décor choice matters immensely. And the headboard is an essential piece of this jigsaw that never seems to get the attention it deserves. Read More

Exquisite Contemporary Bathroom Vanities With Space-Savvy Style

We are always on the lookout for ways in which we can maximize space without giving up on either style or functionality. When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, it is the vanity and the sink with the mirror above that end up defining both the aesthetics of the space and its final style. The floating vanity is undoubtedly the most popular choice among homeowners as it allows one to create a sense of spaciousness visually without sacrificing practicality. But what if you could take this space-savvy goodness a notch higher with corner vanities and smart décor that revamp your bathroom with a dash of panache? Read More

A Study In Crisp, Contemporary Design: Exquisite House M In Lima

Contemporary homes are all about simplicity of form, frugality and a certain minimalism that is reflected by the use of simple geometric shapes and clean, straight lines. The form of a ‘cube’ is undoubtedly the most popular in this regard, and House M in San Isidro, Lima, Peru is one such residence where uncomplicated, modern design holds sway. Nestled in a neighborhood filled with homes from the 1950s and overlooking a public park, this outstanding family house is shaped and defined by a sense of individuality and privacy. Read More

Chalet Anzère: Contemporary Swiss Escape Inspired By Timeless Design

It is that time of the year when you want to pack your bags and head on a lovely holiday that takes you away from the busy city streets to an idyllic escape that helps you relax and rejuvenate. If you love skiing, a white Christmas and the idea of being surrounded by majestic Alps, a holiday home like Chalet Anzère might just be the ideal getaway for you. Nestled on snow-clad Alpine slopes and surrounded by imposing mountains and a scenic landscape, this contemporary chalet promises its owner the perfect winter vacation home. Read More

Ascetic Contemporary Retiree’s Apartment With Parametric Elements

Decoration of this one-room newly-built apartment took about 6 months. Its design concept was worked out by professionals of Dmytro Aranchii Architects Studio, which specializes on parametric architectural trends. Their approach may be identified as creative and mathematical at the same time, as it combines human imagination and computer programming. Read More

Avalon: Contemporary Modular Home With Green Roof And Sustainable Style

Sustainable design is not always about high-tech gadgets and cutting-edge technology and it is often intuitive and eco-friendly architecture that works wonders in creating green homes. Nestled on a sloping site in Avalon Beach, New South Wales, Australia, Avalon is a home that brings together modular ease, modern comfort, crisp design and a plethora of planet-friendly features. This smart, sustainable module was crafted by ArchiBlox using locally sourced wood milled from sustainable forests and metallic panels that protect that protect the home from harsh ocean wind. But it is the gorgeous green roof of the house that truly steals the show and gives it an inimitable and exciting look. Read More

Amazing Contemporary Cu.Bed By Bolzan Letti Furniture

What a fresh new design the Cu.Bed from Bolzan Letti brings to the home!   I think about all the boring designs that rehash shapes and themes of the past.  Here we have some new and fresh to look at.  The choice of colors is great too.  Whether you want to have a neutral color like the gray seen here, or mix it up with more variety you can do that as well. Read More

Eco-Friendly Dwelling: Contemporary Mobile Home Nestled In New Forest

Constructing a contemporary home in the middle of a heavily wooden region is a challenging task on several fronts. From logistics to environmental norms, there are plenty of little things that one needs to worry about when bringing a modern structure into a forest area. Crafted with ingenuity and adaptive brilliance by PAD studio, the Forest Lodge in New Forest, Hampshire, England is a home that combines eco-sensitivity, modernity and mobility in an unassuming fashion. The smart mobile home can be lifted from its current site with ease when needed and leaves a minimum footprint wherever it sits! Read More