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Billiards Room Interior Design Tips And Ideas

Billiards, or pool, has many admirers, but having a personal billiard room at home is luxury that not everyone can afford. However, given some experience and knowledge, almost any room within a house or apartment can be designed for playing pool. The key point is to follow a few rules to ensure the comfort of playing. What are they? Let’s see together! Read More

Scenic Ocean Views Meet Serene Nordic Design At Villa P

Most homes are named after the locality or street the sit in and that seems to be pretty much the norm across the globe. But Villa P moves away from this as its unique façade appears to form the alphabet ‘P’ or an inverted image of the letter, depending on where you view it from! But there is much more to this Oceanside villa in Denmark than its distinctive exterior. A Nørkær+Poulsen Architects design, the fabulous Danish home brings classic Scandinavian design principles to a modern home that needs to brave harsh coastal weather while creating comfortable living space. Read More

Sculptural Design At Its Spectacular Best: Luxurious Mountain Home In Chile

A scintillating combination of structural and aesthetic elements ensures that Casa Chamisero in Santiago, Chile well and truly stands out from the pack. Designed to make the most of amazing mountain and valley views, even while offering complete privacy for those inside, it is a custom timber and steel fence that steals the spotlight here. Wrapping itself around the entire lower level of the private villa, the fence acts as the defining feature of the residence and helps create a micro-climate of sorts inside its confines, thanks to a beautiful reflecting pool and ample greenery. Read More


Historical Design By Nilufar

Historical design while following the evolution of contemporary design is what Nilufar presents in their gallery. I was pretty blown away with what Nilufar is doing. Nina Yashar, the gallery founder, works with her sister Nilu and a team of five people. Nilufar took part in several editions of Pavillon des Arts et du Design in Paris and is always present at Design Miami/Basel. These are some photos from the exhibits and the rooms and pieces are stunning. Gio Ponti, Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Guariche, and Jorge Zalszupin are found here, just to name a few. Read More

Anti-Sinuous Super-Naturalistic Apartment Interior Design In Taiwan

Perhaps, the best word for describing this interior is “naturalistic”. The thing is that this project features so much wood grain, that on looking at it one can’t shake the feeling that he or she got to a genuine wood. Complemented with purely natural colors that create the effect of multiple layers like in a true forest and furnished with absolutely laconic and minimalist items, this big-city apartment embodies a golden mean between urban living, countryside housing and natural environment. Read More

Inspiring & Cozy Naturalistic Attic Interior Design

This interior is an example of the case when all latest fashion trends ideally comply with an interior designer’s idea, and not the other way round. When one blindly follows the trends, the resulting interior appears to be soulless. And in this project one can find everything: soul, beauty and practicality. Read More

Porcelanosa “Design Festival” In Valencia, Opening Doors To An Inspiring 2017

Very cold morning, a few weeks ago. Prepping for a quick trip to Valencia. Porcelanosa Group has invited Decoist to sunny Spain to show us around their factory and get a sneak peek of their new product lines for 2017. Not only that but they promised we’ll have a great time in their showrooms, enjoying great design and amazing new technology. And right they were … Read More

Artusi Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas From Arclinea

Arclinea re-defines outdoor kitchen design with the Artusi Outdoor. The new Artusi Island becomes a complete unique outdoor kitchen. As a rethinking of their 1999 modular kitchen, Artusi, the new model moves cooking service and comfort to unusual areas. Read More

Low-Cost Interior Design Of A Small Apartment

We guess we won’t be too far from the truth if we say that all the designers dream about working on big apartments – in spaces with plenty of room for imagination and creativity. But what are the owners of tight areas supposed to do if they can’t afford a renovation that would cost half the price of their flat? Meanwhile they also want their interiors to be non-trivial… That’s why today we decided to show you a stylish apartment created on a very small budget but from the heart! Read More

Natural-Industrial Design: Flamboyant Community Center Down Under

Moving away from the world of mesmerizing homes and breathtaking retreats, we turn our focus towards a delightful community center in South Ripley, Queensland. The Providence Neighbourhood Centre designed by Ellivo Architects is nestled on a spacious lot in Ripley Valley and overlooks surrounding vast green lands and the distant mountains. The neighborhood center was designed to be as much a gathering space for the local community as a multi-tasking structure that can change and evolve with growing needs over time. Read More

Home Gym Interior Design Tips

It goes without saying that sporting activities are essential for a full and healthy life. Exercises are the win-win way to remove tension, but all the fuss of a working week hardly leaves us time for hobbies, not to mention a ride to a fitness club or a visit to the stadium. A nice way out of this vicious circle is the arrangement of a sports zone right at home. And if you are already ready to design a home gym, we’d be glad to give you a few tips on how to make it properly and not at the expense of hominess. Read More

Contemporary Interior Design Inspired By Summer Garden (Part 1)

What can be sweeter than three generations of a big family brought together around a family table in the garden on a warm summer evening… That is exactly the concept that constitutes the basis of this apartment interior design created in the Crimea. The spouses purchased a newly-built seaside flat for seasonal recreation and spending time with their elderly parents and grown-up kids who live nearby. They wanted their home to be contemporary and warm and were open for bold color experiments and non-standard decoration tricks. Let’s see what they got in the end! Read More