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Cozy Contemporary Bedrooms With Matching Wardrobes And Décor

Bedroom is the one space where you can escape the world around you, no matter how chaotic it is. It is your personal refuge that caters to relaxation and rejuvenation. Considering the amount of time that we spend in our bedrooms, it makes plenty of sense to invest in décor that exactly meets our needs and creates a curated, serene ambiance. Promising all that and a whole lot more are the dashing duo on showcase today – FENA and LUNIS – contemporary bedroom collections from Hulsta. Extending beyond bed frame and the nightstands, both collections offer complete bedroom furniture that is space-savvy and curated. Read More

A 2017 Holiday Decor Preview

It’s always fun to see how the latest design trends play out in the year’s holiday decor. 2017 is no exception, as trends such as iridescence, holographic style and abstract minimalism are emerging in the holiday collections. Planning your seasonal decor? Let this post be your guide to what’s hot, what’s classic (gold decor is still going strong, folks), and what makes you smile. There’s something for everyone here! Enjoy browsing… Read More

Creative Ideas To Use Galvanized Buckets In Holiday Decor

Not only for storage purpose, galvanized buckets can be used in numerous ways, such as becoming part of the festival decorations. Especially if you want to add a touch of rustic charm to your holiday decor, there are nothing like galvanized buckets so perfect. And the more they age, the better they look. Can not […]

This post Creative Ideas to Use Galvanized Buckets in Holiday Decor Read More

15 Awesome DIY Copper Pipe Decor For Sparkly Home Improvement

All of us love a little bit of sparkle in our lives! There are different ways of adding this shiny glint when it comes to home décor and design, which range from the tacky to the classy. If you are searching for trendy and modern ways to add a bit of metallic magic without going overboard, the DIY copper pipe crafts offer a stunning starting point. Most of these eye-catchy delights are relatively easy to craft and once you get a hang of how to work with copper pipes, you are bound to come up with creative variations of these cool DIYs all on your own! The world of DIY copper pipe home décor awaits – Read More

11 DIY Tree Stump Décor Ideas That Usher On A Budget

Thinking about adding a dash of natural goodness to your home? Indoor plants are the top choice and the easiest way to do it for pretty much all of us. Then there is the fabulous living wall at its brilliant best; if you have the time or the dough to go down that path. But for those looking to give their modern home a rustic, accent piece, décor made from tree stumps is a great choice. And before anyone gets the wrong idea, NO, no one is chopping down trees in a rainforest to get these gorgeous stumps. In fact, most of them simply go down a wood chipper, if not put to better use! Read More

Alooha House: Modern Beach Style Home With Recycled Wooden Décor

Modern beach style allows you to create cheerful, breezy and charming interiors where summer never seems to end! The Alooha House designed by Le Sable Indigo is one such gorgeous home which makes up for a lack of size with its unique ambiance and wonderful use of recycled materials. With the homeowner specifically asking for ‘a low-cost makeover with a surfer’s touch’, it was a careful blend of beautiful pastels, an overload of white, plenty of natural light and recycled wood and rattan décor that set the stage for a dreamy and delightful setting. You are instantly enchanted by the serenity of the home and its unassuming, yet appealing aura. Read More

20 Dashing Modern Industrial Décor Finds

Love modern-industrial design? So do we; and the increasing number of townhouse and loft renovations across the world are only adding to the craze. Exposed brick walls in the living room, a touch of jaded metallic magic in the bedroom or even raw, concrete finish in the bathroom are no longer considered unsophisticated. With this new found love for distressed finishes and rough surfaces, there has been a spurt in décor that combines modern ergonomics with trendy industrial aesthetics. It is a marriage of form and functionality that delivers everything you need with an edgy, industrial vibe. Read More

6 Pieces Of Décor That Should Be Displayed In Duplicate

If you have ever heard about the “rule of three” – the strong visual power of compositions with an odd number of elements – then the idea of twoness will probably surprise you. But this concept does exist: three elements are meant to catch the eye of the observer, while a couple “works” in a different direction: it enhances interior design, adds the depth to it and visually expands the space. So, a stylish interior can’t do without such “couples” and we’d be glad to tell you what pieces of décor can be used in duplicate and what effects such compositions will produce. Read More

How To Get A Modern Look With Clean-Lined Decor

Thanks to a new wave of creative design studios, finding unique items (from furnishings to tabletop decor) has never been easier. Even one or two special pieces can make a big difference at home, especially when clean-lined style is involved. A beautifully designed objet d’art has the power to be the modern centerpiece of your space. Worth the investment, these treasures can elevate your interior to gallery status, especially when a less-is-more approach is involved. Keep reading to discover the how to get a clean-lined, modern look at home… Read More

Contemporary Outdoor Décor With Polished Sculptural Style Enchants!

When it comes to innovative outdoor décor that stands out from the pack even while embracing contemporary aesthetics and a healthy dose of natural goodness, Kenneth Cobonpue is a pretty renowned name among design aficionados. A trademark feature of Kenneth Cobonpue designs is the way in which they combine traditional weaving crafts with modern materials and attention to detail to create a truly exceptional range of both indoor and outdoor furniture. Today we shed the spotlight on three outdoor furniture collections from this inspired maker – each crafted using polyethylene strands and bring contemporary, sculptural finesse. Read More