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In The Right Mood: Weather-Resistant Outdoor Décor In Teak And Handwoven Tricord

With summer firmly here, life outside seems more enticing than spending time indoors. And it is the backyard, patio, or the poolside deck that takes up most of our time each evening, as we bask in the warmth of dusk. It helps to have a luxurious array of outdoor décor that serves you well in the months to come, as you plan for fall parties and even early winter celebrations in the yard. Few offer a better range of luxurious and enduring outdoor décor like Tribu and today we shed a light on their gorgeous Mood Collection designed by Studio Segers. Read More

Wooden Ceiling Décor: 20 Unhackneyed Ideas (Part 1)

In today’s era of eco-style and passion for everything natural wood is becoming rapidly popular among interior designers as a major finishing material for ceilings and walls. It’s natural and ornamental look is able to refresh and sooth any interior, and since a picture is worth a thousand words we decided to show you 20 inspiring examples of wooden ceilings in both real homes and on 3D renders. Here they are… Read More

Stripes And Woven Decor: Summer-Perfect Style

Isn’t it wonderful when the top design trends happen to perfectly reflect the mood of a season? This summer it’s all about light and breezy style. Today’s photo shoot brings summer flair home, complete with beachy stripes, woven decor, and a few tabletop treats. Keep reading for design inspiration that celebrates the fun of relaxed summer days, delicious snacks, and easy entertaining… Read More

13 Wicker Pieces Of Home Décor For Your Fresh Summer Mood

Wicker stuff has a gorgeous feature – being closely associated with peaceful countryside lifestyle, it is able to add a touch of relaxed summer atmosphere even to a modern urban apartment. Nowadays wicker home décor can be found in any price categories and is available both in natural and synthetic materials. In this post we selected 13 fresh wicker pieces from the latest home décor collections for your inspiration… Read More

Garden Swing: Piece Of Décor, Fun For Adults And Dream For Kids

Everyone likes swinging on the swings. Perhaps, with the exception of those unfortunate people, who get sick from just the thought of to-and-fro movements. A garden swing for kids means fun, thrill and fresh wind blowing in their faces. Tired of big city life, adults associate a swing with the sense of lightness and floating, bringing memories of sweet childhood and giving a chance to forget about gadgets for at least a few minutes. The summer is in full swing and we decided to share a bunch of ideas of garden swings with you – from most trivial (with car tire seats) to most sophisticated (a full-fledged suspended bed for your terrace). So, let’s begin! Read More

30 Garden Décor Ideas – Easy & More Comprehensive

It’s never too early or too late to beautify your outdoor territory. And it doesn’t really matter whether you already have a full-fledged garden, how tall your vine is and whether your garden gazebo is already constructed. Nothing can keep you from making a few cozy and original accents. And our selection of ideas will help you make up your mind. Read More

Mermaid And Unicorn Decor For Kids’ Rooms And Beyond

From speciality drinks to party themes, mermaid and unicorn motifs are EVERYWHERE in the realms of food and design. And why wouldn’t they be? There’s something magical about these whimsical creatures. Bring on the rainbows, pastels and iridescence! The possibilities for kids’ rooms are endless, but grown-ups are also enjoying the fun of mermaid- and unicorn-inspired merchandise and decor. Whether you’re shopping for your child or your inner child, check out the fabulous finds below… Read More

Fresh Home Décor & Accessories In Top Color 2017 – Green

Beautiful shades of fresh spring greenery are the hottest trend of this year. Saturated green hues are perfect in small amounts, in the role of bright interior accents. While more delicate, pastel tints can be applied safely on a big scale – in wall décor or furniture upholstery, for example. Today we decided to show you 10 best pieces of home décor that are trendy, spring-time, cheerful and fresh! And green, of course! Read More

The Black And White Decor Trend That Goes With Everything

Black, white and earthy. No other phrase better describes one of this season’s top decor trends! Spring/Summer 2017 is all about the breezy combination of black and white. For a pairing that makes such a strong contrast, the serenity lies in the perfect balance of opposite tones, especially when woven textures are involved. The best part: it’s easy to add a dash of this look to your home, and it goes with just about everything. Whether you incorporate a new throw pillow or a crisp hand towel, you can celebrate the black and white trend in all of its glory! [photo below from CB2] Read More