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Six Terracotta Designs To Warm Autumn’s Gloom

Terracotta is a beautiful, natural material. Meaning ‘baked earth’ in Italian, terracotta is a type of fired clay, generally brownish–red/orange in colour and unglazed. It is used in modelling (think of sculptures and vessels in earthenware), in ornamental building and tiling, and to designate particular shades and tones (for example, a terracotta-toned rust red). Terracotta is described as a warm, mellow and earthy colour, typically unpretentious, calming and deep. Read More

20 Fresh & Trendy Bookshelf Designs

It’s been a long time since bookshelves were just planks nailed to the wall. Now it’s a whole sphere of furniture design, though you might think that there can be thousands of models of sofas, bed, chairs, while a shelf will be a shelf. But fortunately, contemporary designers have many creative ideas concerning shapes, features and colors of this piece of furniture. And we’d like to prove this in practice. Read More

6 Fine Designs Tinged With Autumn

As we hurtle headlong towards autumn (in the northern hemisphere), thoughts will soon turn to cooler days and darker nights. A season defined by colour, autumn is filled with orange, red, brown, golden yellow and dark green hues, replete with earthy shades and rustic tones. A busy time of year for many, autumn evenings and weekends are best enjoyed in the company of family, friends and fine design, such as the following autumnal tinged wares. Read More

The Best Modern Designs From The 2017 One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge started out as a small initiative among the blogging community, founded by Linda Weinstein of the blog Calling it Home. The idea was to spur her readers and fellow home bloggers to take on a room remodel over the course of six weeks and document it all on their respective blogs and social media accounts using the hashtag #oneroomchallenge. Read More

Air Bubbles: 6 Trendy Spherical Lamp Designs

In recent times lamps and home accessories in the shape of a sphere or its distorted air-bubble version are more and more gaining ground in the world of lighting design. We selected a few lamps of different brands going in line with this trend: neutral and multicolor, classical and art-deco-style, suspended and table versions… Let’s take a look! Read More

Italian Trends, 2017: Great Designs From Salone Del Mobile

If you are a design lover, then the annual furniture extravaganza in Milan seems like heaven on earth! Salone del Mobile brings with it the very best in trends of interior design and décor that the industry has to offer and 2017 was no different. Having witnessed the grandest celebration of home decora at its inspirational best, it is now time to reflect back on the mega-carnival filled with color, creativity and cutting-edge design. From dazzling lighting to space-savvy cabinets, subtle patterns to audacious colors, here is a window into the hottest trends from the year’s biggest trendsetter. Read More

Single-Wall Kitchens: Space-Saving Designs With Functional Charm

The trend in the last few years has been to insert even a tiny island into the small kitchen to improve both functionality and aesthetic. Almost everyone seems to want a kitchen with a work triangle and even a comfy breakfast nook, if possible. But those looking to maximize space in the small, urban apartment still tend to find the single-wall kitchen as the most efficient and elegant option. Despite its seemingly one-dimensional look, this smart kitchen design has multi-dimensional advantages that make it a timeless choice. If you are making plans for a one-wall kitchen, then do not miss the latest inspirations and ideas below – Read More