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How To Turn Your Kitchen Into An Industrial Design Masterpiece

These days, urban spaces are being defined with bold statement interior design. Industrial design in particular has made its way up the leader board in the world of kitchen design. And it’s looking exceptionally stylish. If you’re wondering what to do with your city kitchen that has seen better days, bringing it into the 21st century with an urban chic theme is definitely a smart move. Read More


A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call For Entries

logo-of-a-design-awardA’ Design Awards & Competition is calling for all entries!
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The deadline for submission is on February 28. Results will be announced to public on April 15. Do you have a design that deserves  recognition? The A’Design Award and Competition is for designers, innovators and companies that want to highlight themselves to attract the attention of media, publishers and buyers. In a world that is full of designers and millions of products there has to be a better way to get recognition and expose your designs to the world. The competition is a much smarter alternative to any advertising you might be running provided that you have a good design that could win the accolade. Read More


Minimal Interior Design By Loft Kolasiński

Minimal interior design is the name of the game with the Berlin based Loft Kolasiński. These interiors are so minimal and exact I almost thought they were all renderings. The minimal approach to this interiors let a few pieces stand out and command attention. I like that some of the furnishings you see were created by them for their clients. I also like the use of mid century furnishings, they fit well with newer designs. Read More

Subtle Hints Of Nautical Style In Living Room Interior Design

This living room interior design is named “The Sky. The Sea. The Ships”. You must have guessed that nautical theme was selected for a reason. The thing is that this living room was re-designed for a true romantic, an ex-navy, whose hobby is ship modeling. But just by coincidence, the master wasn’t satisfied with pure nautical style that seemed most logical in this case. He wanted navy theme to be represented in small hints, like soft sough of sea waves or little breeze. Let’s see how the designer team managed to implement this idea! Read More


Modern Shapes By Simon James Design

Simon James Design has some beautiful simple shaped furniture that will for sure stand the test of time. The shapes and materials are true and a pleasure to look at. Simon James also has pieces design by other designers. I grabbed a few images of my favorite pieces. I was also drawn to how they stage and photograph their products. They do a fantastic job at letting the pieces stand on their own. Read More


Riverside House By Wilkens Design Studio

Wilkens Design Studio did a fantastic job on this metamorphic home. I say metamorphic because this home has gone through several additions and renovations. The home is owned by a former Herman Miller executive, that would explain the rooms full of iconic Herman Miller designs. The abundance of glass on the interior and exterior create views that can be beat. The exterior is interesting, it almost looks like a duplex, maybe a split personality. As the owners family grew so did their house. I do like the slatted wood on the ceilings, it some how connects the dweller to nature. Make sure to check out the rest of their portfolio. Read More


A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call For Entries

call-for-submissions-160x125A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Entries, YES! it is that time of year again! Nominate your Design Here! There are certainly plenty of design competitions out there but I personally have been impressed with A’ Design Awards & Competition. The reach that they include is a massive segment of the global population. Not only are the people diverse but the sheer number of categories is quite amazing. Read More


Modern Design By Grégoire De Lafforest

Modern Design by grégoire de lafforest is going to give us a little break from looking at amazing mid century houses for sale, (a small break). I have featured the work of grégoire before HERE. I recently came across his website again and saw that he had a lot of new projects. I grabbed some images of the ones that caught my attention. I think my favorite is the cabinet in the steel cage. It looks to be floating inside of a support system. This piece could command a room very easily. Make sure to check out his other designs as they are unique. Read More

Bright Attic Interior Design With Diagonal Furniture Arrangement

Today we’ll show you a re-made attic interior design. It is definitely memorable in all aspects: color scheme, layout, decoration and functionality. The owners’ only wish regarding their future interior was a bold bright color palette. The designer team decided to develop this idea further and coupled a bold color scheme with a peculiar and absolutely non-standard layout – diagonal. Read More