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Mermaid And Unicorn Decor For Kids’ Rooms And Beyond

From speciality drinks to party themes, mermaid and unicorn motifs are EVERYWHERE in the realms of food and design. And why wouldn’t they be? There’s something magical about these whimsical creatures. Bring on the rainbows, pastels and iridescence! The possibilities for kids’ rooms are endless, but grown-ups are also enjoying the fun of mermaid- and unicorn-inspired merchandise and decor. Whether you’re shopping for your child or your inner child, check out the fabulous finds below… Read More

Fresh Home Décor & Accessories In Top Color 2017 – Green

Beautiful shades of fresh spring greenery are the hottest trend of this year. Saturated green hues are perfect in small amounts, in the role of bright interior accents. While more delicate, pastel tints can be applied safely on a big scale – in wall décor or furniture upholstery, for example. Today we decided to show you 10 best pieces of home décor that are trendy, spring-time, cheerful and fresh! And green, of course! Read More

The Black And White Decor Trend That Goes With Everything

Black, white and earthy. No other phrase better describes one of this season’s top decor trends! Spring/Summer 2017 is all about the breezy combination of black and white. For a pairing that makes such a strong contrast, the serenity lies in the perfect balance of opposite tones, especially when woven textures are involved. The best part: it’s easy to add a dash of this look to your home, and it goes with just about everything. Whether you incorporate a new throw pillow or a crisp hand towel, you can celebrate the black and white trend in all of its glory! [photo below from CB2] Read More

Roll In The Fun Times: 15 Trendy Décor Finds On Wheels

We are creatures of habit and are often set in our ways so much that even a slight tweak to monotony is met with disdain and disinterest. Despite the wide range of benefits that they bring, furniture on wheels is still viewed by many as an unconventional choice that is even a touch sophomoric. It is simply not good enough for a polished, contemporary interior; they say! It is an idea far from reality and with ingenious designers revamping the world of home design in a space-savvy and efficient manner, décor on casters are once again finding space under the spotlight. Read More

Midcentury Modern Panache: Trendy New Décor From Essential Home

Midcentury modern took the design and décor world by storm a couple of years ago before it found a more permanent place in the upper echelon of the trends chart. From TV shows like Mad Men to innovative décor that brought midcentury vibe alive with modern flair, the last few years have definitely seen the classics from the 60’s being revived to their past glory. But not all of us can afford to bring home an original creation of Eames, George Nelson or Isamu Noguchi. Read More

Energetic Lights: Himalayan Salt Lamps As A Unique Decor Piece

If you have ever come across a Himalayan salt lamp you have surely noticed their special energy and unique light. They are said to have many positive effects and are often seen as almost spiritual. Made from a large salt crystal, even if you don’t need a lamp with alleged “superpowers”, the pink look of the salt crystal that glows in bright orange when it’s lit up is a special decor piece for any room of the house. Do salt lamps appeal to you but you’re not sure how they would work with your home’s interior? Let us walk you through some creative ideas of incorporating salt lamps into your decor! Read More

What’s New In The World Of Tableware And Home Décor?

The beginning of March in Moscow was marked by Stylish Home – a trade fair for household goods. Especially for you we have selected its best pieces of tableware and items of home décor and would like to show you them accompanied by a professional’s comments. After all, expert opinion is a nice thing, especially when it comes to thematic shows. So, today we’re going to Stylish Home with a Russian interior designer, an architect and a co-founder of FDstudio – Helen Timofeeva. Let’s have a look at the most interesting stands with her! Read More

Top 34 Amazing Garden Decor Ideas In Bohemian Style

Spring has come and it is great time for enjoying and decorating your garden or yard. When you start working on your decorating plan, then you might come across a variety of styles that is hard to choose only one. However, if you want to decorate your garden in a relaxing way then nothing is […]

The post Top 34 Amazing Garden Decor Ideas in Bohemian Style Read More

Tips For Collecting Vintage Decor

Do you enjoy collecting vintage decor? A trip to the local antique mall can be like the world’s best scavenger hunt as you load up on interesting smalls, sizable showpieces and even furniture. How do you make sure you’re getting the best deals? How do you prevent your home from looking cluttered as you revel in your new hobby? Read on for helpful tips on collecting pieces from the past… Read More

11 Creative Wall Decor Ideas

You want to fresh up your interior a little bit, but don’t feel like spending much time and effort, do you? Then this article is just for you. Draw inspiration, grab the ideas and go ahead to marvelous interior design changes. Read More