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Modern Addition To Family Residence Also Doubles As A Standalone Home

As with most growing families, the owners of Studio House in Melbourne were struggling to find space and privacy with time. Finding additional space to meet your new needs is often a difficult and challenging task that forces you to think creatively. This is precisely what happens at this exquisite Aussie home as Zen Architects designed an efficient and multi-purpose studio that now sits next to the older residence. The new structure presents a multitude of possibilities and while it is being currently used as an extension of the main house, it can also function as a standalone home with complete ease. Read More

L-Shaped Family Home Charms With A Stunning Private Courtyard And Pool

A big part of modern home design is finding that balance between complete privacy and an ability to interact with the surroundings and enjoy the outdoors without any hindrance. Bringing these two contrasting worlds together in an uncomplicated and effective fashion is the TSJ 01 House designed by Studio Gabriel Garbin Arquitetura in Itu, Brazil. The basic design of this house is simple with the space created by the L-shaped structure being turned into a gorgeous outdoor zone, pool area and garden. On the other side is the street façade that keeps out prying eyes even while providing a lovely entryway. Read More

One And A Half Story Family House In Poland Paints A Picture Of Contrasts

Finding unique spatial solutions helps in creating a more comfortable living environment for homeowners looking to efficiently combine form and function. FIL House in Czarnów, Poland is one such modern residence where a one and half story structure has been arranged into two units perpendicular to one another in order to delineate public and private spaces. Draped in gray and white, the exterior is refined and large glass walls and windows create a natural connectivity with the outdoors. On the inside a minimal-modern decorating style is combined with rough concrete accent walls and warm wooden surfaces. Read More

Low Cost Family Home In Melbourne’s Suburb With Polished Gray Exterior

Each home is an expression of both its homeowner’s taste and the various external factors that shaped its unique silhouette. Set in the modern Melbourne suburb of Thornbury, the Thornbury House designed by BENT Architecture was shaped by the more classic homes that surround it along with the architect’s desire to craft something new and exceptional. It is the playful pitched roof of the house that steals the show and draws your attention almost instantly even as the gray exterior of the residence gives it a contemporary and polished aura. Read More

Hyper-Insulated Family Home On Farmland Built To Withstand Earthquakes

Large temperature difference between day and night, a region that is vulnerable to frequent earthquakes and its isolated presence on a large piece of rural agricultural land were the factors that defined the style and finish of Passalacqua Lahsen House in Colina, Santiago, Chile. Designed by GITC Arquitectura to overcome these initial hurdles, the contemporary family house sits on a specially designed base as the nature of soil on the agricultural lot was simply not conducive for construction. Clad in white and punctured by the beautiful placed windows throughout the structure, the façade is a blend of traditional rural design and modern aesthetics with insulation and privacy being top priorities. Read More

Building A Modern Family Home On A Small Budget: BDHOUSE

We are often so embroiled in aesthetics, ergonomics and even a dash of luxury that we tend to forget the cost at which all of that comes. For most homeowners across the globe, their ‘dream home’ plans start by figuring out the costs involved. A budget-friendly family home that fits to your specific needs is hard to design, but far from impossible. Crafted by 7A Architecture Studio, the BDHOUSE in Vietnam offers a cool template for couples starting to plan for their first family home; but on the cheap! Moving away from materials like wood and plaster, it is concrete blocks, metal sheets and un-fired bricks that shape this modern-industrial home in a neighborhood with rich industrial heritage. Read More

Space-Conscious Japanese Family Home In Wood And Concrete

Think of space-saving interiors we often imagine quirky desks that disappear into the wall, Murphy beds that only come out at night and uber-creative shelving which seamlessly blends into the backdrop. But there are times when smart utilization of available square footage is all you need to create a space-savvy home that serves the needs of a modern family. House in Takatsuki is a Japanese residence that draws you in with its innate sense of minimalism, contrasting wooden and concrete surfaces that blend warmth with steely, cold finishes and a large bookshelf that stretches across two floors! Read More

Family Home In Georgia Inspired By The English Countryside

We love how this family home in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, revives rustic details and delivers sophistication throughout. Swann Wynd Bridge Residence was completed by Washington-based National Association of Home Builders and has a total area of 2,475 square feet. Read More

The Open House: Pavilion-Style Family Retreat In Granite And Glass

A spacious, relaxing and secluded holiday home is a dream that nearly all of us share. Nestled in a relaxing neighborhood of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, the Open House brings this dream alive for a modern, urban family of the city. Designed by MODO Designs, the structure of this pavilion-style retreat is divided into two sections with the front façade holding the public spaces and the more sheltered rear edifice containing the bedrooms and the bathrooms. This split between the two zones is simple, practical and also creates a spacious courtyard that holds a large wooden deck along with the pool. Ample greenery around the house acts as a natural privacy barrier with a resort-inspired ambiance holding sway. Read More