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Elegant Trio Of Contemporary Pendants Deliver Textural And Geometric Contrast

When it comes to decorating homes this year, contrast seems to be the keyword. In modern, polished homes it is the natural warmth of wood and the freshness of indoor plants that is ‘trendy’. In spaces defined by curated finishes, it is exposed brick walls and concrete ceilings that are starting to steal the attention. It is all about creating space with more character, uniqueness and contrast. So, why not take a similar approach when it comes to choosing a pendant! Read More

Serene Lakeside Contemporary Home Leaves Behind Urban Rush

Any modern lakeside home aims to capture the spirit of the landscape outside and this desire to combine nature with contemporary comfort is evident in the Modern Lodge as well. Designed for an urban couple of a reclusive lakeside lot in Weatherby Lake, Missouri, this modern residence in wood, glass and stucco carefully balances unabated lake views with complete privacy. The central idea behind the design conjured up by KEM STUDIO was to create a relaxing and nature-centric hub that allows the homeowners to leave behind their hectic urban life. It is essentially a house that has the aura of a ‘serene second home’! Read More

10 Contemporary Rooms With Concrete Ceiling

Versatile, strong, durable and an essential component of the urban landscape, concrete can be found pretty much all around us. Of course, we need to generally dig a little before we uncover that layer of rough, unpolished concrete under stucco, stone, wood or any other material that is used to cover up its stoic presence. For some reason, most people simply are not very fond of concrete as a finish. Maybe it feels far too impersonal, cold and indifferent. Maybe it is still associated with the image of an unfinished building that still needs to be finished. Maybe simply because we all prefer warmer, more inviting finishes! Read More

Contemporary Outdoor Décor With Polished Sculptural Style Enchants!

When it comes to innovative outdoor décor that stands out from the pack even while embracing contemporary aesthetics and a healthy dose of natural goodness, Kenneth Cobonpue is a pretty renowned name among design aficionados. A trademark feature of Kenneth Cobonpue designs is the way in which they combine traditional weaving crafts with modern materials and attention to detail to create a truly exceptional range of both indoor and outdoor furniture. Today we shed the spotlight on three outdoor furniture collections from this inspired maker – each crafted using polyethylene strands and bring contemporary, sculptural finesse. Read More

The Outstanding, Contemporary Armchair, 570 Gender By Patricia Urquiola

The outstanding armchair, 570 Gender, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is a new addition to the Cassina collection. A piece that combines both traditional and modern features with a refined and unusual design that resulted in an original accessory. Gender is an innovatively shaped seat, made to create an extremely useful and beautiful addition to any space. A design which satisfies the desire for an amply proportioned chair that combines ultimate comfort with premium materials and state of the art craftsmanship. Read More

Strikingly Understated: 25 Contemporary Floor Lamps That Blend In!

Contemporary floor lamps are less about flowery aesthetics and more about functionality. Slim, discreet and yet efficient, these gorgeous additions often go unnoticed in the contemporary living room or the stylish bedroom. They simply slide into the backdrop and shed light on your comfortable couch, great reading nook or even cool conversation zone, without ever stealing the spotlight. And yet, the modern living room is simply incomplete without a stylish floor lamp standing ever so dutifully next to the couch! With some more conspicuous than others, it is a balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. Read More

Contemporary Green House In Melbourne Also Ushers In Sustainable Style

Green is definitely the flavor of the day here on Decoist. From fabulous sunrooms filled with indoor plants we move on to a dashing Green House in Melbourne that steals the show with its exceptional love for nature and an equally ingenious design. The North Carlton Green House was conceptualized and brought to life by Zen Architects and it does indeed feel like a place of ‘Zen’! This amazing Aussie home features a brilliant garden and a stunning cloak of green even as its striking two story structure welcomes in plenty of natural light. Read More

Contemporary Pavilion Adjoins Historic Farm In The Netherlands

This property in The Netherlands is home to Château St. Gerlach, a historic gem that currently runs as a five-star hotel. The complex, which includes the original estate farmhouse, convent and grain lofts, is located in a hilly countryside landscape in Limburg, a short drive from Maastricht city center. Read More

Inspired By The Elements: Contemporary Promised Land In New York

Nature plays a big role in the world of architecture and it is often local weather conditions and unique climate patterns the shape some of the most astounding structures on the planet. Wind is a big part of this with everything from gigantic bridges to tall skyscrapers needing to accommodate its many vagaries. While this contemporary home in Amagansett, New York designed by Bates Masi Architects might not be as grand in its magnitude, it still taps into the flow of wind in an extensive fashion. Designed for a couple who love outdoor adventure sports like wind surfing and kite boarding, the stylish house aims to become with the elements around it! Read More

The Contemporary Cosmos Sideboard From Baltus Collection

The Cosmos sideboard from Baltus Collection is a one of a kind piece of furniture specially designed for people with a developed sense of style and aesthetics. With a top covered in high gloss lacquer fibralac and the structure from sandblasted oak  paint coated and sitting on acrylic legs, this luxury piece of furniture will cost as a brand new car, around 14.000 dollars, but its worth every penny for who ever needs an extra bit of class in his living room.
Initially created as a storage unit for food, the sideboards were just a big wooden box with doors and drawers. Since then, the concept totally changed and nowadays sideboards have been reinterpreted and used in many different ways, becoming a design experimenting object that you can now find in many different shapes, colors and materials.
baltus collection furniture Read More

Contemporary Sea-Side Classics For Active And Friendly Businessmen

Today we’d like to show you an interior design project created for a mature family couple. They have been together for many years. Their kids have already grown up and built their own nests. But our heroes decided not to be sad about it. They travel a lot – always together, always happy, always cheerful. Read More